Water Treatment for the Not So Distant Future


A Thesis by Joshua Leibow

Written as partial requirements for the B.A. Degree in Psychobiological Medicine June 2005

University of California at Santa Cruz, CA


“Since the molecular structure of water is the essence of all life, the man who

can control that structure in cellular systems will change the world.”

(Albert Szent-Gyorgi (1893-1986) Nobel Prize in chemistry)


The following, excerpted from the Thesis, is “The Water Drop Story”


            Consider the life of a drop of water.  Imagine lying still in a shallow puddle somewhere in the tropics of South America.  You rest there after an evening of torrential downpour.  The following morning the sun rises and shines its glorious spectrum of light upon you.  The suns rays heat you up hotter and hotter causing your excited molecules of hydrogen and oxygen to jostle back and forth more rapidly.  Vibrating with abundant energy, the excitement experienced by the electrons within your atoms gets so tremendous that you begin to dissociate from the puddle and lift off of the ground as water vapor!  Effortlessly you rise into the vast and expansive blue sky coming closer and closer to the beloved sun that gave you this life and energy to rise high above the rich biodiversity of our planet.  Thousands of feet above the ground your molecules cool down and condensate and as the process unfolds you relax into the expanse of a great white cloud.

            As part of the cloud you surrender to the power of the Easterly trade winds to blow you up the Eastern Coast of the United States.  On your journey up the coast, emissions from factories and automobiles release acidic sulfur dioxides (SO2) and nitrogen oxides (NOx) that mingle with the water molecules that make you, the drop of water.  The chemistry alters you into a drop of acidic water with pH content below 7.0.  Meanwhile, the cloud you are part of continues to accumulate more water vapor and extends high up into the atmosphere until it reaches its highest potential as a Cumulus Nimbus cloud.  You notice how the dark earth under you lights up when the charges in the cloud separate and rebalance creating lightning.  What magnificent power, the moist air around the lightning heats up to 50,000o F, a temperature five times hotter than the surface of the sun (Lighting, viewed 4/15/05).  The charge in your molecules fluctuates throughout the thunder storm and when the time comes to rain you reacquire your balanced charge as a drop of acidic H20.

            Your team of molecules hurls towards the ground.  Coming closer and closer to the earth, you see a city some distance away bustling full of lights and automobile activity.  You keep your gaze on it as you continue to fall until all of a sudden SPLASH!  You hit the surface of a murky lake.  As your molecules merge into the lake you notice how unbalanced it feels.  This body of water is nothing like the pure mountain stream you were in three rains ago.  Where are all the fish, you wonder? Why is there so much algae on the surface?  What are all these harmful bacteria doing in here? Why is there is so little oxygen in the water?  Why are there heavy metals like chromium, lead and mercury and other chemicals like chloroform, MTBE, and DDT?

            Such bacteria and contaminants enter your drop and mingle with your water molecules by the parts per million.  In response to the contamination your water molecules form clusters of 10-24 molecules.  You feel restricted in the movement that your molecules can do, but nonetheless you are still a drop of water.

            You start to move downwards as if being sucked and observe how rapidly you move closer towards an algae-encrusted pipe.  You travel into the dark pipe along with sediments and all the impurities in the reservoir of which you were just a part of.  Dark, long, windy and narrow, you notice the bacteria amongst you proliferate.  Inorganic compounds deposit on the walls of the pipe creating an even narrower and rustier path through which to travel. 

            Alas, you finally arrive at a water treatment plant.  The process involves traveling through the headworks, a series of bar screens that remove wood, plastics and rags, through a sedimentation process, which captures sand and small solids, through primary treatment, which separates you from sludge created by waste products, and lastly in order to kill the abundant microbes, you are bombarded with ozone, UV treatment, chlorine and ammonia.  Upon exit you are water considered by the FDA to be suitable for consumption.  However, you are left with remaining trace amounts of organic and inorganic compounds, chloramines and some bacteria that managed to slip through unharmed even by the chlorine/ammonia.  There is a quality of heaviness about you.  Water treatment killed most of the harmful microbes, but it left you energetically drained. The energetic feeling you once had from being part of the rainstorm is gone because due to treatment the bond angles decreased between the hydrogen atoms of each molecule and the excess electrons which were naturally infused in the water have dissipated. 

