UPDATES: Local ABC4All / LIBERIA // Leaders // Co-Founders of Local ABC4All efforts // ABC4All eCommerce / OBAMERICA / STEPS that are unfolding

Hello All,

Here are some updates for you:


We are anticipating the launch soon of Local ABC4All / LIBERIA

which has been added to the listing of local ABC4All efforts at http://abc4all.net/localabc4all.html


As you know the purpose of launching ABC4All eCommerce is to work towards Self-FUNding4All.

This will be shared in stages, with the Stage 1 already released:

Thus we now have an ABC4All eCommerce Division: http://ABC4All.net/ecommerce

We have Stage 1: http://ABC4All.net/ecommerce.htm

We are generating a list of participants: http://ABC4All.net/roster.htm

Thus it is possible now when you to join with the ABC4All eCommerce effort that you then can share your personal link at www.me2everyone.com with all who are in your local ABC4All groups and other friends, family and associates. In one day ABC4All went from 1000 to 34,000 shares and it continues to climb. THE SAME CAN BE TRUE FOR EVERY ONE OF YOU.

A careful reading of all the info at www.me2everyone.com will reveal why this represents an opportunity which is consistent with the goals and the Legacy of ABC4All: Maximizing Charitable Contributions on and off the Internet™ into Perpetuity

Thank you for participating (those who already have done so) and for those who will be doing so.

OBAMERICA: "President of the World." and Water4All

With the introduction of MESSAGE to OBAMERICA and a New wOrld: http://ABC4All.net

PLUS the introduction of ABC4All eCommerce Division http://ABC4All.net/ecommerce

PLUS the introduction of the Water4All project: http://projects.tigweb.org/water4all

We are taking the first of a long series of steps / stages to come which will assist us all while we implement the Legacy of ABC4All. Not only is the Dream Realized http://abc4all.net/abc4alldr.htm BUT indeed the potential for what now will unfold is EXACTLY what we all collectively strive for to help the world become a better place for all who will participate.

A recent meeting about Plasma Activated Water (PAW) http://abc4all.net/pawquickreview.htm was held on the Service Day called for by President Obama, and the results of that meeting have been posted as a document on the Water4All project. Needless to say, the participation and outcome of that meeting are nothing short of extraordinary and, when possible, additional developments and capabilities being created RIGHT NOW will be shared.

CONFIDENTIAL: One of the most outstanding current developments underway is exploration for the creation of resources which will lead to implementing a Global FUNdraising Concert to honor the family of President Barack Obama while donations are collected for NGOs within Kenya. This proposal was created by Dahim, ABC4All Mentor from Ghana, and to see such activities (along with so many others across the world) unfolding is both astonishing and heartwarming, totally consistent with WHAT THE WORLD NEEDS NOW: http://ABC4All.net/wtwnn.htm

All of the above sets the stage for what is to come. After all, is that not what ALL of us have been doing? Are you READY FOR MORE FUN?

Why is 2009 an important year? Join Water4All Project

MESSAGE to OBAMERICA and to a New wOrld


Where is ABC4All headed? Answer: A Knol has been created!
A Better Community for All (ABC4All), a virtual entity, encourages voluntary community empowerment through sharing of information.

Participants create their own activity/role and eventually discover an appropriate self-designation, all the while supporting Global Humanitarian Relief!

