Problem Identification
What serious problem or challenge with broad significance does your use of technology address? Explain your context and the existing conditions that you are trying to improve or rectify.

A Better Community For All (ABC4All) provides the international community with a broadly conceived program on the internet offering automatic charitable "technogiving" to worthwhile nonprofit causes throughout the world at no expense to the donor. The mission of ABC4All will be to match or double such online generated contributions.

The technology presently exists on the internet that will permit the fulfillment of ABC4All’s mission. The potential of the internet to become "The Greatest Philanthropist in the World," however, is not being realized (please see

Charitable contributions are being generated at a number of different sites (e.g.,, but none are maximizing (doubling) such online generated donations.

  ABC4All, Inc., an online virtual corporation, in association with its future sister nonprofit organization, to be called, the "Foundation of A Better Community For All (FABC)," will together become the global internet entity which will benefit ONLY nonprofit charitable causes who participate in ABC4All’s "Ultimate Matching eFUNdraising(tm) Program (UMEP)." By matching any donation generated via its portal, ABC4All ensures that all charitable funding via the internet will be doubled, thereby maximized.

  The consequences for nonprofit fundraising of 9/11 and associated economic factors have been obvious. Funding for many worthwhile charitable causes have dwindled if not totally disappeared. Some organizations have, in fact, had to close their doors. The internet, in contrast, offers a means via ordinary everyday consumerism, for charities to receive virtually unlimited support. Constituents of a cause, with proper motivation and knowledge along with a desire to offer support, can consistently direct their consumerism via ABC4All with resulting repeated microdonations for that cause based on shopping patterns. Through this means, nonprofit groups can become able to be more self-funded and can rely less on outside sources for support.

Household families (individuals, couples, extended families) have a significant amount of consumerism (of all types) during the course of any given year, over a decade, during a lifetime. The total amount of consumerism for every individual can contain a predesignated percentage that will be earmarked for a charity but at no cost to the consumer. It is the particular vendors involved who designate the percentage that is returned to the consumer via a rebate (1% to 40% of the total purchase price). ABC4All’s aim is to harness the power of the internet by capitalizing on the rebates (discounts) available to consumers online and to educate them to arrange to have those automatically generated rebates translated into the consumer’s predesignated charitable contributions for a given cause. Through this means, a yearly donation is automatically generated for the charity by each individual supporter participating. ABC4All’s mission, then, is to maximize (double) every one of those online generated automatic charitable contributions – thereby building and reinforcing the phenomenon of making the internet itself eventually the greatest philanthropist in the world, to the benefit only of participating charities.

Description of Technology Application
Fully describe the technology application. What technology is being used? How is it being used? Who is responsible? Who is benefiting? What processes or systems are in place to deliver this technology application?

A demonstration project of ABC4All is currently underway courtesy of the host,

This demonstration project illustrates the technology being utilized on the internet to generate online charitable contributions.

A nonprofit organization can easily participate in the eFUNdraising(tm) program simply by signing up for a free internet cooperative shopping site (courtesy ABC4All and By shopping at ABC4All’s site at any of over 2000 online stores, every consumer purchase will generate a rebate (percentage ranging from 1% to 40%) as determined by each vendor.

The rebates accumulate over time via all shopping activity. Rebates can be donated electively by the consumer to a charity of choice. The annual contribution generated through this means becomes a year-end tax-deductible donation to the charity, as ruled by the USA Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

The rebates earned are automatically calculated for each consumer order. Those rebates are then catalogued and accounted for, as part of each and every transaction when the cooperative member shops. Members have the prerogative to assign rebates to a preferred participating charity. After doing so, the accumulated contributions are sent to the charity involved automatically on a periodic basis. Complete records of each transaction are made available for the consumer shopper's account. As well, the payments sent to the charity are also recorded and are therefore verifiable and easily documented for purposes of income tax preparation showing the justification for the tax-deductible contribution.

In the future, with ABC4All involved and with its matching eFUNdraising(tm) program in effect, each such contribution will be matched, and a duplicate amount will be also automatically sent to the consumer's charity of choice, effectively doubling the nonprofit's receipts based on these consumer purchases. It is ONLY the nonprofit causes, then, who benefit, maximally, from the online shopping activity with the resultant automatically generated charitable contributions.

All micropayments made to the charity are thus verifiable, documented and stored in the account record for each consumer and can be printed out for record keeping purposes as needed.

Explanation of Leading Edge or Breakthrough Technology
Why do you think that your use of technology is worthy of recognition? Describe if it is a new technology or a new use of an existing technology. How can it be distinguished from existing uses? Explain how it surpasses previous or current solutions.


