A Better Community For All (ABC4All) found on the internet at http://ABC4All.net is a new entity in the world, a concept whose time has come to meet the demands of a world increasingly difficult to create a civilized, livable home for all peoples.   A more complete review may be found here: http://ABC4All.net/presentation.htm

MISSION:  The basic mission of ABC4All:  
“Maximizing Charitable Contributions on and off the Internet”™
This mission sets the stage for the ABC4All New Millennium Business Model (NMBM): http://ABC4All.net/mef.htm 

ABC4ALL IN 75 WORDSA Better Community For All (ABC4All) focuses on the betterment of citizenry and communities via a give-back model of conducting business in the world: “Maximizing Charitable Contributions on and off the Internet.”™ Support is offered for charitable causes worldwide. ABC4AllWorldSolutions!™ provide opportunities to reach unimagined “Health Heights™.” A healthier water and application of advanced energy technologies will bring potential for humanitarian relief wherever it is needed throughout the world in emergent/non-emergent situations.

ABC4ALL PLEDGE: ABC4All facilitates relationships and offers information, does NOT enter into direct business negotiations. The “ABC4All Pledge” http://ABC4All.net/pledge.htm is that any business activity/profits facilitated by ABC4All will benefit the future Foundation of A Better Community For All (FABC) in its outreach to provide humanitarian relief on a global scale. With the ABC4All New Millennium Business Model (NMBM) in place, there will be opportunity for the betterment of any community in the world as it defines its own path to improvement:

OPPORTUNITY: What are so often needed are basic, ground-up resources that will allow a community to restructure its priorities (e.g., overcoming health issues, epidemics like obesity, and threats of pandemics like the present looming Bird Flu).  This is particularly true of any community hit by a natural disaster (hurricane, Tsunami, earthquake, flooding, etc.).  ABC4All offers opportunity where none existed before.

ABC4All CONCEPTS: In development for 9+ years, ABC4All concepts will offer any or all of the following that can be put in place into any community offering resources to support what is needed. In particular, the innovative Giving Card Program (http://thegivingcard.com), already endorsed by the Vatican and requiring no new credit or debit card, allows for the generation of a never-ending flow of dollars that can go to the citizens, to nonprofits they support AND/OR to any City or State or Country Government's coffers: http://ABC4All.net/mef.htm

1. Plasma Activated Water (PAW): A discovery in a scientific laboratory that portends relief from major ills that plague the world: http://ABC4All.net/paw.htm. See in particular "The Global Impact of Plasma Activated Water (PAW):" http://abc4all.net/pawsummary.htm

2. The ABC4All Triple Giving Program (ABC4AllGGG)™: http://ABC4All.net/abc4allggg.htm; http://ABC4All.net/nutsbolts.htm.

3. Community Health, Exercise and Nutrition for All™ http://ABC4All.net/chen4all.htm. Overcoming the obesity worldwide epidemic.

4. ABC4All ParticiCare™ aimed at Improving Health Maintenance (IHM)™: http://ABC4All.net/8petals.htm

CONCLUSION:  ABC4All: A new paradigm offering opportunities to benefit any community worldwide.  ABC4All exists to create a legacy. The legacy is described as the fulfillment of the ABC4All Perpetuity Dream described in this Power Point Presentation with the healing music of Robert Anthony Aviles, the "CHEN4All Pied Piper.

Welcome to A Better Community For All (ABC4All)!  Interested in learning more? Please call 310-712-5477 or email ABC4ALL (at) gmail (dot) com


Burton N. Danet, Ph.D., Retired Clinical Psychologist and Robert "Bob" Chew, Co-Founders, A Better Community For All (ABC4All), http://ABC4All.net

Mandated Action: ABC4All Bridge of Relief ™ http://ABC4All.net/why.htm

ABC4All Rejuvenation Hotels of the Future™: http://ABC4All.net/abc4allrh.htm

Collaborator, Community Health, Exercise and Nutrition for All™
(CHEN4All): http://ABC4All.net/CHEN4All.htm

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