Preamble: http://ABC4All.net/preamble.htm

Begin to participate here: http://ABC4All.net/thanks.htm


To the Team of TEAMS, to the Co-Founders of Local ABC4All efforts and to all ABC4All Mentors and to all potential participants with ABC4All eCommerce:
PRELUDE: What if EVERY transaction you did both created a charitable contribution that is DOUBLED and, at the same time, generated Self-FUNding for you? Too good to be true? CLICK! here to see how this Dream is becoming a REALITY and/or READ ON BELOW!
First the PLANS:
As we update the ABC4All Collage Web Page http://ABC4All.net/collage.htm (as described below), we are simultaneously moving forward with regard to the keenly anticipated ABC4All eCommerce Division of ABC4All.
Briefly, the purpose of ABC4All eCommerce is to provide an Internet-based platform which, when used by participants from anywhere in the world, serves to fulfill the Mission of ABC4All:  Maximizing Charitable Contributions on and off the Internet™
When fully active, ABC4All eCommerce will lead to the establishment of the proposed ABC4All Millennium Endowment Fund (MEF) http://ABC4All.net/mef.htm to be used to MATCH/DOUBLE all charitable contributions in the future into Perpetuity, or The Legacy of ABC4All.
NOTE: No personal gain from anyone will be achieved from the profits of ABC4All eCommerce.  100% of all funds raised through this means will be returned to enhance and extend The Legacy of ABC4All, as described above.  The Legacy continues into the future indefinitely (perpetuity) regardless of who is involved in the administration of ABC4All and who founded or co-founded either Main ABC4All or Local ABC4All efforts around the world.  In short, the Legacy, once in place, will be an Internet-based capability open for anyone receptive to benefit from helping to improve conditions anywhere in the world such that there is created A Better Community for All (ABC4All).
http://flashpoetry.net/abc Through this means, HOPE is restored in the world: http://ABC4All.net/ftdth.htm
HOWEVER, by participating with ABC4All eCommerce, there will be not only built-in, automatically generated charitable contributions via each and every transaction that occurs, no matter how big or how small, but JUST BY CLICKING ANYWHERE ON ABC4All, participants will be contributing to their own ABC4All SELF-REWARDs.
What are ABC4All Self-Rewards?
The rewards include various methods for generating Self-FUNding4All.
Thus when you or anyone participates with ABC4All eCommerce, not only are charitable contributions generated, BUT also you simultaneously receive rewards that accumulate and generate Self-FUNding.
Why Self-FUNding?
So there will be no need to turn to others for financial support, but rather, all financial needs will be generated just because you participate with ABC4All eCommerce.
By participating with ABC4All eCommerce where 
DCAT's Online:  Directed Consumerism with Automatic "TechnoGiving"
Each participant generates accumulating ABC4All SELF-REWARDSwhich generate Self-FUNding4All™, helping to work towards financial independence, while at the same time, automatically generated charitable contributions are created with each transaction that occurs given to a charity of choice (or charities of choice) at no cost to the consumer
The privacy policy will be clearly stated so that anyone participating can rest assured that not only will there be maximum security for all such transactions, but that participants' information, including eMail Addresses and other identifying information will be held with strict adherence to anti-spam policies and there will be other clearly stated Internet security measures that will be described in full and always adhered to by ABC4All.
Second the UPDATE:

What good fortune it is, indeed, to have Pat / YUBUPA working with such outstanding support for ABC4All.  Pat was originally referred to us by Yuel Bhatti, ABC4All Peace Advocate who has since Co-Founded Local ABC4All / PAKISTAN.  Thus Pat created the moniker, "YUBUPA," based on the three names YUel - BUrt and PAt = YUBUPA.

The transition that has occurred since originally being referred to ABC4All by Yuel is another in a long series of examples of how people find their way as participants in ABC4All.

While Pat started out as ABC4All Video Information Specialist (ABC4AllVIS) and has done such extensive work providing a long series of "EasyLearning" videos that contribute to the future Library of Videos of ABC4All GlobiVersity, ABC4All School, etc., she has not stopped there.

Pat's heart sings out to us with messages of Peace, Light, Love and "DO NO HARM."

Pat's The ONENESSLOVE Foundation offers inspiring information collected from a unique vantage point in the world. http://theonenesslovefoundation.org

But most recently Pat made the decision to Co-Found Local ABC4All / CANADA.

The expansion of the "ABC4All in Collage" Web Page to include both the Team of TEAMS and the 9 Local ABC4All Co-Founders creates a strong indication of where ABC4All is headed, supplementing the "Knol" referenced below. 

Thus it is with a great deal of enthusiasm and joy to share Pat's work first with each of you involved on the Collage Page, and then beyond with all ABC4All Mentors indicating the great potential to continue ABC4All collective efforts in the quest for better living conditions in communities across the world, indeed, Better Communities for All!

Burton Danet, Ph.D.
Co-Founder, ABC4All

Where is ABC4All headed? Answer: A Knol has been created!


A Better Community for All (ABC4All), a virtual entity, encourages voluntary community empowerment through sharing of information.

Participants create their own activity/role and eventually discover an appropriate self-designation, all the while supporting Global Humanitarian Relief!

Preamble:  http://ABC4All.net

Begin to participate here:  http://ABC4All.net/thanks.htm