New Year Wish and Special Video by YUBUPA!

We Wish You All a Happy New Year 2009

Another video by YUBUPA!
Namaste' everyone
The year is ending and New year is beginning and I do not think we can start anything new in new year with old souls, old habits.
We need to look inside deep and look for what is sacred what is important for us ..
I have worked last 12 mths with different people, different cultures and different NGOs and i realized that the world needs a big change and we cannot change  the world if we do not change ourselves and our daily lives .. and to be our own prisoners..
The games of old no longer work, and quite frankly, the reason why they never worked was because many of our  societies and cultures have conditioned us  to react and respond, rather than be and be pure, transparent, and genuine with all of your intentions...
I have faced that last weeks deeply and I realized that there are alot more to be done ..
My work is to be thanked to many many friends who give me real LOVE and FRIENDSHIP...
In this new relationships on Earth, we can have more open telepathic communication, more of a "knowing" that does not need words to be expressed, and more of a spiritual relationships...
 Typically, chaos and discord seem to precede new found clarity and resolution. Many of the relationships we may  have had in the past seemed to require "vows" – forever. In this new view, the relationships will allow for personal freedom on all levels. "Faithfulness" will come from one's genuine heartfelt desire to be with us , rather than a legally imposed order – that as you may surmise, has not really worked in our societies anyway but sadly  still going on in many Cutures where people are just there in such relationships and still not happy innerly .
And I would say I am lucky to work with many who are awaken on all levels and i  do not need to keep secrets or wishes  from each other, because we literally are able to read the other person's mind.. Thank You Guys, that was fun to work with you all
All is motivated by pure love.

Being that our essence is pure love,as we  are awakening to our highest expression of Self, and are more consciously becoming one with Divine Source, so naturally as we become more conscious or awakened, our physical life, and relationships are naturally going to follow suit and go new ways .This is a positive awakening  as we chose to come into this world of form to awaken on all levels, to know that we are not, nor could we ever be separated from Divine Source, so we will begin to experience more of a pure, unconditional love for all.       

We are being seriously squeezed now from every direction. This can cause feelings of great apathy about our work, our futures, and even the effectiveness of what we believed we were here to do and create. As a part of our ego selves begin a rapid depart, we may feel that nothing much of us is in charge or in the know. But feeling apathetic and not caring anymore has always been a continual phase of the ascension process and it always passes. 

 With all this occurring at once, we are literally being pushed into connecting to one another. We know now more than ever before that we can no longer go it alone. We absolutely must come together.

 Finally , would like to say that  i have never seen the ones i am working together with  and still we can work with each other without saying much words and am thankful to such relationships as most of them have reached the  highest level of consciousness are already connecting to each other without  forced relationships or vows   and I am thankfuk  to have such friends..and such connections..Thank You Guys!
It was an honor to work with you all
And hope this goes on for next 100 years  :)
And thank you for this wonderful year
and may you have a wonderful new year 2009
here is ur new year present :)
love,light, trust, hope and peace

Don't walk in front of me, I may not follow.
Don't walk behind me, I may not lead.
Walk beside me and be my friend.

The Heart Creates Oneness
The mind creates division
The Spirit RETURNS us to Wholeness

When I stand before God at the end of my life,
I would hope that I would not have a single bit of talent left, and could say,
"I used everything you gave me".