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On 4/3/07, Fosia Eidle <eidlefosia (at) yahoo (dot) com> wrote:

SUBJECT: Coach, Facilitator, Leader, a Role model for me, my group and the rest of ABC4All Mentoring TEAM + their beneficiaries

Dear Burt,

I visited the ABC4All website for Somalia, thank you very much for your respect in being a role model for change. For me, what really inspired me is how you really maintained to be a leader from a distance and persuaded us to work for ABC4All.

What I believe is working through ABC4All needs creativity and time. If we maintain both our Vision and Mission, good results can be achieved in shorter than the time expected.

When I am saying this, I am not forgetting the effort of Richard Trieber -- you two are role models for me, my group and for the rest of the people whose will is to contribute to a better community for all.

Fosia Eidle

Dear Fosia:

The words contained in your message suggest that the need that ABC4All as an entity in the world can fill is equivalent to a vast need not just in Somalia/Somaliland but in any location where there will be receptivity by those willing to stand up and, together, create improving local conditions.

While your words are most kind, what really is happening is that a vision and a mission have apparently been tapping into a vital need that is symbolized by the CELEBRATION OF ONENESS Movement http://abc4all.net/coomovement.htm.

The Local ABC4All / SOMALIA - SOMALILAND clearly has created a local model / example which validates the concepts we have been striving for, together, with all those supporting the concepts. Your example is highlighted at http://abc4all.net/abc4allsomalia.htm

Your gracious comments are well received, by Bob Chew, ABC4All Co-Founder and Richard Trieber, Founder/President Global Loyalty, with whom ABC4All has partnered to fuflfill a vision that is now well depicted at http://abc4all.net and http://abc4all.net/introwc.htm;

Again, you and your community participants in the Local ABC4All for Somalia / Somaliland are to be congratulated for your outstanding efforts in demonstrating for the world what is possible regardless of local conditions.

This page on the Internet memorializes your words. We at ABC4All could not be more grateful.

Burton Danet, Ph.D.

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