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An interview of and by Burton Danet, Ph.D.

Based on:


Hello Burton!
Speaking of Water!
Not ordinary water, no.
What are you referring to?
Plasma Activated Water (PAW).
In a lab so far, not available yet.
So we can save lives and make it A Better Community for All (ABC4All)!
Who am I? Burton Danet, Ph.D.
Where am I? Manhattan Beach, CA USA
What About Me?
Let's keep it short. Answer a question with a question:
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Ok, you can't click if you're just listening. So instead, how about considering a pair of flying doves, each of which, when you click, brings you to another website.
One dove brings you to the "ABC4All GlobiVersity."
The other brings you to the ABC4All Bridge of Relief (ABC4All BOR)™

Globi what? Bridge of what?

Hold on. Let's start at the beginning.

Since getting onto the Internet, I have been aware that it is possible to utilize existing technology to maximize charitable contributions. That knowledge has become the driving force behind the phenomenon that has come to be known as “A Better Community for All (ABC4All).”

This new virtual entity in the world may be best understood by reading the “Welcome” website or by watching/listening to the ABC4All Dream Realized Power Point Presentation. A more comprehensive summary is also available.

Trained as a clinical psychologist, then psychoanalyst, it became necessary to retire from that profession in the late 80s. Since then a “lifetime of rehabilitation” has been diverted to helping make it a better community for all. What was not anticipated, however, was that such a person, fast losing ground in the rehabilitation battle, would be transformed into a walking miracle with a rejuvenation unheard of in the world.

So what's it all about?

In 03/2004, ABC4All Co-Founder Bob Chew introduced me to a Team of Russian Scientists/Engineers. They had accidentally discovered that the water they were using to cool down plasma experiments in their physics laboratory not only tasted good, but had rather spectacular properties. So they began drinking the water and then gave it to their families. The CEO's grandson became the only child in his school who never got sick!

That is how it started.

From then till now, so much has been learned about the myriad applications PAW has for the world.

But personally a physical transformation (rejuvenation) has occurred that is clearly belonging in the "Guiness Book of Records." Till then, here's the scoop.

There's a lot of information about the sad, sorry state physically to which I had arrived by the time I turned the age of 64. But thanks to Bob and then the Russian Team from Hydro Enterprises, Inc., what followed in my own recovery has led to the following:

An original poem written in 2005. called, "The Year of the PAW!"

Subtitle: "New Horizons: Plasma Activated Water"

Here is the poem:

"The Year of the PAW!"

"New Horizons: Plasma Activated Water"

Not too long ago,
A friend directed attention
To a Team of Russian scientists
Who had developed something new.
Plasma Activated Water, it was called.
PAW for short. What is PAW?
Why nothing but water, or so it seems.
Right out of the tap!

But this water, unlike all others
Passes through a Plasma Reactor!
It touches nothing!
But what happens to this water
Once it goes through
Is nothing short of a Miracle!

PAW has properties unlike no other water!
PAW is monomolecular.
No molecule clusters here.
Then, too, it has a huge negative charge.
What? Other waters don't?

Just try drinking this new and
Scientifically developed beverage.
Can it be?
Antiviral? Antibacterial?
Yes, the research says it is so.

Just look at the data, and
You, too, will see,
This new water is unlike any other
You'll ever encounter.

A solution to World Problems
You say? Yes, Exactly! PAW holds
Great promise, New Horizons,
Uncharted Territory,
Unimaginable benefits.

2005: The Year of the PAW!

A declaration followed making 2006 "The Year of Relief."

The plan is to make 2007 the year of the launch of the ABC4All Bridge of Relief!

Historically, along the way (8-1/2 years) we at ABC4All have created the GlobiVersity which is simply FREE education for ALL.

Then the "Bridge of Relief" became the concept to offer "Global Humanitarian Relief" to the World.

You can read more about that later.

For now, let's just finish with the rehabilitation story.

More than two years have passed since I began consuming PAW. Two historic case reports were authorized by HEI for publication. The first case report was written only 3 months after starting consuming PAW in (06/04).

The second case report was written 2 years later. See the addendum at the top.

From then till now--the recovery has been remarkable!


Now the statement is, "I'm 67, going on 26 minus, and I don't know how low I will go!"

The rejuvenation/rehabilitation includes the reversal of EVERY medical diagnosis from which I had been suffering with one exception. I take NO medication now, only natural supplements.

Unimagined "Health Heights™" and "Improvements Upon Improvements (IUI)" -- these terms have been coined to describe the phenomenon of personal recovery.

This has been placed in a context created by Bob Chew: "The ABC4All Path of 8 Petals" describing a new paradigm of Improving Health Maintenance (IHM).

Okay, I know, you're saying, "This can't be real."

Well, just take a look at the "Before" and "After" pictures.

Take a look at all the before/after medical data from various laboratories and then see if you still make that statement.

Yes, the fact is that all that used to be abnormal now is normal. This includes an "Exercise Stress Treadmill Test" which used to have abnormal ST T-wave patterns requiring further testing such as an echocardiogram and stress echocardiogram which turned out also to be "abnormal." On 08/23/2006, the Interpretation of the Exercise Stress Treadmill Test is "negative for significant ischemia. Patient reached 10 METS and 103% of target heart rate without symptoms."

A recent echocardiogram test which used to be abnormal also now was normal! So BOTH the EKG and the Echocardiogram, which used to be abnormal, are now NORMAL!

Plasma Activated Water - PAW. That's it!

Remember that!

We all can get used to the term, because it represents Global Humanitarian Relief, Improvement in Health Maintenance, and so much more...

Stay tuned and look for a soon-to-be-pulished book, "POISED: Introducing Plasma Activated Water to the World."

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