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NOTE: Dr. Fink, through his evolution of discovering his ways of participating with ABC4All, as described below, has arrived at the self-designation of "ABC4All Universal Ambassador (ABC4AllUA)."
Therefore, Welcome to Dr. Wilfried Fink, ABC4All Universal Ambassador (ABC4AllUA)
Co-Creator of the Universal Peace Calendar (UPC)
ABC4All Mentor of the Week (ABC4AllMOTW)
Offers answer to the question, "Why ABC4All?"
Each week a featured ABC4All Mentor will tell us what is uppermost on his/her mind as we share the Mentor's profile on Taking IT Global. This week's Mentor featured in this series:
Dr. Wilfried Fink from Germany
What's uppermost on my mind:

"We are at a point of maximal individualisation in our world that a lot of people are desperately suffering in the feeling of being isolated. But that's not the truth!

"The only thing which has to heal is the illusion we were separate beings."

"This beautiful quote was given to me in a lucid dream during a homoeopathic remedy proving of a feather of Larus argentatus (seagull). Since that time. I dedicate some of my time networking for peace and reminding people e.g. with the Universal Peace Calendar of our UNITY."

What follows is the description of an evolution. Dr. Wilfried Fink was referred to ABC4All by Brian McClure (Universal Flag Companies). Once referred, Dr. Fink joined on March 26, 2008 as an ABC4All Mentor. In exploring his interests, and seeking how he might participate, Dr. Fink chose to create an original video, Universal FACTs which was, in and of itself, an outstanding contribution. However, that is clearly not the end of the story. Dr. Fink has gone on and through his inspirations, he has now created FIVE (5!) videos altogether which are presented on this page. Here is how he describes his growing involvement:

"As I got involved in, I started creating some little videos for them.

"After finishing 4 of them I realized that the letters of their titles coincidently formed my name, missing only one letter, "N." (My German name, FINK, translates to the English, FINCH).

So it was only natural to look for another title with "N," which gave birth to the fifth video about the Universal Network with children spinning around the world.

In the years before, I have been richly inspired by psychic children to create the Universal Peace Calendar together with my colleague, Ursula Wagner, from Vienna.

The Universal Peace Calendar is available for free download at and

FINCH! What does it spell?

I ntelligence
N etwork
C hange
H ealing

HERE ARE THE VIDEOS which have been added, in sequence, as Dr. Fink continued his submissions!

ABC4All Mentor Dr. Wilfried Fink is co-creator of the Universal Peace Calendar

Upon joining as ABC4All Mentor, Dr. Fink's first action was to create
an original video for ABC4All, entitled, "Universal FACTs."
Given that the short video summarized synergies coming together at ABC4All, it is herein reproduced:

Next Dr. Fink creates a video regarding "Universal Healing,"
also so relevant to the Mission/Vision of ABC4All:

The videos include an "Introduction to the Universal Peace Calendar," with explanations and links where the UPC is available for free download:
If you want to join us go to:

And thirdly Dr. Fink creates a video regarding "Universal Intelligence" which combines the song/lyrics, "Lend a Hand," with the AMO symbols of the Universal Peace Calendar:

Music can heal.
Images can heal.
When images and music/lyrics coincide
"Lend a Hand" and "Make a Stand"
Healing can be maximized!

Thank you for an apt extension of our sensibilities!

Burt / ABC4All

The inspiration continues! Dr. Fink has created a video regarding "Universal Change,"
based on the notion that music and images can heal:

For deepening the message of "We are the ones who will change the world," I´ve combined the
healing power of music ("We are the ones we've been waiting for" from Francine Jarry)
with Amo-symbols of the Universal Peace Calendar

When you feel inspired by the wonderful text and music and look for like-minded people, please join us at:

Dr. Fink's inspiration arrives at this peak session of creativity!
Dr. Fink has created a video regarding "Universal Network,"
an effort which clearly addresses What The World Needs Now as well as priorities in our world:

Children, wales and dolphins are spinning a network of compassion, love and awakening on our planet.

The music of Karl Anthony, "Children of the World," combined with AMO-symbols of the
Universal Peace Calendar let us FEEL how WE are connected to this network as well.

It is not just the pictures we are seeing from the aftermath of the Myanmar cyclone disaster and subsequent humanitarian crisis, so many issues/problems/disasters in the world require MANDATED ACTION.
Even just by THINKING about the question,
"What will make YOUR PERSONAL community better for all?,"
you are acting.

If possible, you can donate, e.g., to World Vision who contributed a photo for this video.

You can join groups like The World Peace Prayer Society
who plant peace poles and celebrate flag ceremonies (thanks as well for some photos).

Or you can come to A Better Community for All (ABC4All) at and
join 576 ABC4All Mentors in 96 countries working together to assist the ABC4All Team of TEAMS spread its
NETWORK across the World:

Network of GoodWill
Network of CARING
Network of SHARING
Network of HEALING
Network of PEACE
Network of HARMONY


The ABC4All Network4All!

Thanks also to free image database for some photos.

ALL FIVE(!) of these original OUTSTANDING contributions are greatly appreciated and will
also appear on the ABC4All Creativity Pages, specifically the Video Page!

Upon reaching the point in his considerations for participation as an ABC4All Mentor and after his original contribution found at the "Why ABC4All? Web Page, Dr. Fink has now invited any Mentor able to travel to Berlin in July 2008 to gather to network regarding creating ways to "...attune to the next steps for our beloved planet." CLICK! to read the invitation!

CLICK HERE to read what Sean Amos (Kenya) has to say
about the then approaching 300th Mentor (presently we are at 576)!

"Goes without saying. ABC4All is an exceptional entity that will surpass this number even before the set date. As a mentor, I will mobilize and lobby to ensure that this goal is met and we get more Mentors who realize that making a difference in someone's life is the best thing to do. Let's soldier on, we can do it because it can be done."

Thanks to ALL the Mentors for participating with ABC4All!

NEW! Global Map of 900 TIG Friends of ABC4All

"Thanks also to all of us who have been affiliated with ABC4All for all the contributions and the pride we give to ABC4All and its affiliates." Erick Ochieng Otieno Kenya

Current Top 5 on Taking IT Global are ALL ABC4All Mentors!

Waleed from Egypt states:

"There is no doubt that TakingITGlobal is the most important online place. Only TIG can help young leaders all over the world to exchange our ideas and think together about achieving the best. With TIG there is no borders between us - only what we need is to be online to make new friendships between each other and respect one another.

"I have a dream that I would like to live to see the day that all youth leaders in all over the world from TIG will be the real leaders in their countries. Then we will have all what we need to reach our goals, not only for youth, but for our world and our next generations."

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