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"Idealists...foolish enough to throw caution to the winds......have advanced mankind and have enriched the world." --Emma Goldman


October 23, 2004!!
Next ABC4All Core Group Meeting:
Vacaville, CA (near Sacramento) USA March 26-27, 2005!

LAUNCH July-September 2004!!

Yes! To A Better Community 4All (ABC4All)!™
Creating a Charitable Social Revolution:
Directed Consumerism With Automatic "TechnoGiving" (DCAT)

********************** is the future home of

A Better Community For All,

the global internet portal that maximizes charitable contributions
to worthwhile causes all over the world! is the future home of the

Foundation of A Better Community For All (FABC),

the associated nonprofit foundation acting as the vehicle through which all ABC4All profits and direct donations, combined, will lead to the establishment of the

ABC4All Millennium Endowment Fund (MEF)

offering matching grants to charitable contributions initiated both on and offline by the

Friends of the

Foundation of a Better Community for All (FABC), 

a National Heritage Foundation,

launched together with The ABC4All Triple Giving Program (ABC4AllGGG)

on September 13, 2004

FABC has been launched as a National Heritage Foundation under the auspices of the Philanthropic Development Officer (PDO) for NHF, Robert Chew, of Robert Chew Consulting and ABC4All Co-Founder/Vice President of Business Development, P.O. Box 5423, Richmond, CA 94805, 510-232-7277, Fax 208-975-5305. As PDO, Robert Chew brings to ABC4All the capability of being able to set up and supervise “foundations at NHF” with the advantage that such foundations acquire full nonprofit status under NHF in approximately one business week, with all administrative work of the foundation handled by NHF, with the foundation's nonprofit status attained under NHF.

The National Heritage Foundation, Inc. is a 501(c )(3) public charity founded in 1968. It has grown to be one of the largest charities in the U. S. The NHF sets up and administers for individuals, corporations and communities “foundations at NHF” as a part of its legal structure, similar to an account at a bank. These “foundations at NHF” can either make “donor advised gifts” to named charities, or can actually conduct supervised charitable operations. NHF sees these “foundations at NHF” as a project by project approach to the restoration of our national heritage of people to people action. The broad goal of NHF is to strengthen the private philanthropic sector, thus lessening the tax-burdens of government. The narrow goal is to help people become more charitable, by assisting them with their charitable, educational, scientific or religious projects. For more information call 800 986 4483 or refer to the National Heritage Foundation Website at

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by Burton Danet, Ph.D., Founder, ABC4All

Exploration in space?
No! Try the human race!
Consider our potential
and You have the essential:
A Better Community For All!

All for One, One for All...

We need not look outside,
Better turn inside.
Think about it, please!
No reason to stop us now
The possible is attainable.
Tell us how!

The ABC4All effort being made
Can create Health Heights for All.
Support good causes worldwide?
You bet! Just peek at ABC4All!

Our group's mission is on the internet
But also accessible in everyone's vision.
Say Yes! to A Better Community For All

You, too, can help us explore.
This is not a final frontier,
Just all we are responsible for.


Why become a Friend of ABC4All

Mikki J. Paredes, LMSW, New York City answers:

"ABC4All is a platform in which minds can merge information.
Information gleaned can enhance intelligent choices.
"ABC4All provides an open forum in which similar minds may 
engage with one another to optimize choices for better
product, better performance, better knowledge bases which 
allow us to elevate ourselves, our spirit, our community.
Eventually a ripple effect is created causing us to use even
subtle maneuvers which can enhance all humankind. 
We can share our history, our experiences and therefore help 
each other avoid wrong choices. 
"ABC4All provided info that I did not have. That new info allowed me 
to navigate and find out more. This method will allow for the development
of an ocean of information that eventually can help ourselves and one another.
Obviously we need to ensure the validity of the information offered. 
There is no room for ego here - this is about sharing and improving mass 
"Even one small nanodecision (e.g., the choice of color of the tissues that we
use - white versus color tissues with dyes that can be harmful to people) can 
lead to improvement in our environment when others think about that nanodecision
and act. One nanodecision builds up and accelerates consciousness about the
"Ultimately the ABC4All Community Forum serves all of us in the exchange of 
credible information that can help each and every one of us to navigate more 
intelligently through knowledge, thereby enhancing options that are open to us
and allowing us to make better choices.
"The key here is the reciprocity between and among us as humans, helping each 
other and linking our resources and data base so that we help each other and, 
ultimately, the entire planet."

"I recommend anyone desiring to make it a better world to join and become a
Friend of ABC4All.'"


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