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Jean-Claude KAMWENUBUSA,, Executive Director-Legal Representative/Founder, Association pour la Solidarité et l'Assistance Socio-Sanitaire (ASASS-BURUNDI) a.s.b.l., National Focal Point for Global Youth Coalition on AIDS (NFP-GYCA-Burundi)
Youth Aids Coalition

"...a proactive young Burundian and Christian
who has been volunteering for social changing since 2001."

Each week a featured ABC4All Mentor will tell us what is uppermost on his/her mind as we share the Mentor's profile on Taking IT Global. This week's Mentor featured in this series:
Jean-Claude KAMWENUBUSA, from Burundi

What's uppermost on my mind:

Jean-Claude offers a response to the question, "What would make your personal community better for all?" and then shares what is uppermost on his mind:

I Want to Lend a Hand! (Jean-Claude KAMWENUBUSA)

"OHHH,If it were possible, I could enter in the INTERNET "Inside the PC", travel through air, join the mentors and share and continue to make a better world's communities together!!!"

Name: Jean-Claude KAMWENUBUSA

Email Address: kamjclau (at) gmail (dot) com

How do you want to Lend a Hand?  Your answer can be anything from "I want to think about it!" to "I want to contribute a donation!" I want to contribute my efforts, time and my money

What would make your personal community better for all? 1. Education: from to higher, secondary, primary and elementary school. These refer to University, Secondary, Primary, Elementary Education, and Communities LIBRARY.

2.Communicating local communities needs: This refer to create a community family Channel TV with a radio Station for enabling people to meet, exchange, provide thoughts about things which can make their communities better

Please give us 3 suggestions of how to assist in helping your community improve. 1.By providing access to free and /or affordable education at all levels of ages, and in all stage of school for the underprivileged, orphans, and people in constraint areas(university, secondary, primary and elementary): as the whole population in Burundi country are 8,5 million, this is a great opportunity to promote a better community for all in Burundi because people are not many, our surveys shows that if we train 1500 students per year, we can scol and achieve MDGs, objective of Universal Education by the timeline 2015 in Burundi.

2. Involving all local people in global DIALOGUE through FAMILY CHANNEL TV, and Community RADIO.

3.Using "VOLUNTEER and global involving people including local authorities, Communities Administrators, Local Leaders of Society Civil Organisation in both public and private sectors in planning, designing, monitoring and in realisation of planned programs, I am sure that these help to promote a better community for all in my community/country Burundi

Date/Time: 2008-09-18 02:31:52 PDT
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MY UPPERMOST COMING BRAINSTORMS ARE forming from this sentence:

My motto: Thought becomes word, word becomes action, and action defines character. Character most certainly is who we are.


Inspiring world population the SPIRIT OF MUTUAL AID FOR GOOD RELATIONS. This is uppermost on my mind. I wish that it might be natural for human being to help one another and natural for worldwide organisations to support their efforts, in doing so to ensure Unity, harmonisation of efforts created, to strengthen the poor /developing communities, support the vulnerable groups at all level and across the world, especially in the grassroots as well as the urban communities as a means to achieve UNIVERSAL SUSTAINABILITY AND OVERCOME POVERTY, DEPENDENCE AND PROMOTE SOLIDARITY/UNITY AND LIVE AMICABLY AS A VIBRANT ONENESS COMMUNITY “ONE FAMILY IN ONE WORLD” dedicated to mutual actions in order to not only save what we have, but to transform the planet to a true increase in awareness, creating a humane, auto development alternatives, enjoy home for all its citizens and sincere respect for all forms of life.


I am tired of being DEPENDENT ON OTHERS! As an orphan of both parents because of the war that occurred in Burundi since 1993-2005/2008, I have learnt the worst of being dependent to others, the cost of becoming an Orphan, feelings and needs of those groups and have assessed by experience the sustainable solution to help them definitively: OFFER THEM THEIR RIGHT TO EDUCATION, MICRO/CREDIT AND THEY NEED TO HAVE FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION.


