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Introduction of ROBERT "Bob" CHEW, Consultant/Fund Raiser/ABC4All Co-Founder

Name: Robert "Bob" Chew
Address: 1205 Channing Way, Berkeley, Ca 94702
Phone: 1- 510 - 508-6060


For over 15 years specialized in areas of life insurance, estate planning, financial planning while working with companies like New York Life, Metropolitan Life, AIS Insurance, Woodman Accident and Life, and insurance brokerage with Waddell & Reed, Milico, and United Economic Services and Zahoric Company--the latter two as tax shelter annuity specialist.

In the mid 90's, I had pursued a career in international consulting, and most recently, a board member and volunteer with a number of non-profit organizations, to include the United Seniors of Oakland and Alameda Counties, The Holistic Village (formerly known as the American Holistic Psychological Association (based in the Montclair area of Oakland) and the Ministry at Hotel Oakland, Assistant Pastor for the Philadelphia Mission Church for over 20 years.


Consulting in areas of Start Up Companies; graduate of July, 2005: Income Builders International (IBI Global), with its current site: http://www.ibi.org or ceospace.biz and which is now changed to its new and permanent name: www.ceospace.net or www.ceospace.biz. Volunteer staff at most of the CEO Space's five weeklong events held each year and rendered assistance on many new ventures, ...

Assist in the vision and implementation of landmark projects from better water for a better world to changing the way we protect our homes, hospitals, clinics, and offices from polluted air and improper sources of air filtration and air quality management.

Co-Founder of ABC4all (A Better Community For All), participant in a world=first Global Outreach on July 7, 2007. . . . .Co-architect of the goals for 7 continents to reach new levels of understanding and relationship building with communities in 7 Continents, 24 time zones [over the next 1,000 days] and to help establish Community Funding sources for global outreach.


Married to Kathleen P. Chew, wife of 32 years in June, 2007. Daughter: Kimberly L. Yuen (Chew), educator, is a full time mom, with her first born in September 2006; Son: Richard J. Chew, Founder of RJC Enterprises, Berkeley, and now the namesake to a global company called: RJC Consolidated, Inc. Kathy is born and raised in Berkeley, and presently completing 18 years of teaching pre-school in Berkeley.


Lifelong consultant, business start up advisor, and entrepreneur. Within two years to be debt free and moving into a permanent home in Berkeley from Richmond, where we have been since 1978.

Residence: 50+ years in the San Francisco (East Bay) area. Born in Covina, CA. 25+ years in Richmond; 2 years in El Cerrito; and 23 years in Berkeley.

Aspirations: Expect to travel with family and consult around the world in 2008; WOW: To bring the extended family on a world travel tour in 2008.

Other Businesses: Vice President and CEO of own company: Officer in a global Light Rail Transit system; Special Interest areas: Capturing the technology to return our drinking water to the highest quality ever. Volunteer needs with Community Groups in sourcing new and better technologies for agriculture and water generation. Follower of Warrior Saints: www.warriorsaint.com.

Other Interests: To preserve societies of fish, animal for future generations. To empower the youth of today to become better leaders tomorrow.

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