MESSAGE FOR THE AGENDA on the Launch of ABC4All / PAKISTAN from Burton Danet/Bob Chew, ABC4All Co-Founders

To All Present on the Special Day in Pakistan Celebrating Global Love Day and the launch of Local ABC4All / PAKISTAN:
(NOTE:  This message is based on the present front page of ABC4All:
The date, May 1, 2008, marks noteworthy developments with synergies being assembled to facilitate further the Vision and Mission of ABC4All.
On the same day as the Pakistan Proclamation for Global Love Day, a Local ABC4All launches in the Country of Pakistan.
The same person who has committed to create the local effort, Yuel Bhatti first joined as an ABC4All Mentor. Then he decided to assume, via self-designation, the role of "Peace Advocate." Next Yuel makes a commitment to launch Local ABC4All on the same date as the Proclamation related to Global Love Day in Pakistan. Among his many, many activities, Yuel has made a referral of YUBUPA who has since gone on and created a variety of videos for ABC4All and related organizations. As YUBUPA became more immersed in the complexities of ABC4All, there was eventual acceptance of the role of "ABC4All Video Information Specialist (ABC4AllVIS)."

Since then, in cooperation with Yuel, the new Model for Local ABC4All Web Pages, in this instance Local ABC4All / PAKISTAN has simultaneously been developed along with the many videos by YUBUPA.

Of special note, however, are the two videos YUBUPA presents as audiovisual introduction to the FUN and FREE "EasyLearning" being created for the betterment of communities everywhere. As you learn more about ABC4All and share with others, you can refer people to these two videos, Parts 1 and 2, entitled:

If you decide to WATCH/LISTEN TO A YUBUPA'S TWO 5'14" and 7'5" VIDEOs, CREATED ESPECIALLY FOR ABC4All! -- That's 12 minutes and 19 seconds of your time, your interest is appreciated. Then, after you watch, you will be in a position to answer the question,
"What would make YOUR PERSONAL community better for all?"
You can then think about the answer.  You can see if your answer changes over time.  You can share your answer(s) with us at abc4all (at) gmail (dot) com.  Answers are posted at "Building Blocks for Better Communities:"
It is difficult to put into words the heartfelt appreciation for such dedication in the world as represented by both Yuel and YUBUPA, but as the "ABC4All Team of TEAMS" expands across the world, so many are joining with such dedication. It is indeed a great addition to our developing TEAMS in the world to have both of these "self-collected angels" join and participate with us. We welcome both and all who wish to take action that can help communities become better for all.
Thank you Yuel. Thank you YUBUPA!
The World is ALREADY a better place because Yuel Bhatti has worked tirelessly to cooperate and do what it takes to create Local ABC4All / PAKISTAN!  WHAT IS TRUE IS THAT THE MODEL THAT HAS BEEN CREATED CAN BE REPLICATED ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD - in any country, in any location or jurisdiction within a country.  It is entirely up to those starting a new Local ABC4All effort to decide the focus for their effort in the world.  As this develops throughout the world, the INTENTION to improve Local and Global conditions will create a direct impact for the betterment of humankind.


Burton Danet, Ph.D. and Robert Chew,
ABC4All Co-Founders