A Call To Peace - Broadcast Live on UStreamTV - September 19th

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September 19, 2009
at the
World Peace Sanctuary
Amenia, NY

Join us in PERSON at The World Peace Sanctuary
on September 19th at 11:00 am (USA EST)

It's simple!

Just log on to: A Call To Peace on UstreamTv
at the time of the event and you will be able have front row seats!

Click here for the World Time Converter

Visit The World Peace Prayer Society Web Site for More Information

Join us in spirit wherever you may be on this day!
The International Day of Peace

Prayers to Honor the Indigenous Peoples of North America

Prayers of Gratitude to Nature

Prayers for Peace to Prevail in all 50 States of America
and in every Country on Earth

Announcing the winners of the 12th Annual
Peace Pals International Arts Exhibition and Awards

Cultural entertainment and presentations
Guest Musicians and Performers
Chris Farrell
Nathan Mandracchia
Keizo Aoi
Peace is Possible Chorus
Mt. Fuji Choir from Japan
IchiFuji Kai Dance Association
Peace Parrots Baby, Merlin and Baby Peace-nik

May Peace Prevail On Earth

Special Guests

Michael Johnson, Pathways to Peace
Etaoqua, Mohican Nation
Co-celebrants from the Interfaith Community

May Peace Prevail On Earth

Indoor Peace Pole

The World Peace Prayer Society
Official Programs

The Peace Pole Project

Peace Pals International

The Global Link Teleconference

May Peace Prevail On Earth Alliance

The World Peace Prayer Society
at The World Peace Sanctuary
26 Benton Road
Wassaic, NY 12592
Tel: 845-877-6093
Fax: 845-877-6862

WPPS is an all inclusive, all embracing not-for-profit grass roots organization
associated with the Department of Public Information
at the United Nations. We do not have a political agenda nor are we a church.
May Peace Prevail On Earth is a registered trademark of
The World Peace Prayer Society.

It can be freely used to promote peace.
Please contact WPPS should you have marketing plans to use the Peace Message
for profit making business, trade or commerce.

Shop Peace to Spread Peace

May Peace Prevail On Earth May Peace Prevail On Earth

The International Day of Peace September 21st, 2009

The United Nations' International Day of Peace
marked every year on September 21
is a global holiday when individuals, communities, nations and governments
highlight efforts to end conflict and promote peace.

Learn more about the International Day of Peace

Include the Universal Message and Prayer
May Peace Prevail On Earth
in your Peace Day event!

The World Peace Prayer Society Supports
The Odyssey One Minute of Silence Campaign

On September 21, People all over the world will stop at high noon
and pray for peace for one minute - In their own way!


World Peace Prayer Society · 26 Benton Road · Wassaic · NY · 12592

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