NOTE:  There are many on record who have achieved remarkable improvements in health with Plasma Activated Water (PAW) who have been shipped the water or consumed it locally.    The personal example given has been carefully documented and followed now for nearly two years, but is only one example, of many others, including David Gray, President, Huck-Fin Environmental Education (HFEE) who states:

“This water ( Plasma Activated Water), I know, is the start of an evolution for all of us and the rest of the world, eventually. We have been blessed and given all we need to take care of ourselves, if we choose to allow the truth to be shared and cared for. There are many more incredible, but sensible and natural cures for all that ails us....different PH factored water for all types of applications, super concentrated greens and vegetables, Flor-Essence tea  and many more...they all hold the keys of cures, longevity, cleansing and quality life for today's world.”

I just received a comprehensive battery of blood work/urinalysis tests back and ALL were normal, including:

Fasting Glucose

Urine DIP

CBC w/auto CSM

CBC w/auto DIF

Basic Metabolic Panel

Comprehensive Metabolic Panel


PSA screen (has been elevated significantly in the past)

Lipid Profile:  Cholesterol 195 (140-200), Chol/HDL ratio 4.0, HDL cholesterol 49 (39-63), LDL CALC 129 (0-129), Triglycerides 83 (20-190)

Thyroid TSH


For 6.5 decades, cholesterol ranged between 220 and 304.  Nothing has brought cholesterol below 220s until I was able to combine Supreme Greens with PAW that brought the cholesterol down into the normal range (to 189) for the first time in my life when measured many months ago (10/04)

Prior to the original measurement, I drank PAW ONLY for 1 month, then had the fasting cholesterol panel and the result was well into the abnormal range, about 264.  Thus PAW by itself was not sufficient to bring the cholesterol into the normal range.

Then I consumed PAW for 1 month combining it with ONLY Supreme Greens

Created by Alex Guerrero: -- no other supplements.  My cholesterol was then measured at 189, well into the normal range, allowing for this case report in 11/04 (8 months after beginning PAW consumption):

Busting Out of High Cholesterol!

A lifetime (6.5 decades) of high cholesterol failed to yield to any of a wide variety of natural supplementation and dietary factors. Although standard medical practice involving a "statin" cholesterol-lowering drug was effective, there was always a concern about side effects caused by pharmaceutical drugs. Thus it was a delightful surprise to learn that, in this instance, the consideration that genes might be he culprit here was NOT valid, and that the long-term diagnosis of "High Cholesterol" has yielded to a natural supplementation program which involved alkalinizing one's diet. The latter approach to health has been well-documented, over and over, to create an environment within human cells that can be…of benefit…

This demonstration allowed for the conclusion that the high cholesterol was NOT related to genes, as I had suspected for so long.

Today's (02/07/06) cholesterol result, again with the combination of PAW and Supreme Greens, is 195, closely matching the prior result and still normal, confirming the first finding was not spurious, lab-related or random.

NOTE:  I am taking NO cholesterol-lowering medications (am currently taking no medications whatsoever and have not for many months).

Burton Danet, Ph.D., Co-Founder, A Better Community For All (ABC4All)

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Today I was examined by Dr. Patrick Lemm, primary physician, at the Torrance Care Station in Torrance, CA.

Among the various examinations he did, was to perform a digital rectal exam, commonly used to detect gross changes in male prostate gland.

Typically the gland enlarges as years pass, causing difficulty with urinary stream.

In the past, not only was I diagnosed with enlarged prostate, but was prescribe two different medications (Flonase and Uroxatral) to help with slowing urinary stream.  All previous such exams in recent years have documented enlarged prostate.

It has already been documented that I discontinued the medications many months ago.

Today’s digital examination was followed by the doctor stating, “Your prostate is not enlarged.  Normal for age.