Plasma Activated Water (PAW)



for Burton Danet


Continuing and Expanding Benefits of PAW Consumption

01/06 Current Evaluation by Treating Doctor since 1995

02/06 Improvement Upon Improvements

eased muskuloskeletal pain

facial actinic keratoses (a precancerous skin condition related to sun exposure) have healed with a cure never before possible with traditional medical/dermatological treatment (freezing of lesions with liquid nitrogen).

more energy, a sense of greater health and wellness

an overall ability to increase exercise tolerance, activity level and intensity generally.

With regard to muskuloskeletal complaints, the water consumption appeared to facilitate an improvement in motor functioning allowing first for the introduction of a walking exercise program.

As time passed, there was a distinctly noticeable greater ease of walking. Longer periods of such walking exercise also became possible.

the soft tissue mobilization treatment was proving very successful, especially following the introduction of PAW.

loss of the appearance of any intermittent nasal stuffiness and/or throat phlegm that seemed to be related to an allergic response either to foods consumed or to the environment.

It was as if the addition of PAW to one’s diet was the equivalent of adding a high-quality "internal lubricant" which was able to permit greater ease of movement and significant reduction in pain, despite existing injuries.


every medical diagnosis has been reversed.

I no longer have Fibromyalgia

I no longer have required surgeries to excise basal cell carcinomas that developed on my forehead, originating from actinic keratoses

Glaucoma after a stroke in 11/2003. The most recent visit to the ophthalmologist confirmed the readings were back to normal

Maximum Predicted Heart Rate up to 120 beats per minute. I have not been able to reach that rate, even with "power walking" at a fast pace with a significant sweat breaking out. Typically after such a walk my heart rate is 110 and blood pressure readings around 125/69.

After a month on Supreme Greens with PAW the cholesterol came down to 189, confirming it was NOT in my genes.

The neurologist stated it was atypical that such a positive finding as a brain infarct would disappear from subsequent MRI results.

Benign Prostatic Hypertrophy or BPH - no longer take med, only Saw Palmetto

Benefits accumulate over time - seem to build on one another.

Power walking, unbelievable stamina, high level of activity. Superior concentration, think more clearly, work at computer incredibly efficiently including doing Medical Transcription which is highly detailed work that must be perfect.

I have healed with application of 9.5 pH or 2.5 pH:

- a stove burn on R arm

- a lesion following excision of an actinic keratosis from left forearm

- cuts on L leg from a metal chair leg

- shaving cuts etc.

Use 2.5 pH for aftershave, better quality skin etc. (no creams)

01/06 Evaluation by Treating Doctor:  Absence of pain from known and previously diagnosed muskuloskeletal injuries ordinarily leading to further degeneration and symptoms (pain) termed "miraculous"

02/06 Medical Evaluation (reversal of Benign Prostatic Hypertrophy)

02/06 Results of comprehensive blood analysis - all normal including cholesterol, duplicating normal finding of 10/04.


We go for walks (0.6 mile round trip regularly) - her gait and stance are more aggressive than she has been able to do for years.

Recovery following a recent bout of sciatica which kept her bedridden for several months is greater than prior to this bout of sciatica.

She has taken care of external lesions also.

Recent sore throat gone in record time by gargling with 2.5 pH water

When get any illness like food poisoning - immediate regurgitation and no follow up residual

Her low back used to be swollen, inflamed, tight with obvious muscle spasm, clearly protruding and hot to the touch.  Now her low back is soft, supple, flat, not raised in temperature, and seemingly "normal" despite the continued existence of documented herniations, etc. via MRI


Reduction from 19 meds to 7 meds after less than a week on PAW

Eliminated 3 meds used for GERD or gastroesophageal reflux disease (side effect from Fosamax)

Normalize Blood Pressure

Better hydration for someone with throat cancer

Better quality of life for end-of-life terminal patient

Reversal of kidney infection not responding to antibiotics after 2 months of PAW

pH 5.0 --> wasting syndrome, fibromyalgia, hurting, limping,may have been dying --> reversed completely, back to normal state of health with assistance of health professionals.

Quick healing of hand burn by a baker/chef with 2.5 pH combined with aloe vera

From Josh Liebow, Author, "The Water Drop Story:"

I am grateful to have been let in on one of the greatest discoveries known to the technological world today. We blame the byproducts of technology for polluting our planet, but yet again technology has provided us with a cheap and effective solution to clean up the mess it caused. What I speak of is known as Plasma Activated Water. The plasma technology energizes the water to such a state that it releases the contaminants diffused in it. Then it is electrolyzed and split into Alkaline and Acidic water. The alkaline water is incredibly delicious to drink and I feel its power in my body. I feel lighter, more energized and all around healthier.

I am not afraid of eating poorly and I am not afraid of being surrounded by pollution because, with this water, I feel it bathe and cleanse my cells from anything that does not serve my body. The acidic water is also potent in its own way. It sterilizes any surface from harmful bacteria and gives me confidence to know that there is a way to clean without using harmful chemicals...

From Dave Gray, President, Huck-Fin Environmental Education (HFEE):

This water ( Plasma Activated Water), I know, is the start of an evolution for all of us and the rest of the world, eventually. We have been blessed and given all we need to take care of ourselves, if we choose to allow the truth to be shared and cared for. There are many more incredible, but sensible and natural cures for all that ails us....different PH factored water for all types of applications, super concentrated greens and vegetables, Flor-Essence tea and many more...they all hold the keys of cures, longevity, cleansing and quality life for today's world.


Now that I have been reading the Nobel Peace Price work of two scientists I can more sucinctly describe what PAW and Electrolysis Water can accomplish in a future test of 100 eople... We must assume that water is not water that we take for granted.

Water that moves along a protein channel that has been described by Nobel Peace Prize scientists as critical to the movement of water along a given path. This smart protein channel is linked to telling whether water can go out or in in any given biological moment of thirst for each and every cell as well as for each and every organ that is compromised...when there is a 1% dehydration in the brain, the body says it must have the first sip in the day go straight to the brain....when the kidneys are working on overdrive, the body says it must be able to give off more toxins from the body by facilitating the urination that is so important to detox the kidneys and the body simultaneously...when the colon needs to be hydrated once or twice each day, the body elimination is essential to pass waste out of the bowel areas. Imagine that 2,000 functions are moderated by protein channels that will tell it when to move water from the gut to the essential organs and parts that need to pass ionically and when to bring nutrients into the hungry and growing cells that get flexed during exercise, via the lymphatic system, etc.

My testimony with PAW and with Electrolysis water that is characterized by these scientific terms is also called functional water, structured water, water that is enhanced with vitamins and minerals and in a balanced water formulae, also water that is "reduced water" in nos. of molecules per cluster of water, vs. water from the tap which generally too large a congregation of molecules numbering from 15 to 36 molecules to a cluster of water to monomolecular that has been exposed to PAW or Plasma Activated Water, water that has been reduced in molecular clusters to sometimes even single file or monomolecular with about 7-8 clusters stringed together.

This testimony is in the wake of still other types of restructured water that is harmonized with other frequencies to tell the body to let this water pass on through to the essential cells, and tissue that need the hydration througout the entire body from the brain to the tip of ones toes...

I believe with the over 500 hours of research that I have reviewed and experienced with over 55 plus researchers and entrepreneurs who know water properties, some even better than top scientists in laboratory environments to fight cancer, diabetes, and heart disease, that our types of top ten water is among the world's very best.

This testimony can be backed by research papers and phone calls to certain scientific communities all spread throughout the United States and in possession of other top reseach people that are presently conducting studies in geriatrics, integrated medicine and in future stem cell research.