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A CELEBRATION OF ONENESS: Precious 50 Minutes!

Building Blocks for Better Communities (B3C):

"Words Never Heard Before"

by Robert "Bob" Chew and Burton Danet, Ph.D. (B2B)

Co-Founders, ABC4All


2:00 p.m. (handed as come in) Please write down your answer, in 1-2 sentences, "What would make your community better for all?" If you want to have updates from ABC4All leave your card or write down your contact info: Name, address, phone numbers, email address (Answers collected as people leave at end of session)


BRIEF INTRO BY BOB: Invitation to visit us at ABC4All Booth etc.

ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS BY BURT: To Colleen Cackowski and Team COO and all who make this possible - others too numerous to mention.

2:10 - 2:15 p.m. IMPORTANCE OF WATER for the world: http://abc4all.net

What's difficult with the world?

Flash Poetry Website: A Better Community for All (Final Frontier?) - words spoken by BD with background music from the FP website: http://flashpoetry.net/abc

Play the "video from stills:" Healing Music by RAA - SOUL BIRTH - courtesy Dr. David Randle, Global Healing


Is there any hope?

2:15 - 2:20 p.m. BD speaks the words: "From the Dark to HOPE:" With words on the screen: http://www.takingitglobal.org/express/panorama/article.html?ContentID=6916


2:20 - 2:45 Open Discussion involving the audience of What is Pending for the World: ABC4All HEALING MODE for the World (ABC4AllHMW): The Two Questions - "What does ONENESS mean to you?" and "What would make your personal community better for all?" ABC4All aims to help provide basis for ability to answer both of those questions.


Thank you all for being here today.


Here's to A Better Community for All!


Burt Danet: http://abc4all.net/resume.htm

Bob Chew: http://abc4all.net/rcresume.htm

Who is Bob Chew? http://abc4all.net/bc.htm


Below this line will appear on the internet, also not spoken during the 50': http://abc4all.net/mwnhb.htm


"B2B Position Dialogue"

By Bob Chew and Burt Danet, Co-Founders, ABC4All

"History, Collaborative Development and Declaration of Beliefs / Statement of Principles

by Robert "Bob" Chew and Burton Danet, Ph.D."

Total presentation "Precious 50 Minutes" on 12/10/2006

from 2:00 p.m. Pacific Standard Time till 2:50 p.m.


The Most Profound Music to my ears are the inaudible sounds and frequencies that heal the person, their soul, and their core being. Much of the music of Robert Anthony Aviles has represented such an artist and healer at the same time that people are entertained. Some find their best works in poetry, art, and music, I will find my best works in the projects that resonate with the World and that is to help build a better community for all: http://www.abc4all.net

Interests: My newest project is to help build communities that will assist many causes to be self-sustaining. As word of mouth ideas get shared, one, two or three others will be investigating the e-Jia International Global Mall and deciding if they wish to buy a product and support projects all around the world. This is exciting and a legacy to leave behind. Many already know of the water projects that make a difference in personal and family health. Tomorrow it is all about creating teams that will bring this water to the Olympics in 2008 and beyond.


In 02/07, it will be 9 years that we have been so carefully and deliberately working diligently together. With the cooperation of an increasingly large group of people, we have been constructing a new entity for the world: "A Better Community for All (ABC4All)." So much of what has evolved has not been by intention. Rather it is more like a natural unfolding of what then, as it turns out, seems so right. Some refer to such developments as serendipity; some cite a higher being; some cite an inner spirit. "Flying Spirits" symbolized by doves seems to fit the bill perfectly. So anyone in the world - regardless of where they live or what their personal persuasions - can decide to become an "ABC4All Dual Global Citizen (DGC)." Doing so will create a community across the world of those who will join with all the flying spirits who will be acquiring and sharing information about opportunities in living which have not existed before. July 7, 2007 at 07:07:07 is a marking point. As we count down to that point in time and move on with a vibrant new alternative in living, we can raise our voices in a healing song. We can listen to music that heals. We can raise our arms and breathe deeply. We can be entertained and have FUN while we FUNdraise for worthwhile causes worldwide. We can help SELF-FUND people, groups and nonprofits/NGOs so there will be no shortage of support where it is needed. Most importantly, we can allow our spirits to soar with a better future and better communities for all. Thank you, Bob, for so much devotion and integrity in all that you do to help make the world a better place for all.


In my last 4-5 years of concentrated effort... I have to state that most of what we do or RJC Consolidated does independent and together with ABC4All is the common thread of what has become a recurring quote from inventor: Thomas Edison:

"The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will involve the patient in the proper use of food, fresh air and exercise."

I am beholden to YOU, Burt for keeping the light lit for the candle of tomorrow...when I have to leave the front room to go to work in the back office of my space...I know that you have carried the torch so stewardly in ways that I will not try to compare or compete...The magic has been a series of tried and true paths that seem to reconnect us to so many synergistic folks on all the continents of the world.

Much kudos to your stamina and untiring contacts made on almost any given day or time of the year, the month or the day or hour...which stimulated to me the chosen date to herald the many days of our mutual and separate missions...the suggested water to help you and Marsha and the suggested links that we share rapidly with one another from day to day.

So much has transpired, it was like yesterday that we were negotiating with others that could be a health cause to fry our champion story and to tell it like it is, or was. so here Burt, my hats off to a comrade in the wings who said he could not attend the rigors of IBI Global, but yet you can outperform anybody I know personally in going after this or that for the next payout goal...----most likely not without goals for money but the quality of the contact.

I rest my case for now, great talking and walking in the shoes of someone who has had to endure extreme pains and to deal with doctors who tell you to the contrary...here is the better way and to stop trying to get healthy other ways than with traditional medicine.

God Bless you Burt...we can move mountains together and rebuild countries with teams of visionaries and teams of implementors, ready and willing to learn of the other's agenda and causes for the world. Ponder no more, we have arrived on December 9 and 10th of the closing weeks in the year, 2006.


We are not doctors, Bob, but we share information that allows Thomas Edison's prediction to be verified.

The rightness of such activity is borne out by its results. In short, if it works, go for it. The principle of parsimony cites the "preference for the least complex explanation for an observation." http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Principle_of_parsimony

Occam's Razor

one should not increase, beyond what is necessary, the number of entities required to explain anything


Occam's razor is a logical principle attributed to the mediaeval philosopher William of Occam (or Ockham). The principle states that one should not make more assumptions than the minimum needed. This principle is often called the principle of parsimony. It underlies all scientific modelling and theory building. It admonishes us to choose from a set of otherwise equivalent models of a given phenomenon the simplest one. In any given model, Occam's razor helps us to "shave off" those concepts, variables or constructs that are not really needed to explain the phenomenon. By doing that, developing the model will become much easier, and there is less chance of introducing inconsistencies, ambiguities and redundancies.


In training as a psychologist I was repeatedly exposed to the concepts of "Follow the evidence where it leads."

It appears we have done just that.

I could not be more grateful to a collaborator who never leaves a stone unturned.


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