If you could imagine the world as the best place that it could be - the place you would want to live in  -- what would it be like?  Would it be a world without hungry children or adults?  Would it be a world with no homeless people?  Would it be a world where there were no people who wore rags, but all had good clothes?  Would it be a world where people everywhere could take care of themselves and their families?

Would it be a better community for all?

H E L P   U S   H E L P   Y O U   C R E A T E   S U C H   A   W O R L D:

Say Yes to A Better Community For All (ABC4All)!(tm)

Who are we?

A Better Community For All (ABC4All), Inc. is a for profit company whose mission is to educate people worldwide how, systematically, to harness the power of the internet to convert discounts and rebates achievable via online consumerism of all types into multiple simultaneous maximized contributions to a worthwhile chosen cause!

What are we?

A Better Community For All (ABC4All), Inc. offers a new way of doing business in the world:  As a for profit corporation, ABC4All brings together individuals, groups and companies who wish to further its mission and vision:

ABC4All, Inc. ( or, a virtual corporation, utilizes electronic commerce (E-commerce) based consumerism as a focus to raise virtually unlimited funds for charities, affinity groups, schools, disease-cure foundations and other charitable causes, enhancing the worldwide activities of well-known philanthropists.  ABC4All's charge is to educate people on the systematic means to participate in online internet-based "TechnoGiving" as is presently illustrated by the internet company, ( ABC4All's motto becomes "DCAT's Online!"

Directed Consumerism With Automatic "TechnoGiving" (DCAT)

Look for the ABC4All living logo,

DCAT's Doing Good Online!(tm)

To be reassured that you are online via the ABC4All

"" with

Maximized Charitable Activity Always At No Cost To The Donors!

ABC4All's proposed living logo can be viewed here:]

How do we do it?

ABC4All, Inc. will work in tandem with its proposed nonprofit organization, the Foundation of A Better Community For All (FABC).  As a major "give back" philanthropic group or entity, the virtual institution of ABC4All/FABC jointly creates a new marketing phenomenon, the "New Millennium Business Model," called:

Say Yes to A Better Community 4All!(tm)

The ABC4All group fosters both educational opportunities for children of all ages and profit-making internet based income producing opportunities.  The common goal is to return profits achieved from numerous on-line and off-line sales programs and referral strategic alliances back into community programs via the FABC.  ABC4All will align itself with opportunities and companies that will lead to the improvement of societal conditions related to areas of concern: health, education, economic development, the environment, and overall community development – in short making communities “a better community for all.”  There follow below examples demonstrating key activities, strategic alliances and associations with appropriately identified children’s charities consistent with the overall philosophy and mission of ABC4All.


ABC4All, Inc. has been signed as an Independent Distributor for Legacy for Life, the marketing company exclusively making available to the public hyperimmune egg. This biotechnically designed innovative new egg food source, following a 20-year period of research and development, is now offered via Legacy for Life independent distributors throughout the USA and Canada, with the hyperimmune egg able to be shipped anywhere in the world.

The dramatic health improvements that occur by incorporating hyperimmune egg into one's everyday diet and previously documented scientifically are now being proven valid over and over with its direct application. Optimizing immunity via hyperimmune egg holds great promise for persons exposed to human invaders and is particularly significant for those confronting the consequences of severe disease (e.g, wasting syndrome) and especially contagious or unknown diseases (e.g., the current SARS concern). Profits from the sale of Hyperimmune Egg to consumers will be slated to assist with the mission of ABC4All (with other socially conscious profit center examples to follow). The following links describe in detail the information regarding this Hyperimmune Egg phenomenon and will not be detailed here:


Gen info re immune breakthrough:

For health professionals:

GI tract protection for those using NSAIDs:  

Publication: Hyperimmune Egg: From the Woodland Publishing Health Series By Alan Schwartz, M.D., Remi Cooper (2002):

The latest medical and health research shows that perhaps the best way to defend yourself from disease and infection is through a balanced and optimally functioning immune system. Through proper lifestyle, exercise, diet, and nutritional supplements—such as hyperimmune egg—you can greatly improve your immune defense and overall health. In this booklet, Dr. Schwartz details how hyperimmune egg can be a vital tool in your quest to achieve optimal immunity.


I will be happy to address any questions here at the Holistic Junction Forum on Immunity and Hyperimmune Egg:


ABC4All, Inc. will create its associated Foundation of A Better Community For All (FABC4All) as a nonprofit vehicle involved with ABC4All’s major fundraising effort. 


