ABC4All Global Mission:
To share†with†all countries†a true restoration of a
QUIET HOPE for PEACE and HARMONY in the world.


An ABC4All Mentor addresses another who is concerned about a human rights violation:
Thanks to ABC4All for collaboration all around the world: "ONENESS ON PLANET"
Mentors have a warm welcome to join the ABC4All community. The web pages of ABC4All are very useful and connected with all problems and issues to explore the voice worldwide. To achieve any goal and vision will take time, and a joint voice is more powerful rather than one by one. I have deep concern about any project of human rights victims. I am sure together we will reach soon the destination. I know you are the victim and your struggle for other victims is such great and noble cause. I also salute your courage for your project and dedication. May God bless you and prayer for you and all victims' safety and rehablitation. I also lit a candle for solidarity with victims. The candle is sent to you and Mr. Burt.
Yuel Bhatti, ABC4All Mentor, Pakistan.

Addressing our ONENESS, A Better Community for All (ABC4All) creates a message of

Confirmed by ONE SONG for the UNI VERSE created by Ben Mackenzie on behalf of ABC4All, aimed at healing for the world. Entitled, "Lend a Hand" the original song addresses what is needed:

"Canít you hear
The cry of the world
Canít you feel
Itís now time to heal
Itís time to understand
Itís time to lend a hand
Itís time to make a stand
Itís time Ė yes itís time...lend a hand"

Sincere, heartfelt thanks go out to the creators of this World-Healing original song created for ABC4All, both Ben Mackenzie and John Greenfield for their dedication to humanity in every corner of our world.
--Burton Danet, Ph.D., Co-Founder, ABC4All

Welcome to a New Entity for the World!
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"Children are our future and we need to love, nurture and teach them to one day become responsible adults.
Take time to interact with them, pass on your knowledge, take them outdoors and show them the world in which they live.
We as adults must take steps to ensure that our children will have a clean environment to live and grow in."
--Mark LaMonica

by gracious permission of Photographer Mark LaMonica

WATER is KEY to helping restore plants, animals, humans and the environment
to the pristine state depicted in the waterfall picture.

Plasma Activated Water (PAW) is not a promise. It is a blessing."
--David Gray, President, Huck-Fin Environmental Education (HFEE), San Diego, California USA

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"The Children are the Guardians of the World"
in three languages with images of children from all over the world!
Thank you Francine for sharing!

"...For you see -
through the eyes of a child -
wars are obsolete
time is always ageless
and the world revolves in peace…

“…we could learn a lot from a child.”

Copyright 2003

Though the Eyes of a Child
by C. Bailey-Lloyd
Excerpt by permission from “Somewhere Along the Beaten Path”

"Beyond the human context, you will find that community extends forever throughout time and space. Creation unfolds as an endless web of support. What you nourish now will be your future, your community, and the pathway for your own return sustenance and fulfillment.

To this expanded view, you may add the many 'communities' within yourself. Each person is an integrated whole of many microcosms. How do you nurture your physical body, your heart, your mind, and emotions? There are patterns within you to be discovered and supported or evaluated and changed. Every choice you make is about community on some level, and the support in which you vest it is the basis for all you will ever have or create. Choose well."

"The Keys of Jeshua", P. 214
Glenda Green

MAYA... children of the sun

available through
The Rainbow Music Company

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Narration interwoven with music and singing on the legacy of time left to us by the ancient Maya.

As ancient sky watchers and
time keepers of the Earth, many believe the Maya reminded us of our Divine connection to the Universe.
This alignment with the natural cycles of the Earth, Moon, Sun and Stars can help our existence as autonomous sovereign beings co-evolving with the Earth.

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We Are One
WE ARE ONE Ė A World Anthem
We Are One
Used by permission.
Courtesy of LLP Records, a division of Light, Love & Power Global Enterprises, Inc.
Writer/Publisher: Kevin A. Reid
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Artist: Kevin & The Sacred Fire
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