Plasma Activated Water (PAW)

Poised for Global Relief:  Cooperate and Maximize Giving!

Poised for Global Relief: Cooperate and Maximize Giving!Poised for Global Relief: Cooperate and Maximize Giving! (book)

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A Better Community for All (ABC4All): Global Humanitarian Relief for the entire world, people and the environment! All it takes is cooperation. You, too, together with ABC4All, can create opportunity that has never existed before: Matching / Doubling Charitable Contributions across the world into Perpetuity. Yes, forever! Not just for 15 minutes or an hour like on some fundraising efforts. Permanent DOUBLING of charitable contributions - that is the Legacy into Perpetuity of ABC4All!

A Better Community for All (ABC4All). Manhattan Beach, California, USA is embarking on "Global Humanitarian Relief." The "Relief" is based on a variety of advanced technologies of which we at ABC4All have been privileged and blessed to become aware.

One of the technologies is called, "Plasma Activated Water." 

In 03/2004, Burton Danet, ABC4All Co-Founder, was introduced by fellow Co-Founder, Robert Chew (Berkeley, California). to Hydro Enterprises, Inc. (HEI), a team of Russian physicist/engineers in Van Nuys, California and who had stumbled by accident upon the discovery of "Plasma Activated Water (PAW)."  Water had been used to cool down their high-heat plasma experiments.  The HEI Team went on to document, via a variety of scientific studies, dramatic benefits to plants, animals and the environment.  Later, extraordinary benefits began becoming unveiled with regard to human consumption. The CEO's grandson, after drinking this water at 9.5 pH, for example, is the only child in his school who NEVER gets sick. There are endless examples of such extraordinary benefits, with examples provided below.

PAW is a prototype in a laboratory ready to be brought to the world. Any source of water, polluted or not, can be put through the reactor (which can be run by a generator if there is no electricity) and produce not just potable water, but water that "Improves Health Maintenance (IHM):" David Gray, President of Huck-Fin Environmental Education (HFEE), states: "PAW is not a promise, it is a blessing."

The HEI Team is able to control the pH of the water produced, ranging from 2.5 pH (acidic) to 11.0 pH (alkaline).  The water exiting from the reactor is monomolecular with superior aborsability into cells of any type.  While the pH has been shown to be stable for more than a year, the fresh water with a negative Oxydation Reduction Potential (ORP) has a short term effect.  More information is available upon request.

HEI Team Validity studies, already conducted and documented by independent laboratory testing, show that 2.5 pH PAW is antiviral, antibacterial and therefore can be used for sterilization and disinfection (including via simple mist spraying).  Chicken coops, with the ever=present danger of Avian Flu, for example, can be rendered free of such contaminants by spraying the coops and the chickens with 2.5 pH PAW.  PAW kills Anthrax in 30 seconds.

The "Global Impact of Plasma Activated Water" together with "The Uses of PAW" illustrate what the ABC4All Global Humanitarian Relief will offer the world.  ABC4All thus plans to make a true difference for the world at large to become a place that will be better for all: A world that is inhabitable, not inhospitable; a world, we have discovered, where unimagined "Health Heights" can be reached via the "Path of Eight Petals;" a world where the healing powers of Plasma Activated Water (PAW) will spread untold beneficence with increased coping abilities upon so many who are suffering, whether from physical illness, emotional debilitation, oppression from decreasing ability to deal with environmental hazards, etc.; a world where those who allow PAW into their life will contribute to the diversion of untold monies being spent on waters that do not support health maintenance, on chemicals that are not needed, on health care costs that can be eliminated, on vaccines that may become obsolete, on medications that may be obviated, etc.

A Thesis on Plasma Activated Water (PAW), "Water Treatment of the Not So Distant Future," by Joshua Leibow, describes the USES OF Plasma Activated Water (PAW):

1. Bottled Water

a. Higher levels of High pH water promotes healthier regenerating water

b. Quicker hydration for daily living, athletes and sport enthusiasts

c. More refreshing and better tasting water

2. Medical Sterilization – Cleaning Hospital equipment, materials and surgical instruments of infectious diseases is paramount to maintain medical cleanliness

3. Agriculture – Production and Processing of crops, dairy poultry, beef, and pork

a. Improves plant and animal growth rates

b. Eliminates / Reduces contaminants

c. Extends fresh fruits and vegetables shelf life by 7 to 14 days.

d. Eliminates / Reduces bacteria and other contaminants in food processing.

e. Improves dairy herd milk production up to 28%.

f.. Improves insecticide effectiveness -- Use less to achieve same results.

4. Industrial Sterilization – Applications in many food processing and preparation plants can use the same procedures as hospitals and clinics in the elimination or reduction of bacteria, viruses, and other contaminates

5. Manufacturing – Any manufacturing company that needs water with a controlled pH, sterilization requirement or monomolecular water structure can benefit greatly by implementing this technology.

6. Waste Water Treatment – With the benefits of eliminating or greatly reducing bacteria, viruses and other harmful contaminants in water, this purification system could be used in many water treatment applications. With capabilities of purifying water at a rate of 100,000 gallons per hour, this technology offers a very cost effective means of waste water treatment

7. Emergency Water treatment – A mobile or stationary unit can be brought to any location. Areas that have polluted water as a result of an industrial accident or catastrophic weather conditions like floods, tornadoes, hurricanes or other emergencies with this system can produce potable water from any source immediately.


