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VIDEO INTRODUCTION - "Not Enough Clean Water"

Around the world, unclean water is the number one cause of death among children. Is the problem getting worse? Keith Miller reports from the Earth Summit (NBC News)

Nancy Donegan, MPH, director of infection control at the Washington Hospital Center has just testified regarding Avian Flu for a congressional hearing: 

Senate Special Aging:

Preparing for Pandemic Flu

10 a.m. May 25, G-50 Dirksen Bldg.


Full Committee Hearing

Senate Special Aging Committee (Chairman Smith, R-Ore.) will hold a hearing on preparing for pandemic flu.


* Michael O. Leavitt - secretary of Health and Human Services

* Steve Cline - chief of epidemiology, Division of Public Health, North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services

* Nancy Donegan - director of infection control, Washington Hospital Center/MedStar, representing American Hospital Association

Relevant for concerns such as Avian Flu, SARS, any potential future pandemic as well as an opportunity to provide relief for many issues plaguing our plant, including natural disasters causing water pollution, Plasma Activated Water (PAW) may be summarized as follows:

1) Plasma Activated Water (PAW) at 2.5 pH has already been validated by independent laboratory testing to be antiviral and antibacterial, and it kills Anthrax in 30 seconds. Chicken coops and the chickens can be sprayed to arrest Avian Flu. Operating Rooms, Emergency Rooms, hospital rooms, medical instruments, dental instruments, swimming pools, hotel rooms, bathrooms, kitchens, etc. can all be disinfected and sterilized without the use of harsh chemicals which hurt humans.  Just by spraying or applying 2.5 pH water.  Please see the proposed "ABC4AllMMM or Modern Miracle Model™"Proposal for A Modern Miracle Model of a Healthy Hotel for 2005 and Beyond

2) 9.5 pH is consumed by humans and John Butters, a scientist/herbalist in Redondo Beach, CA has begun studying the clinical benefits for humans:

3) 11.0 pH will be used by the drop with health professionals and their clients/patients.

4) The uses of PAW and The Global Impact of Plasma Activated Water have been documented in a Thesis for Psychobiological Medicine written by Joshua Liebow.

NOTE:  Plasma Activated Water (PAW) with prototype reactors is available, to date, only in the Hydro Enterprises, Inc. (HEI) Laboratory in Southern California USA.

Plasma Activated Water (PAW) is NOT available commercially. Dr. Burton Danet, Co-Founder of ABC4All, only facilitates sharing of information authorized by HEI.  Dr. Danet is a clinical psychologist by training and is well-equipped to make the documented observations that the scientists have given permission to publish on the internet at  It is important to note that not a stitch of clinical data is needed to know this water will benefit the world:

Plasma Activated Water (PAW) with its myriad uses has the potential to HEAL THE WORLD.

There are people dying every minute, and we must begin the process of rescuing people who are either succumbing to illness (often from bathing in or drinking polluted water) or who do not have access to potable water in their local community.

The reference to “Community-Acquired MRSA Skin/Soft Tissue Infection Rates Increasing” referred to in this article: and also discussed by Nancy Donegan is the original reason for the original contact at The Dream Center in Los Angeles  - a news item showed a woman from the hurricane region relocated to the TDC who had the “flesh-eating disease,” had lost fingers and toes and was obviously disabled. This water can help her resist this type of infection to which she is so susceptible.  It can mean the difference between life and death.

A local "Make a Difference Plan" has been developed for Los Angeles, California with a donation of Plasma Activated Water (PAW) made to TDC.

The HEI plasma reactor can be brought anywhere in the world to polluted sources of water and will transform the water via generator - no electricity needed - up to 100,000 gals of water per hour that will "Improve Health Maintenance:"

This is a new paradigm of HEALTH, not one that is AVOIDING DISEASE nor one that is involved, as a highest priority, with DISEASE PREVENTION.  Rather:

The Path of Eight Petals™

Offers new health information that can make a true and positive difference in the health of so many people, everywhere, including those still deprived of adequate water resources and nourishment who are suffering all over the world.

The potential to change the focus from disease elimination and prevention to "Improving Health Maintenance (IHM)" is the hallmark of The Path of Eight Petals™.

The potential for cultural unity is hinted at here.

This information requires IMMEDIATE AND HIGH PRIORITY ACTION BY ANYONE WHO WANTS TO HELP MAKE A DIFFERENCE IN THE WORLD. The information regarding Plasma Activated Water (PAW), acted upon properly, will HELP TO SAVE LIVES.

Here is an introduction to the Hydro Enterprises, Inc. Scientist Team responsible for the discovery of Plasma Activated Water (PAW) and its subsequent scientific development including via independent laboratory validity testing.  Further more detailed information is available upon request.


