A Better Community For All (ABC4All) and Holistic Junction


by Burton Danet, Ph.D., Founder and Robert Chew, Co-Founder

December 2003

 A Better Community For All (ABC4All):

“Maximizing Charitable Contributions on the Internet”

Directed Consumerism With Automatic “TechnoGiving” (DCAT)


The internet presents us with new opportunities to support charitable efforts around the globe. A Better Community For All (ABC4All) provides the international community a broadly conceived program on the internet offering automatic charitable “technogiving” to worthwhile nonprofit causes throughout the world at no expense to the donor. The mission of ABC4All will be to match or double such online generated contributions.

The introductory concepts for ABC4ALL may be found here: http://ABC4All.net/ABC4All_intro.htm

A demo site for ABC4All has been graciously hosted by Holistic Junction: http://www.holisticjunction.com/sites/abc4all

An application submitted for the nomination of ABC4All for a Tech Museum Award provides a detailed description of the resources and potential alliances that can be implemented with the formalization of ABC4All/FABC: http://ABC4All.net/techawards.html

 A dramatic example has been offered to document the potential for harnessing the internet to maximize internet-based charitable contributions:  


This example demonstrates what can happen with the ABC4All educational mission to show people how to take advantage of the opportunities represented by E-Commerce and the Internet. Any consumer purchase made on the internet NOT including an automatically generated rebate which can be designated as a contribution to a favorite charity is shortchanging society.

If a consumer has a choice between two sites to which to surf and shop on the internet, what would be the preferred route?  (A) A site where it is possible to generate a charitable contribution based on the internet activity or (B) a site where such a charitable contribution based on the internet activity is matched or doubled.  The obvious answer is (B): This is the mission of ABC4All.


ABC4All executives have been in development of strategies, projects, resources and key team people who are have been demonstrating support of the ABC4All  mission. The following prelaunch activities, among others, have been underway:

1. The present White Paper developed for presentation to Holistic Junction (www.holisticjunction.com) for consideration of a possible collaborative effort assisting the implementation/expansion of our respective efforts.

2. The resources from multiple projects that permit ABC4All to launch a nonprofit effort, the Foundation of A Better Community For All (FABC).

3. The securing by ABC4All, Inc. of the position of Philanthropic Development Officer (PDO) with the National Heritage Foundation (www.nhf.org).

4. The referrals of groups to achieve nonprofit status via ABC4All/NHF within a matter of 1-2 business weeks with resultant earnings from NHF for ABC4All.

5. Utilizing the combined resources of Nutrition and Kids (http://www.nutritionandkids.net/10982/) and Holistic Junction (www.holisticjunction.com) with ABC4All an authorized affiliate for both NAK/HJ: Among all activities possible with NAK, consider creating a chiropractic focus for HJ. With the initiation of such a focus, perhaps there may be a developed an alliance with the newly formed Nutrition and Kids Chiropractic Association (NAKCA) with a pooling of joint resources aimed at helping to make the goal of acquiring 100 chiropractors as charter members in NAKCA a reality.

6. Creation of a plan of action/resources that will bring support to worthwhile causes such as Little Kids Rock (LKR) www.littlekidsrock.org and A Minor Consideration (www.minorcon.org). 

The combined resources at the disposal of ABC4All, together with the potential of and including, but not limited to, the above existing activities which are pending their being harnessed into a joint, common and excellent effort that will launch respective interests that surround the concepts of ABC4All offer the opportunity for implementing a vital coordinated plan of action.  

A profoundly moving piece by Oprah Winfrey detailing her tour of Africa was featured on a recent ABC News PrimeTime: 


The need that exists, whether in Africa or here at home regarding issues such as the overweight problem in our country (NAK) are such that there must be a combined pooling of resources to "make it a better community for all." Oprah has not allowed the overwhelming nature of what she encounters in Africa to prevent her from finding her way to make a difference. While there is much to do in our own backyard in USA, the existing issues so deftly pointed out by Oprah in Africa simply carry the message:



We invite HJ  principals consideration for the joining of forces of ABC4All and Holistic Junction. The respective missions and points of view of both appear wholly compatible, as noted above n the ABC4All mission and in this statement from http://www.holisticjunction.com/whoweare.cfm:

Holistic Junction is a unique web-based community of people and businesses from all around the globe who aspire to and believe in positive spirituality, higher consciousness, healthy living and environmental awareness.

The following can take place with the launch of ABC4All:

1.      ABC4All, Inc. can become an affiliate of HJ.

2.      ABC4All, Inc., in its future role as PDO for NHF, can help HJ create its foundation/nonprofit focus.

3.      ABC4All, Inc., as representative for Nutrition and Kids (http://www.nutritionandkids.net/10982/) can create an affiliation between HJ and NAK.

4.      The three entities then can participate in the current wave of fundraising about to take place across the country with the NAK CD-ROM game focusing on good nutrition habits. This affords an opportunity to create funding for schools and nonprofits simultaneously across the USA.