Burton/Marsha Danet, Manhattan Beach, California:

Self-described as a "Walking Miracle Couple," the Danets have rejuvenated from severe, life-altering automobile accidents in a fashion never thought possible.  Since consuming PAW, not only have the Danets achieved "unimaginable health heights," but they have since experienced "Improvements Upon Improvements" and, more recently, have recognized through "Benchmark Comparisons" that they now can do in life many, many activities from which they had been sorely restricted.  They chose to write an "open letter of gratitude" to the HEI Team.  The letter contains details of the nature of their improvements. 

Joshua Liebow, Los Angeles, California (currently studying in Israel): 

"I am grateful to have been let in on one of the greatest discoveries known to the technological world today. We blame the byproducts of technology for polluting our planet, but yet again technology has provided us with a cheap and effective solution to clean up the mess it caused. What I speak of is known as Plasma Activated Water. The plasma technology energizes the water to such a state that it releases the contaminants diffused in it. Then it is electrolyzed and split into Alkaline and Acidic water. The alkaline water is incredibly delicious to drink and I feel its power in my body. I feel lighter, more energized and all around healthier.
"I am not afraid of eating poorly and I am not afraid of being surrounded by pollution because, with this water, I feel it bathe and cleanse my cells from anything that does not serve my body. The acidic water is also potent in its own way. It sterilizes any surface from harmful bacteria and gives me confidence to know that there is a way to clean without using harmful chemicals..."

David Gray, San Diego, California:

"Plasma Activated Water (PAW) is not a promise. It is a blessing."

"This water (Plasma Activated Water), I know, is the start of an evolution for all of us and the rest of the world, eventually. We have been blessed and given all we need to take care of ourselves, if we choose to allow the truth to be shared and cared for. There are many more incredible, but sensible and natural cures for all that ails us....different PH factored water for all types of applications, super concentrated greens and vegetables, Flor-Essence tea and many more...they all hold the keys of cures, longevity, cleansing and quality life for today's world."

Following a serious car accident, David underwent very serious neurosurgery on his neck. Dave  received 20 gal of PAW to help him prepare and another 20 gallons to recover from the surgery.  He describes the use of the water in his recovery to Bob Chew, ABC4All Co-Founder.  Dave can be reached at 858-279-2172 for further information. He describes his experience with PAW as follows: 

 "Through an extensive surgery, the bone spur and herniated disc were removed,  and replacements were put in, attached, screwed down and, hopefully, secured for the rest of my life. The surgeon said, after surgery, that during the surgery, when they actually saw the problems up close, if I had made one really wrong move I could have easily killed or paralyzed myself for life. He also said "After 275 of these kinds of procedures, I have never seen a worse case."... WHEW!! So I was blessed again...and again, now, with this prayer circle that you have included me in, my friend. I, of course, am recovering from a pretty heavy situation." 

"But, boy I am finally taking deep breaths and truly feel like I'm working towards the point of being stronger. Sweet Burt and Marsha Danet made the trip down to me and brought me 20 gallons of Plasma Activated Water  and a special, healing mattress pad and have arranged for me, to have "Immune 26" for the first month, or so, through a grant donation from "The Grady Foundation". I've been drinking PAW, and when I have slacked off or not remembered, I sure could feel the difference. Complications and different feelings of pain and unbalance would start to set in and I would rush, as fast as I could rush, under the circumstances, to down PAW and would almost immediately feel the difference. I'm so blessed to have the support, care and prayers from all of you, who truly care. I'm so, not alone. I'm very tired now and must return to complete rest. So, take good care and know I am OK and in good hands, including yours.  God Bless..." 

Robert Gordon, Colorado, USA

When he first had access to PAW, Robert was taking 19 medications.  Three were for the side effects of one of the medications.  After about 5 days drinking PAW, he reduced his medications to about 7, including the fact that the side effects of the one medication had totally disappeared and 3 medications used to control such side effects could be eliminated.

Christine Farlow, D.C., San Diego, California

Consumption of PAW has significantly reduced muskuloskeletal pain and has given her increased energy.  Her 11-year-old daughter states PAW helps her "run faster:"  "I look forward to drinking PAW because I want to run faster. I also look forward to drink PAW because it makes me less sleepy."

Pam Smetka, Phoenix, Arizona

Pam has revealed that PAW has enabled her to sleep through the night without waking up to take steroid inhalers for a breathing condition multiple times as is usually the case.

Ellie Kaplan, Torrance, California

Ellie states that PAW has relieved severe, debilitating pain.  It is as if I have a new lease on life.  Since drinking the PAW, I have reduced soda consumption, and I hope soon to eliminate it altogether.  My breathing difficulties have improved, even though my enviroment with many allergens has not changed (I live near a marsh).  I have much more energy.

Lynn Atnip, San Diego, Calfornia

Since drinking PAW, a skin condition on my ankles, legs and arms - some considered precancerous - has totally disappeared in about 3 weeks' time of drinking the water - about a glass or 2 a day.  My lungs (breathing difficulties) have improved.  The higher pH seems to eliminate the tendency to get colds.  This water has assisted with weight loss - it hydrates better, and I do not have cravings any long for sugar like I used to.  This has assisted me in losing weight, not just eliminating colds.  I have also been using it as an ingredient in protein shakes.  It seems to help delivery of the ingredients to the body and seems to make them more bioavailable.

There are many other examples that can be offered upon request.


Burton Danet, Ph.D.

Co-Founder, ABC4All

Dual Global Citizen (DGC)

Unofficial Spokesperson,
Hydro Enterprises, Inc.

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