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175047: Reversal of Medical Diagnoses Claim Status

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The following 16 items reveal the results of medical tests taken before 03/04 when consumption of Plasma Activated Water (PAW) began and after starting to consume the water in 03/04 with results accumulated since that month.

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Interview of and by Burton Danet, Ph.D.


With one exception, every medical diagnosis with associated prescription medication has been reversed. Under current review by Guiness World Records is Claim ID 175047 is a request to sumbit a record attempt: "Total Number of Reversals of Medical Diagnoses from Abnormal to Normal."

1. High Blood Pressure (lisinopril) - After a triple trip and fall accident 11/02, blood pressure went to 220/110 (while in the hospital) and would not come down without medication. Blood pressure readings now are consistently in the 112/55 - 139/71 range (mean = 117/62, based on 22 readings taken from 02/25/06 - 05/06/06).

2. Total cholesterol - abnormally high readings for 6.5 decades (Pravachol) with the range of findings from low 200s to 304; most recent readings 189 and now down to 155.

3. Repeated infections (urinary tract, prostatitis, gastritis, etc) (various antibiotics, Protonix) - no longer have such infections.

4. Helicobacter pylori (PrevPak) - have not had a recurrence.

5. Benign Prostatic Hypertrophy (BPH) (Flomax, Uroxatrol) - urinary stream slowed, awakened several times in the night. Now take only natural supplements, improved stream, do not awaken in the night.

6. Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) – the exception, but with a newly invented device no longer have the snoring problem as before. Was using CPAP as the treatment of choice which was not very successful. Most recently have begun using the "Full Breath Breathing Solution" mouthpiece that gently holds the mouth open and keeps the air passage free so that more oxygen can get to the lungs. At this point, 95% of the snoring is eliminated, with additional adjustments of the mouthpiece pending to improve the results even more.

7. Total body fibromyalgia pain caused by muskuloskeletal injuries from a history of a series of automobile accidents and auto vs. pedestrian accidents, with development of abnormalities including L4-5 and L5-S1 disk herniations, cervical osteophytes, etc. (ibuprofen, Tylenol, Vicodin, Ultracet). Diagnosed by Stuart Silverman, M.D., Fibromyalgia pain has totally disappeared. Example: In order to work at the computer and avoid back pain, had to create an ergonomic work station in a reclining position. Now able to sit upright and work for long periods, uninterrupted, without pain or discomfort of any kind.

8. Trouble breathing (lightheadedness) – determined not to be pulmonary in origin with normal Pulmonary Funtion Tests. Conclusion made by Stuart Silverman, M.D., Medical Director, Cedars-Sinai Fibromyalgia Pain and Treatment Program, Beverly Hills, CA: The breathing problem was likely muscle/fibromyalgia related? A course of physical therapy prescribed by Dr. Silverman helped, but did not eliminate, this breathing problem. The problem has long since disappeared without the benefit of further physical therapy.

9. A left pontine brainstem nonhemorrhagic infarct – stroke – diagnosed via brain MRI scan in 11/2003 – is no longer visible on repeat MRI about a year later.

10. Severe glaucoma (Travatan) (diagnosed by Ophthalmologist John Byron, M.D., Redondo Beach, CA) Travatan eye drops used to treat increased eye pressure caused by open-angle glaucoma or ocular hypertension. This issue has resolved with normal pressure readings and no longer take any medication.

11. Facial actinic keratoses (precancerous lesions thought not to be curable and treated via spraying with liquid nitrogen, with subsequent formation of scabs which drop off, with the reappearance of the lesions which eventually turn into basal cell carcinoma (BCC) with two prior MOHS surgeries in the 1990s to remove BCC) have been arrested and healed with topical application of 9.5 pH PAW and subsequently acidic (2.5 pH) water. These and many other lesions have been healed with ONLY the topical application of either the alkaline or acidic water. NO antibiotic ointment or any other topical treatment is used. The lesions consistently heal in concentric circles, from outside in, with the lesion becoming smaller and smaller until it disappears. Photo and brief video showing the healing lesions.

12. Recent (03/06/06) echocardiogram normal compared to previous borderline and abnormal echocardiograms (11/29/02)

13. A recent medical examination included a digital rectal examination with the finding, "normal prostate for age." This contrasts with all previous such medical examinations with the finding of "enlarged prostate" and associated BPH (see #5 above).

14. Recent routine comprehensive blood testing (04/27/06) has yielded TOTALLY NORMAL RESULTS: Results page 1 and Results page 2

15. A recent (01/06) examination by a doctor involved in patient care since 1995 for "Soft Tissue Manipulation," Steven Tunnell, D.C. demonstrated important phenomena noted among the evaluation findings recorded by Dr. Tunnell:

"Mr. Burt Danet has been under my care intermittently for various musculoskeletal injuries since 1995. During this time I have evaluated Mr. Danet on numerous occasions and have followed his rehabilitation closely. I have seen Mr. Danet’s physical limitations grow in the recent years.

"Mr. Danet’s past history includes four motor vehicle accidents that have produced cervical and lumbar pathology, including herniated L4-5 and L5-S1 discs that produced narrowing of the neural foramina at these same levels as well as a moderate narrowing of the central canal at L4-5. This has been confirmed on multiple MRI and CT scans. Mr. Danet has spent long hours typing and transcribing for years. This has produced repetitive stress injuries in the hands, wrists, forearms, arms, and shoulders, as well as neck pain, low back pain and headaches. The patient had a serious fall several years ago in which he was hospitalized with head, neck, back, leg, and arm injuries. To make matters worse, Mr. Danet suffered a minor stroke during the past couple of years.

"I have not seen Mr. Danet in many months up until this recent reevaluation. Mr. Danet requested an evaluation. If I had not received a brief history over the phone I would have assumed he had an additional injury that required treatment, but he told me he was feeling great. I evaluated Mr. Danet on January 15, 2006. I was surprised to see him in the best physical condition in my years of knowing him. Mr. Danet was strong and without loss of motion in any of the previous regions of injury. His only loss of function was a light sensory loss from his stroke. He requested that I watch him speed walk following the assessment, and I could not keep with his pace unless I jogged.

"Mr. Danet stated he has been feeling more alive, vibrant and energetic than he did at 26 years old. He reported and increase in energy, cardiovascular endurance, exercise capacity and focus in the recent months. He stated that he could now sit upright for over two hours without pain [recently it was possible to work for 12 straight hours at the computer - with appropraite periodic breaks -- but all without any pain or discomfort whatsoever.] He previously had lay in a semi recumbent position for less time prior to the onset of pain. Mr. Danet reported he no longer has headaches and he has not had a need to take Advil. He also stated that he has an increased healing response that has helped in resolution of his actinic keratoses, and a correction of his blurred vision.

"...The recent addition of Plasma Activated Water has corresponded to all the previously stated positive changes in his health.

"He requested that I watch him speed walk following the assessment, and I could not keep with his pace unless I jogged." Please see this "Power Walking Video" recorded in 05/06. Dr. Tunnell concludes: "I am amazed at the dramatic transformation in Mr. Danet. With Mr. Danet’s history of a degenerative spine and the many other injuries, I expected that his physical limitation would continue to grow. I can only say that the changes in Mr. Danet’s musculoskeletal condition appear to be miraculous."

16. "Exercise Stress Treadmill Test" which used to have abnormal ST T-wave patterns requiring further testing such as an echocardiogram and stress echocardiogram which turned out also to be "abnormal." On 08/23/2006, the Interpretation of the Exercise Stress Treadmill Test is "negative for significant ischemia. Patient reached 10 METS and 103% of target heart rate without symptoms."

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