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Background to the Path of Eight Petals

Robert Chew, ABC4All Co-Founder,

Originator, Path of Eight Petals


Scientists know and understand that as long as one continues to "increase cellular communications with the cells, and return as many of them back to some state of normalcy:  i.e., fluids and toxins and cell waste products are moving to and from most, if not all, new cell walls, then there is nourishment going in, and waste being eliminated, to and through the bloodstream. Then healthier cells lead to healthy tissue that can now respond to as near normal cell function..."


The breakdown of communications to cells and the blockage of fluid, nutrients and the all important pH of the blood, the healthy tissue, etc., need to get back to forms of homeostasis...


In our investigations of the newest types of water now available, with its ability to create homeostasis, it is a tremendous tool to combat abnormality of all types; thus the return to some normalcy of cell function is increased with such water... the laden rich electrons are a bonus to the highly proton laden sick cells...


It is described, for example, that cancer cells are over-laden with positively charged cells and a flood of electrons that prevents the robbing of electrons from healthy cells and is tantamount to what "free radicals" have been charged with during a sick period of peoples' lives. 


It is believed that the above applies to major health challenges in that for any such communications taking place, whether to sick or to healthy cells, such communications are all necessarily related. Balance (homeostasis) must be restored for healthy cells to prevail.  Alternative therapies are available to assist those faced with health challenges.


The humanitarian efforts of those who will join forces to bring better health to the world include possible mutual efforts with ABC4All, Inc./The Foundation of A Better Community For All (non profit). The aim is to create a focus that can make a difference.


New water related therapies and the proven benefits of alkalinization of one’s diet for balancing the pH of the people we are trying to help – these methods of assistance combined -- can be offered now. To this end, there will be the creation of new entities as well as an alignment with existing humanitarian projects.


The Path of Eight Petals relates to any nation in the world so much in need of the assistance we know is now possible to provide.




Robert “Bob” Chew

Vice President for Business Development and Diversity for ABC4All

Business Planner for a number of for profit clients in Health Areas, including clinics for Native Americans

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