My story goes like this….I was asked by my primary care physician to go have a Colonoscopy as a preventative measure.  I took my doctors advice and had the procedure.  Shortly after, I received bad news. The clinic I trusted my life to failed to protect me by reusing vials and needles over and over again…Here is the link… 


I found out through the media that I may have been exposed so I did what most would have done and immediately went down to be tested…not once but several times. On my birthday I found out that I had been infected with the deadly Hepatitis C Virus…happy birthday to me…lol!! Once confirmed that I had the dreaded disease my doctor advised me that in 2 to 5 years I would be a candidate for a liver transplant. I was told that interferon would be next on the agenda and get prepared for a long and expensive treatment regimen with no guarantees other than losing my hair and having the flu for the next year and a half. Well after carefully considering my options from the traditional medical community and examining what alternatives were available I decided to research alternative solutions for my condition which  brought me to a company in my own back yard. East Park Research Inc is a company that has had great success in helping and educating people like myself with immune system disorders. So I was curious enough to at least take a look at what was available.


After meeting with the Founder and CEO of EPR and hearing his story about  his son who had became very ill with the HIV Virus, at that time he went to the underground to try and find help and he was led to an amazing discovery of the Olive Leaf and its amazing therapeutic properties. Although it was too late to save his own son it led him to a lifetime journey of discovery and rediscovery that to this day is not finished. There are many sons and daughters among mankind seeking answers in which the majority of our medical community (in my humble opinion) remain clueless to that plight. It’s all a matter of dollars and cents and providing cures and/or relief to the masses would be financial taboo to the medical establishment as they NEED ongoing customers to fuel the money machine. Well that is a rant better suited for another time.


Going back to my story after having initial consultations with EPR’s Mr. Gordon Melcher, I decided to go on a regimen of EPR’s d-lenolate (Olive Leaf), which has a patented extraction and delivery system. I started with 4-5 per day for about 2 weeks then graduated slowly up to 6-8 for 2 weeks, and then to 10-12 for about 1 month. Here are my results and I am more than willing to share my actual blood test results with anyone who may doubt my story.


On or about March 12, 2008 my ALT levels were at 141 and climbing rapidly and normally they should be in a reference range of 9-50. This shows that there is a battle going on within the liver itself. I was retested in May 2008 approximately 2 months after starting the EPR d-lenolate and to my surprise as well as my doctors my ALT levels dropped within reference range to an amazing ALT level of 20. No one can say for sure why this has happened and my medical doctors are left speechless but I am not. I know the blood tests cannot lie and I will continue to stay on a maintenance level and continue to be tested periodically. I know God has provided me this second chance of life and Gordon has received a second chance to save someone else’s son….in which my mother is so happy he did!!