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Buddhist Temple Visit, Summer Camp (Dallas, TX)
Video courtesy Krishna Lamichhane

Invitation to Web Album - Dr. Chintamani Yogi's Los Angeles Visit

You are invited to view CAMs Prem&Brinda's photo album: Dr. Chintamani Yogi's Los Angeles Visit
Dr. Chintamani Yogi's Los Angeles Visit
Los Angeles, CA -
Jan 26, 2008
by CAMs Prem&Brinda
We, Nepalese people living in Los Angeles area, would like to thank Dr. Chintamani Yogi, for blessing us and our home with his divine wisdom, great heart touching satsangs, bhajans, talks about Nationalism, spirituality, value based education, developing great character in children as well as in parents. Association with Dr. Yogi has made many Nepalese living in LA area, re-think about our priorities in life and we promise Dr. Yogi that many creative activities will be starting soon in ou...
CLICK! for SUMMARY: Dr. Chintamani Yogi ji’s visit to Los Angeles, California
By Prem Guragain, Anaheim, California

Yogi, Yoga, LVE, LIVEH2O, ABC4All: YYLLA


by Burton Danet, Ph.D.



Dr. CM Yogi at Satsang 06/26/2009
courtesy Diane Tillman, Seal Beach, California USA

Video courtesy Prem Guragain

Summer Camp in Irving, Texas with Dr. Chintamani Yogi - Photo by Raja

Hello YYLLA.

Prem Guragain

makes this possible.

Grateful we are.


What an honor.

Here we are again.

One year later.

A time to spend with

Dr. C. M. Yogi ji

Nepal is where he is from.


A great educator.

World reknown.

A special man.

Always devoted to Service.


Then there is Dual Diane.

Living Values Education

Imagine spreading

Better Values in

More than 80 countries!


Brahma Kumaris Raja Yoga Center

“The people are the kindest,

Gentlest souls I know,

and the experience, for me,

has been second-to-none.”


This year a special time.


Has just completed!

Dr. Leonard Horowitz here

Has Executive Produced it!



Marsha and Burt here.

Facilitating better communities!

A Better Community for All.


In a Global Alliance


Trying to understand.

The global impact of

Concert for the Living Water:

Co-creating Peace, Health & Abundance


One safe conclusion:

The world IS better for all,
LIVEH2O is complete.

Full impact not yet revealed.


Hints of the impact

And what it means

For the World are

Beginning to be assessed.


That’s how

"We are all water."

Reflections on the

Completion of LIVEH2O

Came about.


Shared with YYLLA.

Today June 26, 2009

Seal Beach, California

A Great Day indeed.

ABC4All + LOVEH2O Global Alliance

It's not about proselytizing and favoritism. It is about humanity.


Limited vision is like putting on blinders and seeing only what you believe rather than opening your heart and allowing your innate CARING to take hold. Rather than EXCLUDE, the humanitarian approach INCLUDES. Especially respect for the humanity, for example, in local Kogelo Village, Kenya.


It is a starting place. Kogelo / Mama Sarah Obama become a focal point from which the GOOD INTENTIONS of people NOT focusing on one group but rather presenting a UNIVERSAL message of the creation of a better world. It is a concentration on the WELFARE EMOTIONS as depicted in the ABC4All Dream Realized, the "Network that Works."


Mama Sarah's example demonstrated this viewpoint when she stated to President-Elect Barack Obama that she "charged" him with spreading PEACEFUL DEVELOPMENT in Kogelo and the rest of the world.  This is what the world needs, and the quote from LIVEH2O says it all:

Healing the World from Within

Here you will engage the power of Water —"Creative Juice"—to transform, restore, and sustain health, energy, peace, and prosperity in all ways.

Two days of education and musical celebration will change the world simply by expanding awareness about these many miracles Water performs eternally without thanks. You will be far more grateful to Water, respect this life-sustainer and universal re-maker, than ever before.

Health-enhancing and life-extending knowledge about Water and music—"hydrosonics"—is now available. Music is the "universal language," and how it operates within your body Water, and your DNA, to sustain you is revolutionizing numerous fields of science.

LOVE is the "universal healer," and Water the "universal solvent." Put them together and you have the best-kept secret in history—a truth so freeing it shall surely hasten the Spiritual Renaissance and, with your loving heart involved, restore and sustain "heaven on earth" for our children and future generations.

LIVEH2O is complete for 2009 but you can still be EDUTAINED! CLICK! watch the videos!



"We are all water."

Reflections on the completion of LIVEH2O


LIVEH2O just completed. 


Tracking the history of its development via the press releases starting with the invitation to Yoko Ono, and after reading her treatise about water, we can conclude that there has been much more than perhaps anticipated in the way of a great advance for humanity via LIVEH2O.  In fact, before the global prayer/meditation/concert in 528Hz took place, it seemed more than appropriate to find a way to acknowledge what Dr. Leonard Horowitz has done.  This message was the meager attempt to offer some recognition to the contribution he has made:


HELLO from the Hygiene Booth Water Drop!

Better Water, Better World
A 10-language message for Dr. Len Horowitz before the World unites via LIVEH2O 06/21/09


IMAGINE PEACE has its place among ABC4All web pages  But the direction from now on clearly offers a path to completion  Having participated in a Global Alliance with LIVEH2O, ABC4All is in a much better position to go forward with Global Humanitarian Relief based on ABC4All WorldSolutions™ including Plasma Activated Water (PAW) and


All the above are steps along the way to the creation of ABC4All Global Peace Concerts


with the first proposed concert "YES WE KEN" in Kenya


having received approval by Mama Sarah Obama to be Guest of Honor as we honor the Family of President Barack Obama.  This model concert can be repeated any where in the world there is interest, supporting the call for each individual to assume responsibility to help make the world a better place for all.  ABC4All has been doing this for 11-1/2 years.


Yes, the world is becoming a much better place for all, having just received an immense boost via LIVEH2O.  The hope is that there will be additional support for recognizing the original call of Yoko Ono:


"Let's report to the Universe how happy we are to be on this planet which is a part of a beautiful constellation. For opposite of love is fear, not hate, opposite of wisdom is confusion, not stupidity, and the shortest distance between two points is our desire and our unwavering belief. So listen to your heartbeat and enjoy. It's worth every minute of it."




Burton Danet, Ph.D.

Co-Founder, ABC4All

Quick Facts

The world IS better for all,
LIVEH2O is complete.
JUST WATER - worth the download!