The RhyBros' Prism: Hands 4 Hope 4 All Humanity (H4H4H)

by Ben Mackenzie

"The song 'Let's Live As One' was selected to be part of the ABC Sing Book (2006) and is endorsed by ABC4All A Better Community for All (charitable organisation) -"

We are the children of this world.
We are the future, can't you tell?
We are the light in the darkness, can't you see?
So put down your guns. No need for war.
Turn out the light and heed the call.
We are callin' you to open your heart and save our world.
To open your heart and save yourself.

Hands 4 Hope 4 All Humanity (H4H4H)
by Burton Danet inspired by Richard Trieber
Rainbows and Poetry
These are some
Favorite things.
Imagine a man
Openly inspired
Who hesitates not
But immediately rhymes.
Seeing is Believing!
One Bro writes
About Local Heroes
Then the other likewise.
One mentions Rainbows,
Then the other sees them.
Not usual ones,
Rainbows appearing from
ALL sides, like a Prism!
What is this?
A Prism with a Vision?
See the World Now?
Becoming better?
Look any way,
Look all ways,
There is one
Truth to be told
About this VisionPrism:
So quickly
The World becomes
Purer for ALL with this
PrismVision's Fruition.

Richard Trieber's vision offers HOPE:

Hands 4 Hope 4 All Humanity (H4H4H) has been teamed with the
vision for A Better Community for All (ABC4All).

Together the "RhyBros" create a united vision
offering opportunity for World Communication
that creates a clear foundation to support the



By Muhammad Awais Aftab

A translation of Parveen Shakir's poem 'Prism'

When sun enters
Into a drop of water
A collage of colours appears
The seven arches of rainbow
Spread out their arms
And draw into the tiny droplet
A whole cosmos of colours!

I, too, have a sun
That by a mere graze of body
Cultivates in me the rainbow flowers
A slight change in his angle
And I am rendered
A simple drop of water
Unscenic, uncoloured!

[Published in Us Magazine]

Burton Danet, Ph.D., is a
Dual Global Citizen (DGC)
Co-Founder, ABC4All and a
Local Hero

"People from all over the planet are joining share in the same mission.
There is constant connection, communication, sharing, prayer and incredible intention to create this change using the latest technologies in healing through many means."

Linda Zielski, Founder and Visionary CEO, Seaside Naturals, CT, USA