Miraculous Rejuvenation

A video, a Quick Time Movie file, viewable via the Quick Time Player, shows Burton Danet power walking in 05/06 (this should be viewed via a high speed connection and takes a few moments to load, thank you for being patient!): 

This video depicts Burton Danet who, in 2003, was unable to breathe well, could not even go for a short walk without having breathing difficulties.  He had already fainted twice, was repeatedly becoming lightheaded, unable to exercise, having to stop dead in his tracks and recover from the lightheadedness.  The lightheadedness lasted for 15-20 seconds, apparently caused by inadequate breathing function. In order not to not faint, it was necessary to stop, recover and then move on (until the next episode of lightheadedness that was occurring more and more frequently). The picture from his 2003 driver's license shows someone who clearly was ill: 

He had a variety of medical diagnoses that were not responding to traditional treatment, including repeated infections (urinary tract infections, gastritis, prostatitis, etc.).

He was taking a variety of medications including eye drops for post-stroke glaucoma that was "off the charts" causing blurred vision and inability to read, work at the computer, etc. This condition was considered irreversible (now is reversed).

In March 2003, Robert Chew, ABC4All Co-Founder, introduced Dr. Danet to the Scientific Team of HEI and their new discovery, Plasma Activated Water (PAW).  From that date until now, with only one exception recorded as part of the initial case report authorized by HEI, Burton and Marsha Danet have been provided with an uninterrupted supply of Plasma Activated Water (PAW) which they consume on a regular basis exclusively.   

Burton Danet takes NO medications now.  His Routine Laboratory Test Results are all normal:  Page 1   Page 2

The follow up MRI documenting a left pontine nonhemorrhagic stroke that occurred in 2003 no longer reveals the lesion, a phenomenon the neurologist has not seen before.

Benign prostatic hypertrophy or BPH (enlarged prostate causing a slow down in the urinary stream and for which he was taking medication) has reversed. The doctor's last examination was "Normal prostate for age." He has NEVER had that result of a digital exam in many years, the finding was always "enlarged but benign." Now his urinary stream is BETTER than it was when he was taking medication.

His cholesterol for 6.5 decades was 220-304. Now it is dipped into the normal range with the latest reading down to 155. (it is NOT genetic which had been a plausible hypothesis). 

He has reversed facial lesions called "actinic keratoses" caused by early childhood sun exposure that have led to 2 basal cell carcinomas in the past and which had to be removed surgically. Now he avoids/heals the lesions with external application of acidic water ( 2.5 pH). There is a picture clearly showing the healing of a lesion.  The lesion originally was the entire area INCLUDING the new white "baby skin" now surrounding the shrinking lesion (which has since disappeared).

He has healed many other wounds with the water over the past two years.  The lesion on his forehead that is clearly revealing the white "baby skin" that grows, is shown here as a Quick Time Player movie. The new skin grows concentrically inward until the lesion is totally healed. 

This new method for controlling, avoiding and healing such lesions is in sharp contrast to dermatologists who wanted to prescribe chemotherapy because the "liquid nitrogen freezing" technique was only palliative, not curative.  In the past, such freezing of the lesions led to the formation of scabs which fell off but with the return of a bleeding lesion.  In contrast, the application of the 2.5 pH water at first causes bleeding to stop very quickly with the rapid healing that follows.  This is done ONLY with the constant, repeated, application of antibacterial water - no antibiotic ointment is used.

These and other examples not shared here abound.

The power walking video demonstrates what the doctor who has treated Burton for muskuloskeletal issues since 1995 stated when he evaluated and observed him in 01/06:

"He requested that I watch him speed walk following the assessment, and I could not keep with his pace unless I jogged." 

In short, the 3-month "after" picture tells the whole story - BUT only hints at all the benefits which have accrued in the 2 years since the start of the consumption of PAW: 

and have led to "improvements upon improvements:"

and which continue to accumulate and build.

HEALTH HEIGHTS™ versus Improvements Upon Improvements (IUI)

Originally a new term was coined to describe what was being experienced: the achievement of unimagined Health Heights™

This later became insufficient to describe the phenomenon: It was necessary to add the concept of "improvements upon improvements."

It is not just Burton Danet.  The benefits have been obvious for Marsha Danet and many others who have consumed PAW including Dave Gray who underwent very serious neurosurgery on his neck recently. Dave  received 20 gal of PAW to help him prepare and recover from the surgery.  He describes the use of the water in his recovery to Bob Chew, ABC4All Co-Founder.  Dave can be reached at 858-279-2172 for further information.

There are many others with similar dramatic, often seemingly miraculous accounts.  Plasma Activated Water (PAW) may seem miraculous, but it is not a miracle.  Rather, its properties have been developed and studied, systematically and scientifically, by the HEI Team.  Further clinical information and clinical studies are NOT necessary to know that PAW will benefit the world in myriad ways as described above and as noted in The Uses of Plasma Activated Water (PAW) and The Global Impact of Plasma Activated Water.

Respectfully submitted,

Burton Danet, Ph.D.  310-602-7101 direct


Burton Danet, Ph.D., Co-Founder, A Better Community For All (ABC4All)

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