ABC4All, Inc. will create an "Ultimate Matching eFUNdraising(tm) Program (UMEP)" wherein every internet-based charitable contribution generated via the ABC4All program is matched, or doubled. FABC becomes the nonprofit vehicle through which funding from profits or from direct individual and corporate donations via an endowment fund is routed back into communities via matching online generated donations.

FABC will also create the "Millennium Endowment Fund (MEF)" as a means to receive direct corporate and individual donations. Such an endowment will permit ABC4All to carry on its good work into perpetuity with its global effort to maximize internet-based philanthropy. Companies can offer in-kind products and services as another means to enhance the ABC4All mission.

What do we do?

Through the efforts of the associated foundation, FABC, eFUNdraising(tm) is carried out on the internet via all e-commerce transactions which are launched via the ABC4All, Inc. internet global portal, to be found in the future at

HOLISTIC JUNCTION Currently a demonstration project is underway courtesy the host,

Holistic Junction is a unique web-based community of people and businesses from all around the globe who aspire to and believe in the importance of spirituality, higher consciousness, healthy living and environmental awareness.

Having entered that HolisticJunction (or future site, consumers are assured they will be automatically creating maximized contributions together with the knowledge that they will have the ability to have each contribution that is generated matched, or doubled, by ABC4All.

From the ABC4All Portal, consumers will surf, depending upon their particular consumer interest, to other ABC4All-referred internet shopping sites - e.g., the current ABC4All internet shopping cooperative with over 2000 stores, courtesy (, for general shopping.  Other sites to which consumers will be referred via the ABC4AllMall will include those where alliances have been created with companies offering such products/services as health/life/auto/home insurance sales, automobile sales, real estate sales, investment brokerage services, mortgage financing, utilities, telecommunications, wireless products/services, groceries, office supplies, etc.  In short, all types of consumerism will be represented (as is already the case with over 2000 stores currently available on the internet shopping cooperative).  

Finally, ABC4All will harness the true power of the internet to maximize charitable contributions, a factor which has been dormant since the creation of the internet to date. The internet becomes a true socially conscious and supportive phenomenon assisting mankind everywhere. This philanthropic thrust casts a very positive aura about the use of the internet for consumerism and can allow many to establish greater trust in online activity and will encourage systematic participation based on as much consumerism of an individual or family as possible in order to maximize benefits for the favorite charity of choice.

Youngsters will grow up with the knowledge of what the institution represented by ABC4All/FABC can do for society. They will know that all of their consumerism (from juice drinks and treats to solid nourishment at meal times, for example) will always contain a significant percentage that will be automatically earmarked for a charity and then matched or doubled by ABC4All.

Evidence of Contribution
How do you know that your application of technology is making a contribution?


Every e-commerce transaction via ABC4All will include a prearranged discount and/or a rebate provided by the vendor for the customer.  The consumer then decides what portion -- or even all -- of the rebate is to be allocated to a charitable cause of their choosing.  By using "Directed Consumerism with Automatic 'TechnoGiving,' (DCAT)!" ABC4All's customer base accumulates a yearly tax-deductible contribution earmarked for the cause of their choice.

How do we do it?

We will create, on the internet, the future ABC4All incorporated into, and in conjunction with, as an example, a major shopping portal such as the internet cooperative courtesy

Other ABC4All-referred sites, in the future, will offer appealing opportunities for children of all ages to have FUN with their consumerism while automatically eFUNdraising(tm) on the internet.  There will be numerous opportunities for educational experiences that will teach methods for becoming free of long-term debt and to achieve financial stability.  Games/toys for children of all ages on the site will all have an educational orientation, in contrast to other games involving violence or other unappealing themes. Key alliances will be established with professionals and nonprofit groups in the game/toy field such as “Dr. Toy:”

This was the first web site to provide information on the best toys and educational products, as well as, articles, resources, and toy-related links. Take your time, bookmark this site, and return often. Over 2,000 toys and children's products have been selected for awards presented by Dr. Toy. These products are described with color photos, and customer service numbers. This award-winning site is a free public service provided by The Institute for Childhood Resources, a not-for-profit organization, Dr. Stevanne Auerbach, (Dr. Toy), Director.

What does what we do accomplish?

We bring about a means for redistributing significant portions of the world's wealth back to society and causes in need, where they always belonged.  Because of the nature of the internet, it is possible to take each and every consumer purchase made on the internet via the projected multi-trillion dollar e-commerce economy, and to include a discount and/or rebate which can be allocated as a charitable contribution.  The dynamics of what can be accomplished are illustrated here.


*  2000 people support a cause, each making purchases amounting to $50 a week for 50 weeks in the year on the internet with 10% allocated as a rebate back to the consumer, or $5 x 50, which is then designated as the year-end tax-deductible charitable contribution of $250.00.

