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Professional Photography More Interesting in Africa (See Pictures)

Hi All,

Just finished my trip in Limbe and took some pictures with the new SRL 15.1MP Canon camera. Hope you'll like them. The first website below is my photography website which is updated and you need to download adobe flash to view. Sorry if that will border you, but apart from that, you can view all the photos on the other links. I am waiting for your comments, advice or critics on the photos so I can learn more because I believe I still have more to work on as far as this camera is concern with its so many great functions.

AFRICAN PHOTOGRAPHY by Peter Njodzeka (Cameroon)

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to see Leonvan's (New Zealand) photostream

"For the past 20 years, I have produced lightboxes, sculptures, paintings and multi media installations that utilize reflective surfaces and colours that are often based on my continuing dialogue between my homeland and the Pacific. Currently I'm working on my Crosses, Windmills and Urban Trees Series. The distinctive nature of Urban Trees means they are unigue and by placing these rare trees in our environment we contribute to their survival."

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Chittagong; City Gate

I am Khondoker Ahammad Ali, cyclist of Dhaka Cycling Club. I have completed a tour of cycling around all the districts of my country, Bangladesh. Last 11th April I came to Dhaka after visiting all 64 districts.

NOTE: For any advice about touring Bangladesh, you can contact the BicycleTourist by e-Mail if you are touring for the first time. ABC4All Mentor Khondoker Ahammad Ali will be glad to answer your mail on behalf of ABC4All.

NOTE: This information contributed to the stimulation for the creation of an ABC4All FUNdraising Proposal for any local community:

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October 2007
Hi Joseph,
Your latest moving, touching account has been received.  Thank you so much for sharing.
Clearly what is needed is a separate page providing updates regarding your work. So by CLICKING HERE to read more about THE CURE PROJECT, visitors can be referred directly to further info/updates about your incredible work and desire to improve the lot in life of the children with whom you are and will be dealing.  Here, then, will be located your most current updates, as received, with the new pictures.
Thank you for sharing more as time goes on, and now there will be place where your info can be presented.
Again, thank you for your dedication and caring - a true model for what the world needs...

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DANCE across the world?
Burton Danet, Ph.D., Co-Founder, ABC4All
Creating "...the noise of a peaceful world."

Creating Local ABC4All Anywhere!

Joseph Lukwago, Uganda,
sends us some pictures of the birth of a special HOME:

Dear Burt,

As I had informed you, the materials for the home are in the process of being brought to the location where its going to be. I managed to get some pictures of the bricks of those that are already in the place and those that were being brought. I actually stayed over the weekend because work of bringing the bricks to the site was going on and so I decided to stay and assist mam. What we cant do now is bringing sand because it might be carried away by the rain. So once the rain reduces we will also be able to bring the sand and the concrete stones and other necessary building materials.

That Old house you see in the pictures is the house we are going to renovate for Joy for Humanity offices and so we want our home to be near our offices. So we have been using the school office for our Joy for Humanity offices and it has also been small but now we have that house that we are going to renovate to be our offices. I am trying to raise funds so that I will be able to renovate the house as our lovely home for the children is being finished. Once I get the funds, the old house will also look so nice and hence we will have a proper office for Joy for Humanity. So thats why the bricks are near that house because we want hour first home to be near our offices. That first home means alot and we need it near.

In the photo you will be seeing my mam and also some other person. He is called Lubega and he is assisting in the day to day work that takes place there.So we need him becuase he helps us in some manual work and he is very important as we get the home underway. So he will help us alot as the home is being built and also to assist monitor the home during the day and also at night. We built for him a small house near that place and so we need him to be there all the time.

Ending here for now. All the best in what you do.

Lukwago Joseph
Joy For Humanity
Kyazanga Modern Primary School
P.O Box 31708, Clock Tower
Kampala - Uganda
Mob: 256-752-657 813
Email: joseph(at)kyazanga(dot)org

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Greetings of Peace and love to all the members of ABC4all specailly in USA. I arrived in New York at 3:30 P.M. on 3rd Sept. 2007 to attend the DPI/NGO conference I am delgates member of the United Relgions Inisiative (URI) from Pakistan. From Yuel Bhatti (PAKISTAN)

More here: URI Group Addresses Climate Change at UN

Global Toast Image by Zach Komes, Founder, Youth for Change International (YFCI)

From Sean Amos:
"I had gone to a children's home here in Nairobi, called Hope House, am in love with kids and, in fact, am contemplating adopting one in a year's time."

submitted by Mazhar Iqbal Mazhar, Azad Kashmir, Pakistan

Submitted by Zach, Founder, Youth For Change International (YFCI)


The Waterfall represents change, the changing of the world. Each individual sprinkle of water (youth), from different cultures, different backgrounds, is flowing in the same direction. As corny as it might sound, a waterfall is a good way of representing changing the world. The sprinkles of water, each trying to change the world, flowing, giving an effort to make a difference in their world. We CAN make a difference.

Zach, Founder, Youth For Change International (YFCI)

Submitted by Sean, Kenya:
IT Pro, Youth Activist, Co-Founder Smiles International (World Scout Bureau-Africa Regional Office)

"Smokin' Lorry"

This is an original image/painting. I saw the smoking lorry somewhere in Eastern Kenya. I did the painting by computer graphics. The painting is of a lorry emitting lots of smoke into the air on a road in Kenya. I wanted to create awareness of the impact air pollution has on our environment and on our health thereby preventing us from achieving or reaching our maximum capabilities. Air pollution is a bigger issue than what people are made to believe, in the context that it affects our health, which is a major impediment to personal growth and development. Drastic measures should be taken to ensure that this issue is taken into consideration and handled with the urgency that it demands. This painting depicts a root cause of this problem.

Best regards,
Sean, Kenya