The following is an email exchange with Yuel Bhatti (Pakistan):

THE SEEDS OF LOCAL ABC4All Efforts have been sewn. Let them GERMINATE. Let them GROW and FLOURISH. When we meditate for ONE MINUTE, let us feel/express the DEEPEST OF APPRECIATION FOR WHAT HAS BEEN MADE POSSIBLE.

Dear Burt,
I do not have such words to say to you, thanks. This mail from you is thrilling, touching and inspiring for humanitarian relief. Your encourgment gave new enthusiasm, zeal and spirit. The asscociation with you, really is amazing and always setting New Goals in my life to create ONENESS, Dedication and thinking for suffering community always. 
Although in different countries different kinds of challenges will exist -- unrest, law and order situations, poverty, political instabilty and a cloud of terrorism -- whereas we do not know what will be happening any time and anywhere.
I have  great vision to launch Local ABC4All at Lahore Pakistan. Maybe I could not manage all of what I thought, but it will be unique. Your support, prayers and Blessings are always encourging us.
No doubt YUBUPA is a great additon in ABC4All. She is really blessing for us. It is our luck to dig out a shinimg pearl!  God has Blessed us with her abundant talents and gifts, and she is doing alot for Humanitarian Relief. God Bless her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! abundantly! 
Thanks for postng the One-Minute Meditation on my page - it is a great encourgment.  Let all ABC4all Mentors join hands in meditation. You may please also write from your side to all mentors.
Respectfully and gratefully always,
Yuel Bhatti
Hi Again Yuel,
It seems reasonably safe to say that you, like myself, will be in DEEP APPRECIATION for the TREMENDOUS SUPPORT that is being generated by our dear friend and great talent, YUBUPA.  It's YOU who referred her !
So, given that, we have #1 and #2 on your SPECIAL DAY 5/1/08 covered EXQUISITELY in VIDEOs as I have already said to Yubupa, now the last possibility is she will come up with a third (final) video that might be appropriate for ANY Local ABC4All effort but will be FIRST seen with the MODEL that you are creating for Local ABC4All / PAKISTAN which includes THREE components:
1.  Global Love Day (can be celebrated any time).
2.  One-Minute Meditation (can occur ANY time)
3.  Local ABC4All / ??????? in this case PAKISTAN.
This model YOU are creating can become the MODEL for ANY Local ABC4All across the world, and we can move forward without waiting for a volunteer to come along and create the flash websites.
The priority is helping to encourage the creation of Local ABC4All Efforts, and with that in mind, what YOU Have done for PAKISTAN is outstanding and EASY to follow for ANY local effort. 
SO, in addition to the email announcing YOUR PAKISTAN developments, we will consider creating ANOTHER email that says that ANY MENTOR ANYWHERE can follow suit and do the same as you have done, thereby removing ANY BARRIERS to the launch of any ABC4All Local Effort anywhere in the world.
It can be ONE person.
It can be a small group.
It can be a village.
It can be a community.
It can be a region.
It can be an NGO.
It can be an area within a city or village.
It can be a county.
It can be a country.
It can be a continent. 
The point is IT IS UP TO THE MENTOR (S) involved to decide what it is they want to create for their Local ABC4All and then to discover how they, alone or together, will proceed to create NEW OPPORTUNITIES which have never existed before and which can help improve local conditions and contribute to better world conditions.
All is in place.
All that is needed is the desire on the part of Mentors to implement and cooperate.

Ready to CLICK! and let your virtual eyes/ears/mind explore and help create Global Humanitarian Relief?