Huck-Fin Environmental Education (HFEE) and A Better Community For All (ABC4All) are combining resources to create both a call to action to communities everywhere and to offer a comprehensive model solution to the national/global epidemic of obesity and related ills that plague our world, especially so many of our children. To this end, HFEE/ABC4All have created CHEN4All or Community Health, Exercise and Nutrition for All as a model which can be adapted for any school, district and/or community to meet local needs and conditions!

Huck-Fin Environmental Education (HFEE) and A Better Community for  All (ABC4All) present: 

CHEN4All Program Overview:

Community Health, Exercise and Nutrition For All

Nutrition and Academic Performance

It is a well known fact that poor nutrition negatively affects academic performance. More importantly, the reverse has already been documented. It is necessary to follow the advice of the Appleton Central Alternative Charter School whose existing model nutrition program appears in a dramatic video by Natural Ovens Bakery:

"Program Basics: Business as usual will not work for a healthy nutrition program.  There needs to be a champion for the cause.  Appleton Central Alternative School serves both a nutritious breakfast and lunch.  There are no vending machines within the school and no carry-in food and/or beverages are allowed.  In addition, ACA offers bottled water and encourages students to carry water bottles.  Ninety-five per cent (95%) of Central students participate in the nutrition program."

We at HFEE/ABC4All have adopted the role of being that champion.  It is therefore proposed that CHEN4All follow the nutrition model that already demonstrates reversal and elimination of behavioral problems and improved academic performance in a school. The model of good nutrition for a school by Natural Ovens Bakery also appeared in the recently released documentary film, "Super Size Me." 

The Natural Ovens Bakery (NOB) video, in 2 parts, is available for viewing at This powerful, moving, dramatic and poignant 14-min video tells all.

“The Impact of Fresh, Healthy Food on Learning and Behavior 2004”: PARTS I and II

Paul Stitt and Barbara Stitt, CEO/President of NOB, creators of the video and the nutrition program which has literally rescued the Appleton Alternative Charter School have demonstrated total commitment to bring healthy nutrition into all schools in our nation by 2012. The Stitts' nonprofit, Nutrition Resource Foundation, has already made abundantly clear that the model nutrition component to CHEN4All is already available, ready to be adopted.

The NOB video, in 2 parts, is entitled, “The Impact of Fresh, Healthy Food on Learning and Behavior 2004.”

A link on the website for "Super Size Me" ( states, "What can NOB do for your school?" We at HFEE/ABC4All want to answer that question for every school in USA and perhaps internationally where possible as well.

Action for Healthy Kids (AFHK), a public-private partnership of more than 40 national organizations and government agencies, has put in place 51 state teams (all states and the District of Columbia) that are planning and implementing state and local actions to promote sound nutrition and physical activity in schools.

Suggested Next Steps: Creating CHEN4All Success

A report by AFHK, to be released on October 7, 2004, "The Learning Connection: The Value of Improving Nutrition and Physical Activity in Our Schools" states: "Tackling these problems (poor nutrition, lack of physical activity and weight problems) is the responsibility of every individual, every community, and every state in the nation. Public and private stakeholders at all levels must join together."

CHEN4All represents a unique model that can be utilized by any school, any district, any community to facilitate the goals of improving nutrition and exercise and the health of children everywhere all the while creating financial support for vital programs within schools that otherwise might not exist due to budget constraints. With the cooperation encouraged by CHEN4All, to include, as much as possible, the entire spectrum of the citizenry, communities can truly become better for all concerned. In Dr. Satcher's words, it is a "community responsibility" that will lead to full participation and resulting beneficial ripple effects of a successful CHEN4All.


CHEN4All offers TWO simultaneous sources of funding for schools and nonprofits everywhere. With full participation by a community, these two sources of fundraising can create opportunities for self-funding of programs in schools, churches/synagogues, etc. With the cooperation of all parties within the community, the success of CHEN4All will be ensured.

The two fundraising components include: 

1) A healthy fundraiser for schools and nonprofits: Nutrition and Kids: and

2) The Triple Giving Program (ABC4AllGGG)

Thus CHEN4All is poised to do major fundraising for schools (desperately needed) all the while, simultaneously, bringing into existence the excellent model of good nutrition represented by NOB's "Miracle in Wisconsin." The support and cooperation of all parties in a community are needed as well as proper funding to execute this proposal and make it a reality. CHEN4All does everything possible to bring the parties together to cooperate and facilitate doing what it takes to make this proposal into a reality.

ABC4All Co-Founder and Vice President of Business Development, Mr. Robert Chew.

Anyone can become a Friend of ABC4All, thereby participating in the fundraising which can occur in a community to support local school programs.


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