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Orientation to ABC4All in Six Steps: Together We Shall Overcome


After 11.5 years of development, Co-Founders Burton Danet and Robert Chew, in collaboration with 

are able to offer global humanitarian relief via the:


ABC4All Bridge of Relief (ABC4All BOR)


This developing capability was originally announced in July 2005.  Anyone becoming a Friend of ABC4All (FABC4All) can participate in the ABC4All Bridge of Relief (ABC4All BOR) and become educated in the global relief capability unfolding.


Watching the Health Movie, it makes even more sense to do everything we can to stay healthy.


Copyright, Earth Ethics, used by permisssion

Information and resources on building a just and sustainable world where people from different perspectives and cultures are respected and valued for their contributions and recognize their place within a natural ecological community.


Given the state of human/animal/plant life and environmental conditions in the world, ABC4All recognizes the desperate need mandating all resources possible be garnered in order to facilitate and expedite the ABC4All Bridge of Relief (ABC4All BOR) with all it represents for humanity.


Given the impact of the ABC4All Bridge of Relief (ABC4All BOR) for the betterment of life on the planet, the following series of six steps can be taken to immerse oneself quickly into an understanding of the Mission / Vision of ABC4All and relief effort.  Exposure to these steps can underscore for each individual who chooses to participate the necessity to act now. Individuals participating, together, will help improve communities wherever there is receptivity.


Never underestimate the power of the action of one individual. One person acting can set an example for another, then another……until enough individuals, acting in concert, will together make the world a better place. That is what Margaret Mead may have had in mind:


"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it's the only thing that ever has." In the September 2004 issue of Natural Health, there is an article on "Your True Nature – We Can Be Heroes." In that article, there is reference to the fact that "There is integrity in every attempt, large or small, to make the world a better place."


Thank you for taking the following six steps allowing for an Orientation to ABC4All. Before beginning the six steps, please turn on your computer’s speakers. Then place your browser into its View/Full Screen mode.  


Together we shall overcome





Burton Danet and Robert "Bob" Chew, Co-Founders

A Better Community For All (ABC4All)


  1. A Better Community For All (Final Frontier?): :
  2. Next please view / listen to the attached Power Point Presentation: ABC4All Dream Realized! You can download the presentation: Some cannot hear the music, which is critical. If you are unable to hear the music please email ABC4All and request to receive the presentation as an attachment to the email.  Please be sure to allow the presentation to proceed at its own pace rather clicking to hasten and advance the frames. As you watch and listen, please note your thoughts, feelings, reactions as you proceed through the presentation. You can make notes and keep them private or you can proceed with #3.
  3. When done with #2, please take a moment to record your spontaneous thoughts/feelings by going to the website where you can record your self-observations:
  4. View the attached document, “Invitation to View an Invitation” or go here:
  5. View the attached document, “ABC4All Concepts in Development” or go here:
  6. View the attached document, “What is ABC4All?” or go to the ABC4All Presentation:


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