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The ABC4All Presentation

1. A Better Community For All (ABC4All) in 75 words.

2.  Welcome to A Better Community For All (ABC4All).

3. The Role of ABC4All in the world.

4. The Principles of ABC4All.

5. The ABC4All Pledge.

6. ABC4All/CHEN4All Presentation Summary.

7. Would you like to be healthy?

ABC4All Life Path Center (ABC4AllLPC)™ in a Rejuvenation Hotel (ABC4AllRH)™:



On the creation of a new generation of hotelier:

The ABC4All Rejuvenation Hotels (ABC4AllRH)™

where guests leave healthier and smarter than when they arrived…™


an ABC4AllWorldSolution!™



ABC4All GlobiVersity (ABC4AllGV)™

Offering Virtual FREE Distance EasyLearning
while creating the ABC4All Bridge of Relief (ABC4AllBOR)™


Studies that enchant, entertain, heal and educate™