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Denver, CO, November 21, 2006 --(PR.COM)-- Tired of not knowing whether your donated dollars to charity actually make a difference in the world? Dr. Rhonda Hackett, President and CEO, Nivek LLC of Denver, CO certainly was after learning the contribution she made to a national charity for 9/11 victims likely ended up covering the organization’s overhead instead of the victims she hoped to help...

“Imagine a world where people think it is as routine to hire their very own ‘do-gooder’ as they do a home cleaning service,” Hackett excitedly challenges. Imagine indeed.

Nivek LLC was created by Rhonda Hackett four years ago in loving memory of her father who died in a plane crash at the age of 55. Focusing on raising awareness about social travesties and developing unique solutions to helping those in need, the company has helped more than 100,000 people on behalf of clients. For more information visit www.effectiving.net

February 12, 2006

Rhonda Hackett, Psy.D., 11940 W Auburn Ave., Lakewood, CO 80227 Phone (303)986-3571, Email rghackett@effectivegiving.net

RE:  "Making a Difference: Changing the World One Penny and One Minute at a Time" t

Dear Rhonda,

I have created the attached "My Make a Difference Plan." Oddly enough, I received a review copy of your book, "Making a Difference," in the mail the same day we confirmed our talk, so I read the book. I noticed that there are already two reviews on Amazon.com and that your publicist has done a good job of getting the info onto the internet.

So what is the best thing I might do, I thought? After pondering this question as I read the book and arrived at the final chapter, "Making a Difference/Personal Development," it became obvious that there was only one thing to do, so here is "My Make a Difference Plan."

I am hoping this plan is in keeping with the origins of Nivek, which I have figured out via Google that "Nivek" spells "Kevin" backward. Therefore I would like to dedicate "My Make a Difference Plan" to Nivek, to Dr. Rhonda Hackett in loving memory of her father, Kevin Hackett, and all she stands for in the world. Finally, it would be wonderful to support Effective Giving and the "Direct-to-need outreach." As the Effective Giving website states: THERE IS A BETTER WAY TO HELP. Clearly the concepts apply to, and can be adapted for, each and every community that exists in the world. That is where A Better Community For All (ABC4All) comes in.



Burton Danet, Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist (retired)

ABC4All FUNdraising™ to make possible a donation of
Plasma Activated Water (PAW) to The Dream Center, Los Angeles, currently housing hundreds of hurricane evacuees in addition to the many hundred already receiving assistance...GO HERE to find out more! http://ABC4All.net/dlib.htm

A Better Community For All (ABC4All)
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Encl. "My Make a Difference Plan"

My Make a Difference Plan

Name: Burton Danet

Date: February 12, 2006

My reasons and need to make a change in this area of my life right now:

ABC4All has been in development for 8 years. Recently, implementation began with the launch in July 2004: http://abc4all.net/intro_launch.htm.

There followed, in September 2004, the creation of the Foundation of A Better Community For All (FABC), a National Heritage Foundation http://ABC4All.org and the simultaneous announcement of the ABC4All Triple Giving Program (ABC4AllGGG): http://ABC4All.net/abc4allggg.htm as published in this press release: http://www.emediawire.com/releases/2004/9/prweb155772.htm

A Launch Lunch in October 2004 allowed for the creation of eight videos which have been streamed onto the internet: A Better Community For All (ABC4All) Announces the Launch of the Fulfillment of the ABC4All Dream Realized: http://www.prweb.com/releases/2005/3/prweb222372.htm

In March 2005 Enlightened Health Corporation (EH) "enlightened" ABC4All: http://ABC4All.net/dreamrealized.htm with a weekend of "marathon meetings." The result? The ABC4All Dream Realized Series: http://ABC4All.net/fulfillment.htm

In August 2005, after Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans and other Gulf communities, an outreach was made to support the "First Responder:" http://ABC4All.net/firstresponder.htm

Subsequently an international ABC4All Global TEAM Project was established with the goal of supporting worthwhile causes worldwide: http://projects.takingitglobal.org/abc4allglobalteam

Shortly thereafter, contact was made by Shane Pulak, Founder of Project Africa (RAFT): http://www.projectraft.org/new1.php. It quickly became apparent that support was possible for

Fresh Water Development, one of the several foci of Project Africa: http://www.projectraft.org/ref.html#fresh. At the invitation of Shane Pulak, a proposal was sent to Project Africa regarding Plasma Activated Water (PAW): http://ABC4All.net/paw.htm To illustrate the need for mandated action to support these concepts, the following press release was generated: Project AFRICA (RAFT) and A Better Community For All Collaborate to Enhance Fresh Water Development http://www.prweb.com/releases/2006/2/prweb342279.php with the referenced web site: http://ABC4All.net/raft.htm

As the above developments have occurred, the progression and growth have been exponential, making it a challenge to keep up with the demands for the ABC4All Core Team, all volunteers. The need exists to expand ABC4All capability (a professional web portal is being designed). At the same time, the first donation of Plasma Activated Water (PAW) is being generated within the local community, to be offered to The Dream Center, Los Angeles: http://dreamcenter.org The Dream Center houses around 500 people at any given point in time, including many of the Katrina Evacuees, some of whom were referred by the "First Responder."

