Wilfried Fink - homöopathischer Arzt / homoeopathic doctor
Alles ist mit allem VERBUNDEN -  Everything is connected
www.wilfriedfink.de + www.UniversalPeaceCalendar.com

Specializing in

Weight loss with homoeopathy and soja proteins (author of the book "Natural weight loss with homoeopathy")

Psychosomatic help at our "Auszeithaus" - this is the possibility to have a "time out" either at a room close to a lake with support of Klaus Stüben and his wife or at a two room flat in our house close to the Schlei with sessions of "Psychogenese" (www.psychogenese.de)

Price per day 150 Euro as well in the lake house and our flat.

Incl. special water "Nindorfer Springquell"
directly from a well close by tested by Prof. Emoto's Laboratory.