Why support A Better Community For All (ABC4All)?

Shirt Design by Zach Komes, Founder, Youth for Change International

As we advance into the "New Era for the World," there is being recorded in BCNEXUS editions an historical tracking of developments as they occur.

Given that

ABC4All has entered a period in which 1000 Days of A Better Community for All are being closely followed so as to self-monitor progress in reaching stated goals.

ABC4All / Associates are sharing many advanced technologies in the world consistent with helping communities become better for all: and

The ABC4All Pledge includes associated companies/partners who wish to support the New Entity for the World:

Companies such as Seaside Naturals are pleding support consistent with the ABC4All Pledge:

Among the technologies being presented to the world include Plasma Activated Water (PAW)

and all that PAW represents alone justifies the creation and support from all coners of the globe the ABC4All BRIDGE OF RELIEF into PERPETUITY launched symbolically on 07/07/2007 and

The Legacy of ABC4All includes the proposed development and future launch of the ABC4All Millennium Endowment Fund (ABC4AllMEF) to be used to match/double charitable contributions worldwide:

The ABC4All Global Mentoring TEAM Project launched in 01/2006 has, in a year and a half, established the participation of 312 ABC4All Mentors (who simply share info with others) in the world in 75+ countries in more than 170 locations with nearly 500 Friends of ABC4All listed at Taking IT Global: and and

ABC4All has the support of many talented artists contributing to and supporting ABC4All Concepts:

ABC4All is an idea whose time has come and which is receiving support from those in the world wishing to contribute to A CELEBRATION OF ONENESS Movement and

Dual Global Citizens (DGC) form a humanitarian community wishing to support Global Humanitarian Relief (GHR) and SAVE CHILDREN NOW

Through a Partnership with PRODEGE, the first socially-conscious search engine, there is "a new way for charities to raise contributions with a cost-free vehicle." With PRODEGE, ABC4All has its own private-label search site. Thus every time this search engine is used ABC4All earns $0.03 (rather than $0.01 with other companies on the internet), thereby increasing revenues received which then, in turn, will be returned to worthwhile causes via the future ABC4All Millennium Endowment Fund (MEF) and

ABC4All offers the world FREE Edutainment in the form of ABC4All GlobiVersity (no qualifications, no degrees, only REWARDS for participating including the future creation of "NEVER ENDING SELF-FUNDING" for all who participate.

ABC4All will conduct the ABC4All FUNdraising Edutainment Series (ABC4AllFES) in association with The Living Temple in Huntington Beach, California, USA and


Those coming together to bring the Missions of ABC4All into reality will, in record time, create MAXIMIZED Giving AND

A QUIET HOPE for PEACE and HARMONY in the world.

Burton Danet, Ph.D. and Robert Chew
Dual Global Citizens (DGC)
ABC4All Co-Founders

Enhanced "LEND A HAND" VIDEO (Googled!) and AUDIO ARE LIVE!

Burton Danet, Ph.D., Co-Founder, ABC4All

Seeking QUIET HOPE for PEACE and HARMONY in the world.

Please join ABC4All, any time, in a Virtual; OnLine Global Toast (only water please).