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A Better Community for All (ABC4All)

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by Burton Danet, Ph.D.





For greater than 10 years, ABC4All Co-Founders, Burton Danet and Robert Chew have been developing concepts for “A Better Community for All (ABC4All).” This work has brought to the forefront knowledge and information that includes advanced technologies offering outstanding promise for the future of the world with ability created to offer “ABC4All WorldSolutions.™”


Former President Clinton well outlines the facts of current critical global conditions in a speech given accepting the TED Prize: http://www.ted.com/index.php/talks/view/id/85


Many documentaries have been, are being and will be created demonstrating the problems. In fact, global degradation is referenced “ad nauseum,” given the fact that sharing concerns about the issues makes no dent in their resolution.


WHAT THE WORLD NEEDS NOW: Global Humanitarian Relief


An ABC4All document describes, “What The World Needs Now,” in which the facts also are confronted but there is presented a concrete, comprehensive global plan of MANDATED ACTION outlined aimed at embarking upon Global Humanitarian Relief: www.prweb.com/printer.php?prid=430582

Considering the urgent issues facing everyone alive on the planet, it is clear that Mandated Action on a comprehensive scale is required. Until now such a broad approach to global solutions that will benefit mankind has been sorely lacking.

Certainly there have been extraordinary contributions that improve conditions. But a comprehensive, community-wide approach that can be adapted to local conditions and circumstances for any area in the world seems more vital than ever.

It is not an exaggeration to state that many increasingly feel it is becoming too late, that the dangers that threaten civilization are being taken too lightly. Instead a dramatic, pervasive and dedicated course of action is needed that will receive global support, no matter who and no matter what the social, political or religious persuasion…no one individual, group, community or country is able to bring the planet we all inhabit to a state of being habitable in a way that will be totally beneficial to all.

For over ten years, such a comprehensive approach has been in development. A healthier water and application of advanced energy/agricultural technologies will bring the potential for humanitarian relief wherever it is needed throughout the world in emergent/non-emergent situations. Many major issues (e.g., pandemics like Avian Flu or contamination of foodstuffs by Escheria Coli) can be avoided with currently available technologies. Rather than the creation of major efforts/systems to tackle compromises to healthful living, a means to both "feed the world" and prevent health challenges from arising in the first place will allow diversion of untold dollars into humanitarian relief. Existing technologies will make possible more efficient use of any community's or country's resources. In short, The ABC4All Legacy makes possible new opportunities that have not existed before. From http://abc4all.net/wtwnn.htm



Among the advanced technologies offered are 2 related to agriculture:


Plasma Activated Water (PAW)

http://hydroent.com and http://abc4all.net/pawquickreview.htm




Magna Verna or Magna Vita

http://superabsorbent.com and http://mvorganic.com




The scientific data collected by the Hydro Enterprises TEAM for Plasma Activated Water (PAW) is in the form of independent laboratory testing and field tests. See http://abc4all.net/HydroEnterprisesStory.ppt


One dramatic test took place at the Hyperion Water Treatment Plant in Redondo Beach, California, USA. Sewage water with billions of bacteria was put through the reactor, with virtually ALL bacteria destroyed.


Thus ANY source of polluted water can be transformed to potable water in any emergency or natural disaster setting or just in any location where people are bathing in/drinking polluted water.


Dr. Burton Danet's personal recovery from myriad health problems, after consuming 9.5pH PAW, has been documented with before/after medical laboratory data, all of which continue to document NORMAL findings where in the past the results reflected serious/grave illness. This is true even with medical conditions doctors claim are irreversible. Specific examples are available at http://abc4all.net/guiness.htm


This new technology, however, does not have to be consumed by humans in order for anyone to know that it represents Global Humanitarian Relief. Validity data from HEI confirms this conclusion. Clinical studies in research and university settings will, however, be created so that the PAW can be studied systematically with regard to human consumption.


Joshua Leibow wrote a Thesis on PAW, "Water Treatment for the Not So Distant Future," for the B.S. Degree in Psychobiological Medicine at University of California, Santa Cruz: http://abc4all.net/jl.htm He is presently a graduate student at Basyr University, Seattle: http://bastyr.edu His work is summarized here: http://abc4all.net/pawsummary.htm




A product has been developed which is an all-natural polymer (starch): http://superabsorbent.com. When added to soil, there is significantly enhanced agricultural yield and a 50% drop in water requirement to achieve the better result. The superior absorption capability of soil with added Magna Verna is striking. A demonstration is offered: One tablespoon of the product added to 10 ounces of water results, in a matter of minutes, in total absorption of the water leaving a solid mass (gel-like) after the water has been absorbed. Thus a medium has been created which, when added to soil of any type (including sand in a desert!) will create dramatic improvement allowing for optimal agricultural yield. The medium also allows for the insertion of, and better distribution of, healthy nutrients (not chemical-ridden fertilizers) for the growing process. Reducing the need for needed water for optimal growing, while achieving superior agricultural yield represent an obvious boon for humanity.




A project is presently being coordinated by ABC4All. The project will implement “Gardens in Detroit” utilizing both advanced technologies. Specifically, the gardens are planned for an inner city in Detroit called "Highland Park." We have secured cooperation with Urban Farming http://urbanfarming.org, SuperAbsorbent http://superabsorbent.com and http://mvorganic.com as well as Plasma Activated Water (PAW) http://hydroent.com entities all of which will assist in facilitating the gardens.




This project will be the first time that the independently developed technologies of the Magna Verna and the PAW water will be brought together in one agricultural location. With both having been documented independently to enhance agricultural yield, the significance of this project portends a model for relief from the food shortage that is currently in 33 countries across the world.


Both of these technologies, therefore, combine to enhance the potential to accelerate the projected Global Humanitarian Relief. The timing of this project could not be better, nor could the need be greater in so many locations in the world. Thus the concepts of MANDATED ACTION for What the World Needs Now are now being put into action: http://abc4all.net/wtwnn.htm


Respectfully submitted,


Burton Danet, Ph.D.

Co-Founder, ABC4All

ABC4All WorldSolutions