From Thesis on Water

Water Treatment for the




Not So Distant Future






by Joshua Leibow

B.A., Psychobiological Medicine, University of California, Santa Cruz, CA




Plasma Activated Water (PAW)

1.      Bottled Water

a.       Higher levels of High pH water promotes healthier regenerating water

b.      Quicker hydration for daily living, athletes and sport enthusiasts

c.       More refreshing and better tasting water

2.      Medical Sterilization Cleaning Hospital equipment, materials and surgical instruments of infectious diseases is paramount to maintain medical cleanliness

3.      Agriculture Production and Processing of crops, dairy poultry, beef, and pork

a.       Improves plant and animal growth rates

b.      Eliminates / Reduces contaminants

c.       Extends fresh fruits and vegetables shelf life by 7 to 14 days

d.      Eliminates / Reduces bacteria and other contaminates in food processing

e.       Improves dairy herd milk production up to 28%

f.        Improves insecticide effectiveness Use less to achieve same results

4.      Industrial Sterilization Applications in many food processing and preparation plants can use the same procedures as hospitals and clinics in the elimination or reduction of bacteria, viruses, and other contaminates

5.      Manufacturing Any manufacturing company that needs water with a controlled pH, sterilization requirement or monomolecular water structure can benefit greatly by implementing this technology.

6.      Waste Water Treatment With the benefits of eliminating or greatly reducing bacteria, viruses and other harmful contaminants in water, this purification system could be used in many water treatment applications. With capabilities of purifying water at a rate of 100,000 gallons per hour, this technology offers a very cost effective means of waste water treatment

7.      Emergency Water treatment A mobile or stationary unit can be brought to any location. Areas that have polluted water as a result of an industrial accident or catastrophic weather conditions like floods, tornados, hurricanes or other emergencies with this system can produce potable water from any source immediately.