5.      There is possibility for generating memberships by chiropractors in BOTH NAKCA and HJ.


Perhaps Holistic Junction can consider offering a focus that will include the future hosting of content introduced by ABC4All, for example, Dr. Robert O. Young’s pH Miracle:  http://www.thephmiracle.us,  Dr. Young is bringing to our awareness: Vital information on Diabetes, the capability for total healing of this rampant disease.

HJ can consider offering Health Care Providers a newsletter or E-zine (perhaps weekly editions). Creation of key "meta-tags" for “The New Biology” information will help send the reader, viewer or research party to the HJ site when seeking information on or from the internet. By placing those meta-tag words onto the hosted HJ site, Google or other search engines can index the site and create a link to that website or to subdirectory page(s) in the holistic junction framework.  

The content will contain approximately two pages of text and allow for a consistent writer contribution with feedback solicited from the audience at HJ. By adding the ABC4All/Robert O. Young component, to include the information about “The New Biology” and its efficacy at eradicating diseases such as diabetes we would co-create and co-host pages making it easy to navigate via the web link to Holistic Junction. A casual review of the pH Miracle web site reveals the critical information that needs maximum exposure for those earnestly seeking disease reversal.

Can HJ consider a way for visitors to sign up for an ongoing mailing list (e.g., with a focus on disease-prevention or disease reversal):  Such permission marketing would allow our client, Dr. Robert O. Young and his team of associates to become a central feature within the HJ site, allowing us to acquire the email addresses of those who, for example, would like to see the development of a clinic within local travel distance.

This type of audience generation and opportunity for feedback can complement content already in place at: http://www.thephmiracle.us.

By allowing ABC4All and HJ to join forces, it is envisioned that the content of both sites can stimulate a membership that will have at its disposal vital information both for the pursuit of health, disease prevention and/or disease reversal all the while becoming educated as to the making use of the internet for the general betterment of society.

By joining together, the combined forces of HJ/ABC4all may demonstrate for a client such as Dr. Robert O. Young, that the health focus may also be complemented via the A Better Community For All/Holistic Junction’s support of eFUNndraising™ available to all consumers on the internet once ABC4All is established. Vendors such as Dr. Young’s “Innerlight, Inc.” and associated products would become part of the global effort to stimulate charitable contributions resulting from every consumer purchase on the internet.


Recently ABC4All’s Founder, Burton Danet, experienced an unexpected medical crisis during a van ride: Lightheadness occurred followed by total right-sided body numbness. This phenomenon was later identified as a nonhemorrhagic stroke that which occurred in the left pontine brainstem. Following this event, housekeeping staff at Manhattan Beach Residence Inn by Marriott not only assisted Burton Danet up to his suite, but later delivered information about infra-red therapy available locally on a daily basis (FREE!) at a center offering Ceragem Therapy (www.ceragem.com).

Infra-red therapy had actually been prior recommended by multiple sources, including several physicians, and a referral had been made to investigate Anodyne Therapy (www.anodyne.com). The latter, it was determined, was body-part specific and NOT total body infra-red therapy. Ceragem, in contract was TOTAL body infra-red therapy, and among the benefits suggested was the increase in production of nitric oxide (which produces greater oxygen content and improved blood circulation and better bodily toxic elimination/cleansing).

As a result of the housekeeping staff’s referral to Ceragem treatment, both Burton Danet and his wife, Marsha Danet, attended therapy for two weeks. During the latter few days of this period of treatment, the distributor chose to change his therapy beds from Ceragem to Cignet beds. The advances in delivery of total body therapy proved to be so beneficial and preferable to the prior treatment, that a Case Report was created, and consultations have been initiated with the distributor of the Cignet beds, David Lee, to discuss potential for sharing information about the Cignet therapy and to create distributorships in multiple locations. Please see the case report:

From Flying Over Cement to A Better Community For All (ABC4All)! Case Report A Year Later: Left Pontine Stroke and Recovery with A Natural Discovery: Thermo-Peutic® for Total Body Therapy By Burton Danet, Ph.D.

Clearly Cignet Infra-Red Thermo-Peutic® for Total Body Therapy can become a focus for both ABC4All, Inc. (as a potential demonstrator/distributor) and for Holistic Junction (business listing, articles, etc.).


As visitors visit the splash page of HJ, they may access a subdirectory describing the Golf Tournament forthcoming at the WELK RESORT in Escondido, Ca. on

March 26 and 27, 2004, Friday and Saturday, with event kick-off at 8 a.m. for the 144 early bird golfers.  Meanwhile there is a parallel Virtual Golf Tournament, also hosted by Dr. Young and his team, including Robert Chew, Korky Nelson, Sergio Gonzales, and. Jack Dawson, Attorney for Sergio and Dr.Young (based in San Jose, California).

The virtual golf may be viewed here including free trial/learning of the golf tournament: http://www.goldenfairway.com/muse Perhaps we can create ideas to utilize the virtual golf game that can become another example of eFUNdraising™.