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Rommy Wuhe
, Nigeria.

Each week a featured ABC4All Mentor will tell us what is uppermost on his/her mind as we share the Mentor's profile on Taking IT Global. This week's Mentor featured in this series:
Rommy Wuhe, Nigeria

What's uppermost on my mind:

Rommy Wuhe shares what is uppermost on his mind:

The Boy Shehu

It is indeed a great pleasure to be able to express my deepest pains out. This is part of what I have taken pleasure in doing. I go out trying to recruit young people, alerting them of what it takes to be you in a most positive area of life. I have come to making wonderful discoveries and trying to project all with time.
I have currently discovered a twelve {12} year old boy, Shehu. He is in primary six [6]. He is from Ogun State, Nigeria, but based in Lagos, Nigeria. This 12-year-old boy passionately built a solid companionship with the world of art, but lacks somone who will encourage him until I finally met him. I challenged Shehu to see if he could draw myself as a picture. He accepted the challenge and drew the picture, trying his best though lacking in the technical side. Here is the picture:

Please, let's do something about these people in our society to avoid damages if no one is there for them in the nearest future. Please take a branch as you drop, what can we do about that? Let's talk deep to restoration.
Thank you for your support!

Rommy Wuhe

NOTE: The song, "YUHE," is done by me, Rommy Wuhe. The song speaks of the envious part of humanity that hinders him from moving ahead, that is, progressing. It also keeps you away from good people, good loves good to make progress. The song YUHE is done in Tiv language, it helps with educating and edification.

The titled track called, “GUIDE MY WAYS," is an inspirational song that at the end manifested unto me before I started spreading the good news on the streets of Lagos State in places like MENDE MARYLAND, IDIROKO MARYLAND, ONIGBONGBO, ANTHONY VILLAGE and beyond. I do take my music on the street as part of the Evangelism. I sell my music as a way of approaching after, in must cases, the message is given. After that, we can now chat on my business, the purpose why we are here on earth is to work in God's vineyard. So let's seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and every other thing will be added on to us. It is as good as saying "Love, and then peace to the world."

"Guide My Ways" is a prayer for a positive change in the whole wild world, it is manifesting already. And then again, in "GHETTO," I tell the true untold story as covered, to blind many more - in their blindness, it is like "adding salt into a wound." I lived all my life in the “GHETTO.“ It is known as “ZION“ in the biblical context. Today it is called “THE STREET.“ My life became, in all, an “EXPERIENCE," that has become my teacher. All I spoke about in the song happened to me, but at the end only made me strong. I wished long ago I died, not all wishes must come, some will if they will come, will wish again why you wished. Today, there is much dividend, as I know what it takes to love, love is my/our responsibility, all ours. I never knew until testimonies started flushing out of many what God is using me to do.

I thank God that I understand the true meaning of “THE CROSS,“ and so today I am sharing to see that what has been written of me is fulfilled as they say, “FREE IT IS GIVEN UNTO US, AND FREE WE MUST GIVE TO OTHERS.” To carry a cross we must recognize the true meaning of love. Let us fight to break this tribulation, let us help the voiceless, the disabled to become abled.

Love, and then peace to the world.

God be with all forever. Amen.

Rommy Wuhe

Rommy Wuhe
Lagos, Nigeria
Email: rommywuhe (at) yahoo (dot) com

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