To teach man to fish is better than giving fishes progressively, therefore I believe that EDUCATION is one of the most important domains for making all population Self-Depending.


I see that making Education free of charge and/or affordable for children and young people at all levels and age: University; undergraduate, graduate, long life learners, Secondary, Primary and elementary studies is an innovative alternative to promote SELF-RELIANCE and as a means to increase opportunity for African vibrant communities “ONE FAMILY” /Burundians to be engaged in meeting the Millennium Development Goals, the objective of  UNIVERSAL EDUCATION: University, Secondary, Primary and elementary  schooling. I know every one knows the importance of Education and the VALUES OF EDUCATIONAL DEGREES.


Nowadays, to own an educational Degree/diploma is a worthy thing. With it, you are considered as a self-sustained. Furthermore, in Burundi there is an urgent need of qualified Leaders, Teachers who can act as experts to empower /educate others in primary, secondary and elementary schools; therefore my great passion and commitment to help Burundians by setting up a HIGHER EDUCATION Programs “a higher University School” as a mean to support the United Nations Decade of Education on Sustainable Economic and Social Development which strengthen LEADER’S CAPACITY/abilities and PRODUCE more qualified people who help others in the education in the  secondary, primary and elementary schools and in a range of various businesses companies in a country.


Based on ASASS-Burundi research, if we train and issue 1500 Degrees per year, we could end poverty in Burundi by 2010 and break the cycle of poverty, dependency and improve livehoods of local inhabitants.


So why not to create HIGHER EDUCATION facilities for vulnerable groups identified and interviewed on these issues?


I was involved since 2006 until today in the gaps assessment within communities and finding are:  lack of sufficient capacity, limited resources that impede the ability of these people and leaders of others to deliver quality service on behalf of such people.


Therefore the priority was identified: setting up Higher Education Schools facilities and a media alternative to communicate the population’s problem for worldwide audience to come and join for help. 


Also, the World leaders testify that:


"An Africa without a sustainable, strong knowledge sector of its own will always remain in a dangerously dependent position." - Hans van Ginkel, Rector, and United Nations University

"Knowledge is a more powerful weapon in a nation's arsenal than any missile or mine" - Kofi Annan, Former Secretary-General, United Nations



So, I believe:

·     Education is a basic human right with an immense power to transform.

·     Universal educating is one of the major components for a sustained development in the constraint areas.

·     Helping children and adults can occur by increasing their access to education through the building of schools, setting up Community Library centres and printing curriculum and cultural programs are valuable components for a developing country such as Burundi.

·     Volunteer alternative is the most helpful work strategy so that every human worldwide including local community groups and individuals should participate in the decision-making and take ownership of the processes, programs and structures.

·     Applying the elements of successful EDUCATION, TRAINING, BUISINESS MANAGEMENT, LEADERS CAPACITY BUILDING is most meaningful.

·     Knowledge, skills and ways of working that involve the local community will make school construction projects and programs better on behalf of local inhabitants.

·     The love and mutual aid are there to lead our action for achieving desired results.

·     Community needs identified must be considered as an urgent focus.

·     The intimacy of family groups with recipients should be based on mutual respect, understanding, and fair dealing.

·     Integrity and honest communication should guide our relationships with recipient individuals and communities.

·     Philanthropic capital should be used with the utmost of care to ensure that it will make a positive difference in the lives of those we are helping.

·     Expenditures and processes should be conducted with the highest level of accountability and transparency.

·     Openness and honesty are the basic of our business. We maintain high ethical standards that are reflected in everything we do.


Let all members say:


“We’re all concerned!”




Tel:+257 77763651


THE SEEDS OF Local ABC4All Efforts have been sewn. Let them GERMINATE. Let them GROW and FLOURISH. When we meditate for ONE MINUTE, let us feel/express the DEEPEST OF APPRECIATION FOR WHAT HAS BEEN MADE POSSIBLE.
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It is not just the pictures we are seeing from the aftermath of the Myanmar cyclone disaster and subsequent humanitarian crisis, so many issues/problems/disasters in the world require MANDATED ACTION.
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