Water Treatment for the

Not So Distant Future 

“Since the molecular structure of water is the essence of all life, the man who can control that structure in cellular system will change the world.”  (Albert Szent-Gyorgi (1893-1986) Nobel Prize in chemistry)

"The Water Drop Story"

by Josh Leibow, B. A., Psychobiological Medicine

Formerly ABC4All Self-Directed Intern

University of California, Santa Cruz, CA

 This story is being written as part of his senior “Thesis on Water” for requirements in Psychobiological Medicine, University of California at Santa Cruz: http://ABC4All.net/waterdrop.htm

“The Water Drop Story” traces the travels and condition of a drop of water as it traverses the world. The problems that plague the world, the environment and water are graphically depicted. The solution for reversing so many environmental and personal physical ills lies in the accidental discovery that, if ordinary tap or contaminated water passes through a Plasma Activated Reactor, the water is transformed with properties that have the ability to heal both humans and the world.

PLASMA ACTIVATED WATER (PAW): 2005: The Year of the PAW!