            You go through more pipes that are just about as disgusting as the ones you traveled in to get to the water treatment plant, but nonetheless you continue to move with the water pressure behind you.  You fall out of a faucet into a pitcher of ice.  As the ice melts you notice that the newly melted molecules are not clustered right away.  They are energetic from the phase change of solid into liquid and are in a monomolecular state.  Yet after a short while they take on the same behavior as your molecules, becoming clustered and less energetic.

            You are brought over to a table with a family of four.  What an interesting sight.  The father and mother are both well overweight and the two children are both very skinny.  They look slightly malnourished, have pale unhealthy looking skin, bright red lips, and have hardly any attention span.  The whole family looks tired and uncomfortable in their bodies.

            You get poured into the father’s glass and he immediately reaches over to take a sip after swallowing his big bite of pancakes.  Swallowed down, you observe how uncomfortable it feels to be inside his body.  His pH is 7.25, slightly too acidic for normal functioning.  You also notice lots of dangerous bacteria in his gut which cause more imbalances.  They steal away electrons from this man’s body and put him into oxidative stress (a condition where lack of electrons causes free radicals to form causing chaos and death on the cellular molecular level.) 

            You are absorbed from digestion into the blood Interesting, this blood is not like the blood that you were part of when inside the body of the man in Nepal.  This American’s blood is more acidic and the red blood cells are coagulated in sticky clusters.  In the lungs they have a harder time absorbing their full potential of oxygen.  What is worse is that you, the water drop, are contributing to his unhealthiness.  Compared to the proper pH of healthy blood, 7.365, you are acidic and energetically deficient.  You are unable to supply him with what he needs; more electrons and proper hydration! 

            Circulating around his body you notice something peculiar.  Compared to the healthy people whose bodies you have been in, this man has a great deal of fat covering his cells.  But of course!  What else will protect his cells from all of the acidic toxins in his system?  Unfortunately, the fat in his system is taking the place of healthy living tissue, which utilizes water.  You notice that this man is extremely dehydrated and yet you cannot help him.  Your water molecules are in large clusters making it difficult to diffuse across the membranes of his cells.  His cells are starving for oxygen and are doing whatever it takes to fulfill their energetic requirements even if it means resorting to anaerobic respiration, a process that produces lactic acid as a byproduct.  Consequently, more lactic acid results in more of an acidic imbalance, making it that much more difficult for cells to get the oxygen they need to function properly.  One cell got so fed up of being starved for oxygen that it did what it had to do to survive; it morphed into a decaying plant cell, otherwise known as a cancer cell.  Now, instead of having to depend on oxygen to survive, it can ferment glucose (anaerobic respiration) all day long.  It gets its abundance of glucose by making this man crave and consume excess sugar and if that is not enough, it forces the liver to catabolize protein for glycogenesis (glucose production).  Unfortunately, neighboring cells of this cancerous cell have to put up with excess lactic acid and the stench of organic decaying byproducts.  They deal with it to the point that they either die or also get influenced to turn to the dark side and become cancer cells.

            You observe the war zone created in this mans body by his acidic imbalance.  Cells that are not getting what they need from the blood: oxygen, electrons and nutrients are stealing what they need from other cells.  The bones donate minerals, the muscles donate protein, and all the cells steal electrons away from each other.  If this man’s blood pH gets as low as 7.0, his body will go into a dying state and will quickly just give up.

            Despite the abundance of vitamins, minerals, and protein from food and supplements that this man consumes on a daily basis, the state of your water molecules cannot properly facilitate the delivery of these nutrients to his cells.  Furthermore, you are also not able to bind and neutralize the acidic toxins stored in his cells or for that matter carry them away out of his system.

            Hoping to find something that is working properly, you diffuse into one of the man’s cells and explore the cytosol, the fluid within the cell.  You go deeper and deeper until you pass into the nucleus.  How interesting, the clusters of water molecules surrounding his DNA and polypeptides are spaced randomly.  They are not uniform like the hexagonal clusters of water in a healthy cell.  Hexagonal clusters articulate perfectly to cradle life molecules, such as nucleic acids and polypeptides.  Sadly, the non-uniform water surrounding the nucleic acids exposes his DNA to exogenous and xenobiotic materials, which cause mutations to the DNA (Brusick et al, 1989).

