Healing Harp Music by Peter Sterling

Peter states, on the topic of his healing harp music:

For over 15 years I have been sharing my special blend of healing harp music to audiences around the world. I have seen first hand the power of harp music that is played with the intention to bring peace, harmony and upliftment into ones life. Many people report that the soothing sound of the harp has a way of opening the heart and touching ones very soul. From time immemorial the harp has been revered for its most beautiful sound that is perhaps the most purely harmonic sound of any instrument. By harmonic I mean that it can create up to 5 levels of overtones that are perfectly aligned in sacred proportion that open ones awareness to a higher plane of being. From ancient Egypt ,Greece,Sumeria and perhaps even the legendary land of Atlantis, the harp was most revered in the temples of healing and initiation. I myself was inspired to play after a series of life changing angelic encounters I had while living in the extraordinary wilderness area of Sedona Arizona back in the early 1990's. After a prolonged period of meditation in the canyons silence I began to perceive the most beautiful music I had ever heard. It was like the angels began to sing to me . This was in answer to my prayers for God to reveal to me what my life's purpose was. Eventually The angels appeared to me and told me that I was to play the harp with their assistance and together we would bring forth a heavenly music that would bring healing and upliftment to the people of planet earth during this time of extraordinary planetary transformation. From the very start people responded to the unique style of heavenly harp music which I brought forth with the angels help. All one has to do is relax and allow the soothing sounds of the harp to carry you on angels wings to a peaceful oasis of luminous light. Open the heart, open the mind and allow the music to work it's magic! Blessings on your healing journey!

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Forever and a Day - from "The Sands of Time"

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"Make a Better World for You and Me"

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Dahai Samuel Gbaa is a Liberian musician.

Listen to the healing "No Age Music" of John Greenfield 

A quiet, dedicated guitar virtuoso with extensive classical training, John Greenfield presents the first album he has written and produced -- even down to painting the cover art. In this work John shows the spiritual side of his music incorporating a therapeutic use of sound. "Every sound excites us down to the cellular level, and there are some sounds that resonate deep in our bodies in particular ways which promote health and healing."

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"Healing is the theme of this album" says Greenfield, "from the gentle cleansing of the rain in the first selection to the cathedral organ at the end of the CD, every element is carefully selected for its progressive effect on the listener." Lofted by Greenfields' unique approach to guitar, No Age Music is a soul filled journey, a mini-vacation for tired ears and a healing soundtrack for those focusing inward. -- From CD BABY NOTES.


What is ABC4All? What ABC4All is not. What ABC4All can be.

The ABC4All Dream Realized Power Point Presentation is a good introduction! You can download the presentation, sit back comfortably and read and listen by clicking here! As you do, please let the frames change automatically so you can listen to the healing music of John Greenfield. See if the music helps you relax and then, as you do allow greater comfort into your personal experience, see if doing so makes it more possible for you to think about how we can improve communities anywhere in the world! Each of us has good ideas, and anyone -- of any age -- can contribute to ABC4All. As you learn more and allow yourself opportunity to discover what is possible, you'll discover how you, too, can participate! Thank you for your time, effort and possible contributions!

Liushui: Flowing Water

In January 2000, the UK Chinese Ensemble released a new CD, Liushui: Flowing Water. The recording contains a varied selection of solo and ensemble pieces from the traditional instrumental repertoire. It is published by the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), University of London, catalogue number: SOASIS-02.
Alex Wang, China, sends us this piece of music whose name is "Liu Shui." That means "The Flowing Water." It is a piece of music that has the rhythm of the core of Taoism. It is said that this piece of music was made by an ancestor of Chinese people named Fuxi.

To play this music please download here: LIU SHUI

From wang alex
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