Thus it is timely to create a "Make A Difference Plan" with the donation of Plasma Activated Water (PAW) becoming the focus for the start of the Plan. This can be followed by utilizing the core Plan as the basis for expansion of What The World Needs Now – local communities, individuals, groups, nonprofits, governments, countries and the planet.

My strengths and attributes that will ensure success in with my Make A Difference Plan.

As Co-Founder of ABC4All, much effort and coordination has been undertaken to facilitate all that has been developed for the past 8 years. Because of the breadth and scope of the concepts, there is much to offer, with resulting possible "information overload" for anyone learning about ABC4All. Therefore the need to offer absorbable amounts of information which can be helpful to others becomes paramount. To this end, the concepts for the "ABC4All GlobiVersity™" have been developed: http://ABC4All.net/nm.htm

In particular, having been introduced to Plasma Activated Water (PAW) in March 2004 by ABC4All Co-Founder Robert Chew http://ABC4All.net/bc.htm places me in a unique position to facilitate the donation to The Dream Center. The donation can become the first example and model for what is to come anywhere in the world.

My fears and concerns regarding potential failure with my Make A Difference Plan.

Given the benefits already documented that Plasma Activated Water (PAW) portends for the world http://hydroent.com, there is little doubt that this capability will move forward. The Dream Center has already referred me to a gentleman with expertise in the water bottling industry, and thus there is great support that has developed for this cause. The personal benefits of Plasma Activated Water (PAW) documented here: http://ABC4All.net/pawbenefits.htm have led me to become devoted to this cause and every imaginable resource is being developed in this regard. It is not possible to thank Bob or the Hydro Enterprises Inc. Team for restoring my health and allowing for a totally unexpected longer lifespan. The only way I can really thank people for such a gift is to dedicate the rest of my life to this cause. The only potential failure will come if others do not see the light and lend support, but this is hard to imagine, based on all of the developments that have occurred to date. We are now pending the first bottling of the water for The Dream Center.

Three people I most admire and why:

1. Marsha Danet, my wife and my hero: http://ABC4All.net/imagine.htm

2. Robert Chew, ABC4All Co-Founder for his indefatigable efforts to contribute to humanity: http://ABC4All.net/bc.htm and for introducing me to Plasma Activated Water (PAW).

3. HEI TEAM: George Paskalov, Chief Scientist, Mark Gorodkin, CEO, and Viktor Sokolov, Director of Research, Hydro Enterprises, Inc. for the creation of Plasma Activated Water (PAW) and for never letting us run out: http://hydroent.com

Do you want to emulate them in any way as you set out to make a difference? Why or why not?

The above 5 people have allowed a direction in living that has created an entirely new paradigm of potential help for the world. Fortunately A Better Community For All (ABC4All) has been created and launched to implement such a development. Those of us who are fortunate and privileged to have been exposed to Plasma Activated Water (PAW) know its potential to heal the world. This becomes a charge that can be initiated with the first donation of Plasma Activated Water (PAW) to The Dream Center in Los Angeles, CA USA. Hopefully this becomes the start of an evolution for the world that will never stop, best described by David Gray, President, Huck-Fin Environmental Education (HFEE):

This water ( Plasma Activated Water), I know, is the start of an evolution for all of us and the rest of the world, eventually. We have been blessed and given all we need to take care of ourselves, if we choose to allow the truth to be shared and cared for. There are many more incredible, but sensible and natural cures for all that ails us....different PH factored water for all types of applications, super concentrated greens and vegetables, Flor-Essence tea  and many more...they all hold the keys of cures, longevity, cleansing and quality life for today's world.

Write a statement that reflects how you would like to sum up the next year of your life with respect to making a difference.

At the end of this year, I want to have helped many at The Dream Center in Los Angeles, CA as we can make available donations of Plasma Activated Water (PAW). Based on all that is known to date about the water, this becomes the first "microcosm" or community where its benefits can be demonstrated as a model for the world.

Beyond establishing 2006 as "The Year of Relief," it is hoped that by year’s end there will have been created clear direction to turn "The Year of Relief" into the "Decade of Relief" (2006-20016) ultimately the "Century of Relief" (2006-2106), and finally "Relief into Perpetuity," the Legacy of ABC4All.

Write one sentence that you would like to see on your tombstone that captures how you made a difference in your world:

Rather than an epitaph on a tombstone, I respectfully request that with the realization and fulfillment of the "ABC4All Dream Realized" implementing the ABC4All Legacy, that this is sufficient. No epitaph is needed or desired.

PLAN OF ACTION TO Make a Difference

Work with Frank LaBarba to bottle Plasma Activated Water (PAW) in half-liter bottles for The Dream Center.

Start Date: February 2006

Projected End Date: None.

Goals: Work with staff at The Dream Center to maximize the benefits of Plasma Activated Water (PAW).

Population I will work with: Staff and residents of The Dream Center, Los Angeles, CA.

People and places I will work with to execute my plan:

Hydro Enterprises, Inc. http://hydroent.com

Frank LaBarba (bottler)

The Dream Center staff and residents http://dreamcenter.org

Diary of my experience: Stay tuned.

Respectfully submitted,

Burton Danet, Ph.D., Co-Founder,