            You notice that his cells work very hard to maintain perfect DNA strands, but the cells are lacking the necessary number of enzymes to do a good job because the slightly acidic environment is not suitable for their existence.  More and more DNA is being mutated before it can be fixed properly and as a result many new cells, which have been created, are destroyed by his immune system.  This man’s body has to work overtime to create new healthy cells and as a result he does not have much energy to lead an active life.  He continues to eat foods that maintain an acidic internal environment and his body creates more and more fat cells to draw away the toxins from his healthy cells.  His blood pressure rises in order to keep the blood pumping to the far corners of his overweight body and his heart has to beat faster to keep his clumpy red blood cells circulating properly.  You cannot help but to be in awe of how dedicated this man’s body is to doing whatever is necessary to keep him alive.  If only he were conscious enough he would be grateful for his body.  He would take care of it properly instead of being angry at it for getting fat and making him tired and sluggish.

            After a few days of circulating around and observing this body, you get released into a toilet bowl along with some very stinky defecation.  The malodor is from all the unhealthy bacteria in his system.  Flushed down into the city’s sewer system you notice that the environment of the sewer is not too different from the reservoir you were rained into.  The sewer just has much more bacteria to eat up all the human waste.  Boy do they thrive in that acidic environment.  You travel through underground wastewater tunnels until you reach a sewage treatment plant.  There again you go through the various treatment compartments that separate water from the organic, inorganic material and bacteria.  You leave as “clean water,” but you still lack in life abounding energy and dissolved gases which are essential to life.  If you had run down mountain streams, rushed over boulders and gone down waterfalls, you would have mixed with air and absorbed lots of oxygen and electrons.  Your water drop would have broken up in such a way that negative charges would have moved freely in a fine spray, forming negative ions. (Osyka, F. and Edmonds, 1991) If you came from an uncontaminated river like the one just described, you would surely hydrate and replenish the thirst of anyone who drank you.

            You continue onward through the city pipes in a sad state of desperation and full of questions.  There is so much disease in this world and you are contributing to it by being a carrier of harmful bacteria, toxic metals, low pH and countless other harmful elements.  You wonder how you can get back to being a conduit of life and rejuvenation for humanity.  In the dark, dark city pipe you travel onward and before you can say “What is happening to me?  This is incredible!” you fall out of another faucet into a clear tube that leads to a big blue rectangular box.  You continue to travel through tubing into the depths of this box where you flow nearby a reactor of plasma.  Radio-controlled electromagnetic frequencies bombard your molecules, killing all bacteria and causing your water molecules to dissociate out of their large clusters.

            What just happened?  In a matter of seconds, your clusters dissipated.  Now your molecules are stable as monomolecular H2O.  Towards the end of the reactor, the stream of water you are in is separated by electrodes into positively and negatively charged water.  You split in half so that half of your molecules congregate at the anode.  These molecules have a high positive charge (low pH) making them acid-like.  The other half of your molecules congregate at the cathode and obtain a high negative charge (high pH) making them alkaline.  The implications of the pH determine how high of an Oxidation Reduction potential (ORP) is in your drops.  As ordinary tap water, you had a pH of approximately 7.0 and an ORP of +500 mV, a perfect setting for bacteria to thrive.  When you became plasma activated into positively charged water, you obtained a pH of 2.5 and an ORP of +1200 mV, a setting that is antibacterial and antiviral.  The half of you that turned into negatively charged “alkaline” water obtained a pH of 9.5 and an ORP of -300 mV.  In this state, the water molecules are saturated with excess electrons, hence the negative ORP value.  The alkaline water is also not a conducive environment for harmful bacteria, viruses, or algae.

            The phosphates, nitrates, sulfates, carbonates and all the heavy metals which had precipitated out of the water when it took on its monomolecular state, collect in the filter you pass through.  Simultaneously, the chlorine which was ionically dissolved in your drop gassed off upon plasma treatment

            Feeling energized now, both positively and negatively you await your coming opportunities to serve humanity.  Will you, the alkaline water be drunk to re-hydrate and replenish a body that is diseased and degenerating?  Or, will you the acidic water be used to clean hotel bathrooms or sterilize medical instruments.  You can do all these actions and more!  Why?  Because now in a monomolecular state you emanate with live giving charged energy.   Completely naturally, it is just the way nature intended.