Our Mission:

1. To promote the Vision/Mission of A Better Community for All (ABC4All).

2. To foster ONENESS within the community as a common Goal.

3. To seek QUIET HOPE for PEACE and HARMONY in the world.

4. To promote interfaith dialogue for PEACE and RECONCILIATION.

5. To work towards Maximizing Charitable Contributions Locally and Globally.

6. To create sustainability in development for suffering communities.

7. To SAVE CHILDREN NOW from oppression and protect their rights to Education and Health.

8. To create Youth and Women Empowerment.

9. To increase awareness of Health concerns, including HIV/AIDS.

10. To work towards ending human rights violations.

11. To work towards elimination of poverty.

12. To work towards confronting climate/environmental issues, thereby promoting a healthy, sustainable planet.

ABC4All provides an open forum in which like-minded individuals
from all walks of life may engage with one another to optimize
choices for Better Product, Better Performance
and Better Knowledge Base.

-- MIKKI J. PEDRAYES, L.M.S.W., New York, NY USA 09/05/04

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