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A message of thanks from the Nkuv community to their biosand fitler donors,
Thirst Relief International - USA and LWDG-Cameroon

Including to

Peter Njodzeka, Founder/Director LWDG-Cameroon

Global Angel Peter Njodzeka courtesy Clarita Zarate

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We, the entire Nkuv community, highly appreciate you for this marvelous gift, (biosand filters) and wish you go ahead till you round the whole world. We taught you gave us the sand filters not knowing that you gave us the sand filters with a hospital. Our Nkuv is motorable, though we always have a vehicle comes and go back, and we happen to have a sick person, we are obliged to carry him or her to the hospital, and it always happen three to four times per month . sincerely speaking, after Thirst Relief International brought us the sand filters, we have never carried any sick person for this good number of years which means the proverb which says an “apple a day keeps the doctor away not very true it ought to be an apple and clean water keeps the doctor far away.

We the people of Nkuv really thank the Thirst Relief International for anything good must not be testified by one man. So we are very much happy to see the whole world enjoying this source of spiritual water together with us.

We hereby want to inform you of our second project after the filters, the pipe borne water that is almost half way gone and we are using it at the moment, and we want to thank you once more for you have opened our way, we fetch water now from the stand pipe to sand filter before drinking.

Because of you, we are healthy

Because of you, we are saved

Because of you, we can smile,

Because of you, we are proud

Because of you, we save time and money

Because of you, our children are healthy

Because of you, our children can go to school on time

Because of you, our lives have changed

Because of you, our health has improved

Because of you, our community is and because of you, the world is a better place to live in


Long live Nkuv community

Long live life and water development group Cameroon

Long live Thirst Relief International

Long live United States of America

Long live Cameroon


Thank you very much

Nkuv Community

Nkuv Football Finals Results and Photographs
Hi All,Happy to announce the results of the Nkuv Water Project Football Competition 2009, organized by Peter Njodzeka, founder of Life and Water Development Group - Cameroon and AfricanPhotography.

The third price went to Rosang Quarter, Second price to Ndzen Dui Quarter and the first price went to Bamdzeng. Bamdzeng is winning this trophy for their second time and the second time organizing this competition as well. Prizes were also given to the best player, best team, highest goal scorer, best goal keeper, best refree, all the refree, best lanceman, best delegate.

The photographs attached shows the event and Bamdzeng is the team in green and Ndzen Dui in red and dark blue.

Hope you enjoy watching the pictures.

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