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Morning view of Mt. Rundle ; 2005 John Marriott
Alberta, Canada
Music: Chopin: Nocturne John Rickey
One of Banff, Canada's most photographed scenes is that of Mount Rundle reflecting in the waters of the Vermilion Lakes. While living in Banff for five years, I often went out early in the morning and drove down the Vermilion Lakes Road to get photographs like this one. - photographer, John E. Marriott.

Sun, May 22, 2005 | 04:08:05 Pacific Time (US)

Premature but Congratulations on Your Graduation! and on writing a Masterful Thesis on Water!

Dear Josh:

I am a drop of water, every so tiny. I reside at Mt. Rundle. I was just photographed by John E. Marriott.

What an amazing and serendipitous coincidence that I have come across the unbelievable talent of this amazing self-taught nature photographer:

It occurred just when I wanted to write to you an e-card right after reading the first draft of your wonderful Thesis on Water, especially the beginning where you tell the story of so many of my unfortunate fellow drops in the world and all that they have been suffering.

But now Josh, your story tells it all.
Now all my fellow drops no longer have to worry. They are all about to be rescued by Plasma Activated Water (PAW).

Some time ago I wrote a poem called,
"The Year of the Paw," and I know that your story, ending with these last few lines, will bring great joy and relief to so many, and eventually, all the drops in the world.

Guess what Josh, I'm one of those new drops! I've passed through the Plasma Reactor! Bless George Paskalov and his Team of Three Russian Scientists! Do they know yet how important their discovery is for humanity?

So much has come about that is serendipitous with regard to A Better Community For All (ABC4All), but as one drop can tell to another in the annals of history, the story WILL be told, and you have done a masterful job. Perhaps John E. Marriott can illustrate your book to be written for children of all ages and which we can use as a FUNdraiser for Community Health, Exercise and Nutrition for All (CHEN4All)!

Josh, I, a lone single molecule drop of H2O am honored to quote from the last lines of your extremly touching, poignant, educational and dramatic story which has to be part of what all my human friends need to know:

"Feeling energized both positively and negatively you await your coming opportunities to serve humanity. Will you, the alkaline water, be drunk to rehydrate and replenish a body that is diseased and degenerating or will you, the acidic water, be used to clean hotel bathrooms or sterilize medical instruments? You can do all these actions and more, why? Because now you emanate with live giving charged energy. Completely naturally, it is just the way nature intended."

Thank you, Josh, for telling my story.

Deeply Gratefully,
From Burt,
A single drop of monomolecular Plasma Activated Water (PAW) in the UNIVERSE, ready to sing "ONE SONG," with Robert Anthony Aviles, the CHEN4All Pied Piper, and about to add my molecule to all those water drops that will come out of the reactor and will rescue so many DISeased people, plants and animals across the world from destruction. And my dear friend, Robert Anthony Aviles and his band, Insight, will help heal as we go along!

Music4All! Healing4All! Plasma Activated Water - PAW4All!

Yes, Josh, 2005 Is The Year of the PAW!

Burton Danet, Ph.D., Co-Founder
A Better Community For All (ABC4All)
ABC4All Perpetuity Dream


From: Burt Danet