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SAVE CHILDREN NOW HAS THE POTENTIAL TO UNIFY THE WORLD for those willing to make the world a peaceful, SAFE, "global community" in which to live for people everywhere. --Burton Danet, Ph.D., ABC4All Co-Founder  

bringing "Potential for Cultural Unity" to the world via an humanitarian goal: 

The ABC4All Bridge of Relief™ into Perpetuity, an ABC4All Dream Realized!

GOAL DATE:  July 7, 2007!

Do you see the
Angel in the Waterfall
(ABC4All Bridge of Relief)?

Welcome to the New Era.
We are "strangers strangely related," that's for sure.   But the "strangeness" quickly disappears when there is such a ONENESS Movement that is forming now all over the world.  We who become DGC will, together, form a community unlike any which has existed in the world, and then will have the means to do what each and every member feels is in the interest of children of all ages all over the world.  It is as if each child were your own.
While one might view this worldwide movement as a daunting task, with globalization clearly taking hold and with the growing communities such as TIG and others, to include DGC, it would seem that the people all over the world will quickly take their place and participate from anywhere in the NEW ERA.
When we watched the New Millennium Celebrations in Every Time Zone in the World, it was clear that it was and is possible for the world to allow itself, for a moment, to celebrate in a UNITY that exists across all the DIVERSITY, so if this can happen then, it can happen now and again in the future, into perpetuity.  Thus the ONENESS Movement has a clear place now in history.  What will unfold with the "flying spirits" of all DGC will contribute to the difference that each wants to make locally, nationally and globally.
So our task now, simply, is to spread the world.  Mentors all - that is who DGC are.  TIG helped us rehearse and get ready.  Now the REAL task is upon us.
The task of sharing with others that the world can, indeed, be a better place for all now and into the future is in front of us.  Alarming and frightening global trends CAN and WILL be arrested, while peace and productivity can abound.  The first time round "Global Outreach! (GO!)" did not quite make it, but this time there is every indication for success and realization of respective goals.
If anyone had been present at the historic meeting among ABC4All, The Giving Card and Global Loyalty on the morning of 12/29/06, they would have heard a repeated phenomenon that has been a source of mystery and curiosity for 9 years now - the phenomenon of ABC4All exists and has taken hold, does its work in the world quite apart from the beings who happened to be the originators or facilitators.  No matter what the explanation or interpretation one might make for an understanding of this phenomenon, it was clear that the two CEOs present believed in ABC4All and were there, in spirit, to deal with one another with future support for the ABC4All Legacy an unspoken yet clear commitment. The Minutes of this meeting were taken by a gracious volunteer named Patty Trieber, and they will be a testament that can take their appropriate place in the Annals of the History of ABC4All.
As the ABC4All Legacy into Perpetuity becomes manifest and takes hold, DGC shall, together  witness the first "Glovelution!"  It is an ABC4All Glovelution!


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Your invitation to become a member of the DGC Humanitarian Community will be issued when you sign up / register at IGLOO followed by sending an email to abc4allteam (at) gmail (dot) com with "DGC Membership Please" in the subject.
Thank you for your participation!

Burton Danet, Ph.D.
Dual Global Citizen (DGC)
Co-Founder, ABC4All

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