*  At the end of one year, with such systematic participation, the group of 2000  supporting their chosen cause has raised $500,000. 

* ABC4All steps in with its Ultimate Matching eFUNdraising Program (UMEP), doubling that amount to $1,000,000. 

This example demonstrates the vast potential the internet holds for nonprofit organizations as we gear up to more and more shifting of business activity online.  This e-commerce phenomenon had already taken hold before the passage into the New Millennium.  The potential for the New Millennium Business Model's "Ultimate eFUNdraising 4All" will only increase with the passage of years further and further into the New Millennium as we continue to approach the expected online multi-trillion dollar economy.

How is what we do different from what others do?

ABC4All's Ultimate Matching eFUNdraising Program (UMEP)(tm) for charitable contributions generated on the Internet is a unique offering.  Further, ABC4All, Inc. will also offer “Value Added Benefits” via the site in the form of specially discounted products and services. These and other "Best Value Choices (BVC)" to be found at the future ABC4All-sponsored site, “,” offer consumers a means to work towards financial relief by:

*      Achieving better values while spending less.  

*      Eventually consumers are able to reduce, if not eliminate, their long term indebtedness by joining and participating in ABC4All Programs

*      By greatly reducing their financial burden over time, consumers then are able to offer charitable contributions as an easily managed and encouraged consistent habit. 

What are the features and benefits we offer?


We have a number of educational and technological innovations that make us very unique on the Internet.  Our future site, and the associated, will offer a built-in educational focus.  The site will be designed in such a manner as to offer a web based experience that will intrigue the visitor (children of all ages) and cause them to want to explore more deeply into the site.  As they begin to move more deeply into our website, consumers will come across information which potentially can help themselves, their family, their community.  This process is produced as part of an educational opportunity that demonstrates at once the methods to reduce debt and to make charitable contributions, all done at the same time 


The concept of the “Toy Museum” is another name for an advanced technology learning center - "TechnoLearning Center."  The theme begins with toys and all the ramifications of toys, toys of the world, childhood toys and imagineering toys.  Where there are no real toys in existence, children can invent toys that are in their minds and can write and speak about them with the help of others at or in the toy museum closest to them or virtually on the internet.  Children can communicate with others worldwide with no language barriers with our future software capabilities.  

The psychological approach of our Learning Centers is to involve children of all ages and of all concerns and to transfer their energy away from them and teach them how to problem solve.  Through our learning Centers, they will learn how to give back to others something that is a part of them, and that this idea can be developed with little time, if needed, or with a whole lot of time, if available, that becomes a future legacy for other children to visit and see on a web site that they conceived and built with a little technical help.

A key alliance here is the recently launched nonprofit, the International Toy Museum (ITM).  Both virtual and physically real, ITM and can be later replicated for the benefit of helping charities learn and follow in the creative ways to eFUNdraise for local and regional causes: 

The International Toy Museum emerges from the dreams of two toy visionaries, Richmond, California resident Robert "Bob" Chew and Dr. Stevanne Auerbach, a San Francisco writer, child psychologist and long-time advocate of play-based learning opportunities. Dr. Toy began an earlier version in San Francisco at the Cannery almost 15 years ago where it rode a wave of popularity until the Loma Prieta earthquake forced its doors closed.

Presentation of Measurable Results
Describe the method(s) you are using to measure your results. How are you reporting your results and to whom? To whom are you accountable?


Imagine if up to 40% of the purchase price of everything you buy could come back to you as a rebate.  Would that rebate help you defray all the expenses associated with your computer, your car, your home?


Would you like to get out from under long-term debt and monthly payments and live, free and clear, with the pride of debt-free ownership of your car and home given back to you


Once free of debt, would you consider offering part, or maybe sometimes even all, of that rebate you receive from your internet shopping as a tax-deductible contribution to a charity of your choice?


If up to a 40% rebate is achieved and matched by ABC4All, then up to 80% of the purchase price effectively can be allocated by the consumer as a charitable contribution. 



Current trends in information technology and the developing e-commerce economy offer us a unique opportunity to assist in the unification of the world through the newly developing global internet-based economy and the power it offers us to create a new world order: 

Say Yes to A Better Community For All!(tm)  

DCAT's Online! Creating an Internet Social Revolution -- Directed Consumerism With Automatic "TechnoGiving" (DCAT)

Are you ready to help us help you achieve that world of your dreams?


