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QUIET HOPE for PEACE and HARMONY in the world.

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ABC4All proudly presents

"Lend a Hand"

original song composed/performed/premiered by

Ben Mackenzie


written for A Better Community for All (ABC4All)

in collaboration with Mirror Records (New York)

symbolically launching the

ABC4All Bridge of Relief into Perpetuityô
for the UNI VERSE!
One Song
Comes Home
to help heal the world!
on 07/07/07 at 07:07:07 in every time zone
A NEW ERA for the World!

"Thanks Burt Danet and Bob Chew, ABC4All Co-Founders, and of course Ben Mackenzie for making "Lend a Hand" possible. I feel at peace knowing A Better Community for All will continue to LEND A HAND to all the people of the world.
C'mon ABC4All, lets CELEBRATE!
--Zach Komes Founder, Youth for Change International
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Lend a Hand

Come join hands
Throughout every land
Please heed the call
And walk through the door
Itís time to understand
Itís time to lend a hand
Itís time to make a stand
Itís time Ė yes itís time
Yes itís timeÖÖ..lend a hand

Lend a hand, lend a hand, lend a hand and make a stand (repeat)

Canít you hear
The cry of the world
Canít you feel
Itís now time to heal
Itís time to understand
Itís time to lend a hand
Itís time to make a stand
Itís time Ė yes itís timeÖ..lend a hand

Lend a hand, lend a hand, lend a hand and make a stand (repeat)

Itís up to you
And everything you do
No matter how small
We feel it all
Hold on to your truth
And heed the call

Lend a hand, lend a hand, lend a hand and make a stand (repeat)

© Ben Mackenzie 2007 (bridge by John Greenfield)
Written for ABC4All

NOTE: It is possible to Listen to "Lend a Hand" from beginning to end and to observe what your experience is, and if you wish to make note of that experience either just for your personal use and/or to share your reaction(s) you can feel free to send a summary of your experience to ABC4All about it.
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Clearly turning up the volume, there is much to hear, especially with high quality speakers or earphones! You will discover what you hear!

If you read how John Greenfield describes his original music, with the intent to offer healing sounds throughout, you understand we are dealing with a highly talented individual.

With both Ben Mackenzie and John Greenfield collaborating, we have exposure to an extraordinary pair of human beings. For Ben Mackenzie to have John to oversee his work is an incredible gift, and John totally endorses Ben's work.

A match made in heaven, the two now have created ONE SONG for the UNI VERSE with which ABC4All can help heal the world as part of the ABC4All Bridge of Relief into Perpetuity.

One focus is a developing plan for the community at Lake Bosumtwi, Ghana, Africa.

Lake Bosumtwi
, Ghana, Africa

Lake Bosumtwi is located 31km southeast of Kumasi. A picturesque meteorite Crater Lake surrounded by dozens of virgin fishing and farming villages. The Lake Basin is ideal for mountaineering, diving, swimming and relaxation. Accessible by road from Kumasi.

We Are One


NOTE: ABC4All Core Team is composed of a fast expanding group of volunteers. The recent launch of the ABC4All Global Mentoring TEAM Project is attracting persons throughout the world. Such individuals become "ABC4All Mentors" who share the information available with others, thereby expanding the global community of the Friends of ABC4All who together, as Dual Global Citizens (DGC), will help make communities better for all!

Waleed from Egypt states:

"There is no doubt that TakingITGlobal is the most important online place. Only TIG can help young leaders all over the world to exchange our iIdeas and think together about achieving the best. With TIG there is no borders between us - only what we need is to be online to make new friendships between each other and respect one another. I have a dream that I would like to live to see the day that all youth leaders in all over the world from TIG will be the real leaders in their countries. Then we will have all what we need to reach our goals, not only for youth, but for our world and our next generations."

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