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Below is a focus on the "Top 5 at TIG" including a chronicling of how such effort got started. More recently, in 04/2007, this conversation took place between one of the current "Top 5," Kenya erick ochieng otieno and Burton Danet, Ph.D., ABC4All Co-Founder:

CURRENT "TOP 5" ON TIG ARE ABC4All MENTORS! TOP 5 may change, all still Mentors!

Most Active Members 08/13/2008

Palestine  adham adnan tobail
Pakistan  atta ur rehman qureashi
Canada  Yassir EL OUARZADI
Venezuela  Walter Jose Trejo Urquiola
Zimbabwe  davidson kaiyo

Most Active Members 04/14/2007

Kenya  erick ochieng otieno
Nigeria  Henry Ekwuruke
Egypt  Ayman el Hakea
Kenya  Sean Amos
Haiti  JOSEPH Marckenson

For some time now, ALL on the Top 5 have been affiliated with ABC4All.
At the moment, we are approaching our 635th ABC4All Mentor.
Thank you for participating and for sharing with others!

ABC4All is an inspiring group, more so on the context that it gives you that feeling of contentment when you help out, when you contribute for a cause.
Am elated to be affiliated with this group and to be Top 5 on TIG.
Seanamo Sean
April 17, 2007 | 2:10 AM
abc4all ABC4All
April 17, 2007 | 2:22 AM
TIG and ABC4All a good match?
Hi Sean,

In line with your comment, it can be stated that, based on all that has evolved, as explained on the web page if you click below, that the outstanding TIG web community has made possible a lot of capability that benefits us all. As a result there has been just an absolutely tremendous amount of cooperation, now documented all over the front page of ABC4All with a number of other sites also conveying the importance of the combination of TIG and ABC4All, appearing in the ABC4All TIG BLOG.

So in line with your stated elation of being a member of both, that seems to sum up so well what is possible for us to accomplish in the world when such resources and UNITY across DIVERSITY are brought together to work towards a common cause. The best example perhaps is the amazing all-day event by the self-motivated, First Local ABC4All effort, in Somaliland.

Read about it here!

Therefore this exchange will be added to the above link.

Thank you for your comment!

[Quoted text hidden]
Burton Danet, Ph.D.
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Dual Global Citizen (DGC) http://igloo.org/DualGlobalCitizens
Co-Founder, ABC4All http://ABC4All.net
Community Empowerment Through
Local ABC4All http://abc4all.net/abc4allsomalia.htm
Local Hero http://localheroes.cc

"People from all over the planet are joining together...to share in the same mission. There is constant connection, communication, sharing, prayer and incredible intention to create this change using the latest technologies in healing through many means." -- Linda Zielski, Founder and Visionary CEO, Seaside Naturals, CT, USA

Then quickly came in this conversation/response from the Mentor at the TOP of the "TOP 5:"

It is a great honor to realize that all the most active at TIG are affiliated to ABC4All, and I am tempted to believe that ABC4All has all the magic one needs to feel that he or she is contributing to making the world a better place for all. Thumbs up for ABC4All and its Founder, Prof. Burt, for the hard work. Thanks also to all of us who have been affiliated with ABC4All for all the contributions and the pride we give to ABC4All and its affiliates.

With thanks

Erick Ochieng Otieno.

Would you not know it?

The person listed at the TOP of the TOP 5 responds IMMEDIATELY?
Hi Erick,
Since we joined you in your SHOUT (about water), it is clear that what we all need to do is EXACTLY what you did by calling attention to the travesty in the world that exists when people either do not have access to water OR drink polluted water because that is all that is available.  All too often those who travel long distances to acquire water do so just to get POLLUTED water to use including to drink!
So, what is the alternative?
WE must create the alternative, as up till now, NO ONE has done it.  So we do not stray from our VISION, but instead, continue to unite and join forces, teaching ourselves and others what is possible in the world.
The recent All-Day LocalABC4All event in Somalia / Somaliland is only ONE example in the world, but it is one that can be repeated anywhere.  Local ABC4All's, formally developed or not (the Local Model Website remains in development unfortunately due to technical limitations - blackouts) will create an unstoppable inspirational and creative force in the world that will bring an end to so much suffering that exists in the world -- on all levels -- in all countries -- whether people are self-sufficent or not -- even wealthy people of the world are sick with so many suffering from one illness or another - some with VERY serious illnesses -
We have solutions.
We are working feverishly on all fronts to acquire the capability to make what we know as the truth available to the world, a challenge now that will be met no matter what it takes and no matter who facilitates this.
SO, the "Legacy of ABC4All" can and will be put into place, as so many are doing and as each Mentor, like yourself, shares with others and our community grows across the world there will be no end to this effort, and there will be no stopping the effort until the world is a better place for ALL WHO ARE RECEPTIVE.
We do not fight any negative forces in the world.
WE KEEP OUR SIGHTS on what we know can happen, collectively, to improve circumstances locally anywhere.
So, thank you for your kind words, which give us the impetus to carry on and continue to support and unfold this CELEBRATION OF ONENESS Movement for the World!

ABC4All Global MentoringTEAM

5 Most Active on TIG Define "What TIG Means to You"

CONCLUSION: It is obvious. TIG represents a powerful, important force in the world that is here to stay. Any and all of us involved with TIG can bask in the assurance that the commonality and UNITY - ONENESS - represented by so many diverse individuals, groups and cultures suggests that
The stage is set.


1/21/06 ABC4All signs up with TIG

1/21/06 ABC4All PanAmbassador Billy Yasin (Ghana) becomes the first TIG participant to sign up with ABC4All within 15 minutes of the original posting!

8/06 This post about "Most Active" was created on the TIG ABC4All Blog:

Michael Furdyk -- AR #71 as of 8/10/06 -- tells us about the New ActiveRank!