If you will consider ABC4All, we may, together, be able to earn the trust of diverse peoples everywhere. It will be the equivalent of an extension of the spirit and community celebration that was so profound as people all over the world, together, watched themselves celebrate the New Millennium. A key alliance here has been established with the Founder of Music Bridges Around The World (MBATW) with plans for future ABC4All-sponsored international music events to contain a fundraising charitable component:

Alan Roy Scott has a powerful vision: to unite a world community bonded by the creation of music. Alan and his team of creative professionals know how to transform the power and the passion of his global ideals into stunning realities. Under the operating title Music Bridges Around The World, he has successfully traversed the globe spreading a doctrine of universal harmony. Music Bridges is dedicated to the creation and development of International music collaboration projects and related special events that serve as a vital cultural link between nations and foster better understanding and smoother growth of the global market that is further illuminated by such interactions.  


E-commerce based eFUNdraising(tm) has the potential to bring civilization to new heights with the remarkable ability to achieve common goals and interests for diverse peoples.  ABC4All addresses, through the new e-commerce based economy, the plight of those who are not yet fortunate in life to reap the benefits of self-sufficiency and financial independence. It also addresses the digital divide, bringing technology into the everyday realm for peoples who may, as of yet, be deprived of such exposure. In this regard, the potential for collaboration with the nonprofit Greenstar is being explored:

Greenstar builds a solar-powered community center that delivers electricity, pure water, health and education information, and a wireless Internet connection, to villages in the developing world.  We record traditional art, music, photography, legends and storytelling in traditional communities, and bring these unique, priceless products to global markets. Revenues from this "digital culture" are returned to the village to support their ongoing, independent development.


Consumers can consider joining ABC4All in the group effort necessary to bring about the realization of ABC4All's mission. Participation is available now in a demonstration project found here with the nonprofit, already participating :

Little Kids Rock believes that music classes are central part of any first-rate education and that all students are entitled to them.  That is why Little Kids Rock is dedicated to bringing free instruments and free lessons to public school students around the country.  For more information, visit


Help us help you to educate yourself and others to take advantage of what the internet now allows us to accomplish, making it a better world.  Remember, consumers can, from then on, support ABC4All and/or the nonprofit of their choice. A church or synagogue can instruct congregation members on the ABC4All model of generating funds. A museum can establish self-funding. A disease-cure foundation can seek its supporters to adopt the ABC4All model. Virtually any nonprofit group can follow suit. 


If you can imagine such a better world, one where it now can become a reality just by joining with ABC4All in our educational efforts, please help us help you create that better community for all.  We will develop programs for "TechnoMentoring."  We will develop programs for "TechnoGiving."  We will develop "TechnoLearningCenters" (Toy Museums).  We will develop various tools for you to use such as a "Say Yes To ABC4All" CD-Rom.

Ultimate eFUNdraiser4All (UEFA)

Welcome to the PreLaunch of the New Millennium Business Model: Say Yes To A Better Community for All!

(Song by World Children’s Choir: "Together We Can Change The World."

The World Children’s Choir (tm), a non-profit children’s organization based in the Washington, DC area, serves as a voice for children worldwide that celebrates cultural diversity through music and builds positive international relations. We ask all people to work together to create a peaceful, healthy world for children. We welcome children of all faiths, cultures and nations to help us to fulfill our mission.

Description of Potential Negative or Unintended Consequences
Describe any outcomes that may not be beneficial that you have considered. Who might consider your application problematic and why?

Given its matching donation program, it is expected that there will be high traffic demands on the global ABC4All portal. Proper hosting and bandwidth will be necessary to accommodate expected traffic from all over the world. It will be necessary to anticipate this growth so as to avoid the site being shut down even temporarily due to excessive bandwidth demands. Other sites on the internet (e.g., are already meeting such demands. Obviously the latest technologies need to be employed to ensure online security for consumers and to avoid hackers or others with intent to do harm. It is difficult to imagine anyone who would object to the ABC4All mission (outside of persons with evil intentions, i.e., terrorists).

Discussion of Replication Potential
Describe how your work might be a model for others to emulate. Could this application be put to use in other places or contexts? 

ABC4All's methods, as described above, are all easily documented via present internet technology. Micropayments generated for charities are computer-calculated as they are generated, and checks sent to charities are also automatically generated and distributed. Thus the slogan, "Directed Consumerism With Automatic "TechnoGiving" (DCAT)." Note the emphasis here is on "Automatic," making virtually each and every consumer purchase from the smallest item to the largest (such as a home or car purchase) contain a replicable rebate which can be allocated by the consumer, in part or in whole, as a charitable contribution.

Certainly the ABC4All “New Millennium Business Model” is available to any corporation or vendor both on and off the internet. Burton Danet, Ph.D., Founder of ABC4All, believes that "Any consumer purchase that does not automatically generate a charitable contribution is shortchanging society."

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