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YUBUPA, Founder, The Oneness Love Foundation,
ABC4All Video Information Specialist (ABC4AllVIS), Canada

Achievements applauded on the ABC4All Hall of Recognition!

Message to the World (Music by Light Euphoric)

An introductory video message from YUBUPA!

Message To The World.

We're living through painful times. Painful, because people with their eyes and hearts open
can't help but feel tremendous grief about what's happening in the world today.
We believe that love, the power of the human spirit, can heal pains, struggles and gives blessings and opportunities to contribute to a better world.
There are many hungers in our world today. The hunger for food, and also the hunger for love.
There is the hunger for physical comfort, peace and for wholeness.
What one of us is lacking, another has in abundance, be that a slice of bread, a skill you have in you, a connection you can make.
Thank you for watching as this video may let one or the other create a thriving, just and sustainable future
and that would be the first step to make a Better world.

Launching ABC4All in Canada

Another 2 Videos by YUBUPA! This time an Envisioning of her Dream!

Each week a featured ABC4All Mentor will tell us what is uppermost on his/her mind as we share the Mentor's profile on Taking IT Global. This week's Mentor featured in this series:
YUBUPA, from Canada

What's uppermost on my mind:

YUBUPA shares what is uppermost on her mind:


What is uppermost on my mind:


For the many months and weeks I have been working together, hand in hand, day by day with ABC4All as Video Information Specialist (ABC4AllVIS), today I am following the Vision I have...


Here is the vision:


"I am now going  to launch Local ABC4All / CANADA, starting from the area I live in."


For a number of months now, today I find that it is time to light up the Candle for ABC4All in Canada with the purpose and intent to, joyously and lovingly, connect all like-minded individuals and groups to form an ever-expanding network and enlivened vibration of Love and Oneness.


The fact is that  since I was a little girl, I Dreamed of a Better World, a place where I can be understood, where we all can be one.  My Dream is of a place where people need not be told anymore what to do, because they're already guided by their hearts and becoming  brothers and sisters and friends.


I can paint a bigger picture of this world, the painting I dreamed of, a better world where I can sing, dance and be filled with joy to see children laughing, playing, running and no more hunger and death are threatening them.  I dreamed of a place where we don't have to worry for a brighter tomorrow and a happier today and instead a world where we can all walk down life's road in one direction, walking hand in hand, side by side.


For such a world, we need to make first a better community, starting from the beginning by forgiving, loving unconditionally and supporting each other and making the change we want to see in this world.


Yes, Be the Change!


I am the Change !


You can be Too !!  


Love and Light to each and everyone of you,

Yours  eternally,





love,light, trust, hope and peace




"Don't walk in front of me, I may not follow.

Don't walk behind me, I may not lead.

Walk beside me and be my friend."


The Heart Creates Oneness

The mind creates division

The Spirit RETURNS us to Wholeness

THE SEEDS OF Local ABC4All Efforts have been sewn. Let them GERMINATE. Let them GROW and FLOURISH. When we meditate for ONE MINUTE, let us feel/express the DEEPEST OF APPRECIATION FOR WHAT HAS BEEN MADE POSSIBLE.
CLICK! to read more! An email exchange with Yuel Bhatti (Pakistan)

Local ABC4All / CANADA!

A Model that can take place anywhere in the world!

Here are 2 videos graciously provided by YUBUPA, Parts I and II AS INTRODUCTION TO ABC4ll:
Better World 4UandMe: A Better Community for All (ABC4All): Part I

Better World 4UandMe: A Better Community for All (ABC4All): Part II

It is not just the pictures we are seeing from the aftermath of the Myanmar cyclone disaster and subsequent humanitarian crisis, so many issues/problems/disasters in the world require MANDATED ACTION.
Even just by THINKING about the question,
"What will make YOUR PERSONAL community better for all?,"
you are acting.

If possible, you can donate, e.g., to World Vision.

You can join groups like The World Peace Prayer Society
who plant peace poles and celebrate flag ceremonies.

Or you can come to A Better Community for All (ABC4All) at and
join 663 ABC4All Mentors in 103 countries working together to assist the ABC4All Team of TEAMS spread its
NETWORK across the World:

Network of GoodWill
Network of CARING
Network of SHARING
Network of HEALING
Network of PEACE
Network of HARMONY


The ABC4All Network4All!

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CLICK HERE to read what Sean Amos (Kenya) has to say
about the then approaching 300th Mentor (presently we are at 663)!

"Goes without saying. ABC4All is an exceptional entity that will surpass this number even before the set date. As a mentor, I will mobilize and lobby to ensure that this goal is met and we get more Mentors who realize that making a difference in someone's life is the best thing to do. Let's soldier on, we can do it because it can be done."

Thanks to ALL the Mentors for participating with ABC4All!

NEW! Global Map of 1031 TIG Friends of ABC4All

"Thanks also to all of us who have been affiliated with ABC4All for all the contributions and the pride we give to ABC4All and its affiliates." Erick Ochieng Otieno Kenya

Current Top 5 on Taking IT Global are ALL ABC4All Mentors!

Waleed from Egypt states:

"There is no doubt that TakingITGlobal is the most important online place. Only TIG can help young leaders all over the world to exchange our ideas and think together about achieving the best. With TIG there is no borders between us - only what we need is to be online to make new friendships between each other and respect one another.

"I have a dream that I would like to live to see the day that all youth leaders in all over the world from TIG will be the real leaders in their countries. Then we will have all what we need to reach our goals, not only for youth, but for our world and our next generations."

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