"New ActiveRank!

"Yes, these new numbers are calculated daily based on a complex blend of participation metrics -- how many different things you have done using the TIG site, how complete your profile is, and how popular your content on the site is (counts to a lesser extent than the other two)
"Also, rankings are now time-sensitive, so someone who was #5 a year ago but hasn't been around will automatically go down in rating!"


Thank you, Michael, for the explanation. You have shared info that helps those curious among us understand!

What is so wonderful about TITG, however, is not one's ranking, but what an extraordinary OPPORTUNITY all of us who participate are afforded, just by being members, no matter what the rank!

Clearly TITG is a strong contender for "What The World Needs Now!"


11/06: Burton Danet notices that the "Top 5 - Most Active" on TIG are ALL working together via ABC4All along with each being involved with many other projects across the world. BD states:
"I wish the 5 listed as "most active" on TIG might come up with a common statement regarding what TIG means to each of us. What do you think? If you want to respond in a couple of sentences, I will compile and post in TIG BLOG and also post on a separate page on ABC4All.net. Thanks if you want to consider this. I'm writing the same to each of the 5."


1. Irena:

Based on an enthusiastic idea of our president Miss Irena Gapkovska this NGO was established in 1998 in Skopje, Republic of Macedonia. We started with a selected group of young people introducing them with the basics of drawing, painting, and sculpture. At the time it helped to fill a critical hole for development of the arts in Macedonia. As the time go by we developed the basic idea and create a new workshop in 2001, in which we are preparing all the materials needed for the studio (canvases, frames, boards for icons, easels).

"TIG means alot for all of us involved in NGOs and philanthropy because making conections and building the network is one of the most crucial things for the achievement of our goals." -- Irena


2. Zach - Youth For Change International (An ABC4All Associate)

"Taking IT Global allows youth to connect thru the internet by expressing their beliefs and getting involved with other organization. I think TIG is a wonderful way we can actually get something done in the world"


3. Burt - ABC4All (taken from a post on TIG ABC4All Blog (08/06)

What has TITG meant for the ABC4All Global Mentoring TEAM Project ?

The answers, all related to cooperation and collaboration that has evolved since ABC4All joined
TITG in 01/06 with many, many referrals that have included the ability to allow the following to develop and unfold:

1. Instant international exposure and contacts.
2. Working potentially with young people from just about anywhere in the world.
3. Ability to introduce persons from another country to one another!
4. Being introduced to persons within one's own country!
5. Receiving OUTSTANDING referrals to other organizations and groups with whom it has been possible to establish communication.
6. Collaborative, cooperative relationships being established between and among various groups.
7. The establishment of "Dual Global Citizens (DGC)" which has nothing to do with one's geographical location in the world.
8. A commonality and interest and purpose that can bring together so many of the young people of the world who wish to communicate to their leaders that only by living in PEACE with one another and only by paying attention to SAVE THE CHILDREN NOW will there be put into effect THE SOLUTION.
9. After writing a profile for Small Business School with the profile found by clicking here being able to send a communication to SBS as follows:


The most important resource in the world: Our Children.

SAVE CHILDREN NOW offers the world THE SOLUTION. Not a dime is involved, just common sense.

We must stand up and pay attention to SAVE OUR CHILDREN NOW if we are serious about saving lives, including the lives of our children.

If both sides of ANY conflict are interested in preserving the lives and welfare of "children of all ages" then there must be action on the part of ANYONE and EVERYONE.

"Dual Global Citizens" is a starting point.


True caring is engaging in the mandated action.

To NOT act is the equivalent of absorbing and allowing the
consciousness that it is OK to kill children of the world.

If it were YOUR child, would you consent?


Burton Danet, Ph.D., Co-Director, Save Our Children Now
Co-Founder, ABC4All / Dual Global Citizens (DGC)

Burt Danet
What are Flying Spirits? Answer!


Finally, without trying, the rank of ABC4All has moved to #5 as of 08/02/06, being among the most active members of TITG. 64 people have come forward to join, 31 having joined the ABC4All Global Mentoring TEAM Project. Those who wish to can become "ABC4All Mentors" sharing the information with others in the world.
[UPDATE: As of 12/01/2006: 178 people have come forward to join, 102 having joined the ABC4All Global Mentoring TEAM Project.]

More importantly, now the possibility exists, as a result of collaborations that have included those which have occurred as a result ABC4All's participation with TITG that any and all participating -- and any of TITG members -- and anyone wishing to SAVE OUR CHILDREN can do so by considering "Dual Global Citizenship (DGC)"

Respectfully and Gratefully to so many who care,

Burton Danet, Ph.D.
Co-Founder, ABC4All


4. Henry

Thank you very much Burt for the question. I believe TIG is a community that gather youth for empowerment and development. This gathering is a plateform that conceptualize the idea of localization of the global and the globalization of the local. TakingITGlobal, if I am allowed to speak about more, is a place where young people have their say and own it, Expression unlimited, Exchange, Accessibility of Information. An online community where ideas lead to action and participation means progress, all for youth, by youth and enabled by youth of the world.
Sincerely, Henry Ekwuruke President - Nnado Foundation Inc. Nigeria


5. Akinbo A.A.Cornerstone
Director, Africa - SCN.

TIG...it has made a single touch feel like a thousand punch to the solar plexus. The impact can best be compared with the fact that a staright line is not perfect without a curve. A curve on every face is a smile !

CONCLUSION: It is obvious. TIG represents a powerful, important force in the world that is here to stay. Any and all of us involved with TIG can bask in the assurance that the commonality and UNITY - ONENESS - represented by so many diverse individuals, groups and cultures suggust that the WORLD CAN BECOME A BETTER PLACE FOR ALL.

November 30, 2006 | 9:50 AM

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