Global Outreach! (GO!)

An ABC4All Global T.E.A.M.

To Educate All:  Millennium Endowment Fund (MEF) (proposed)

Urgent Call to ACTION: Failed US Banks in 2008 by Thomas Power, Chairman, Ecademy.

Global Outreach! (GO!): The Plan / Model One Page Business Plan (OPBB)!


Global Outreach! (GO!):  The Plan

[NOTE:  For “EasyLearning:” This Project Description later will be posted online at the ABC4All Global TEAM Project at and will eventually become part of the ABC4All GlobiVersity™.  For now this information is being made available initially ONLY to the ABC4All Team of TEAMS and to all ABC4All Mentors.]



The following is a description of an exclusive opportunity being made available initially to the Core Team of A Better Community For All (ABC4All).  If you receive this information, you are considered a Core Team participant.  Should you prefer to have your name removed from the list please notify us at ABC4All (at) gmail (dot) com.


Activity generated from this proposal will support the creation of the future proposed ABC4All Millennium Endowment Fund (ABC4AllMEF) of the future (to be created) Foundation of A Better Community For All (FABC), to be used when endowed to MATCH/DOUBLE charitable contributions created via ABC4All participants.


NOTE:  We do not have to wait for the endowment to “MAXIMIZE Giving.”  With existing technologies, it is possible to assist nonprofits / NGO’s worldwide to become SELF-FUNDED, and to that end, ABC4All is developing multiple methods to support such groups.  Creating one or more simultaneous charitable contributions via ordinary “directed” consumerism from a SINGLE transaction is the starting point.  Over time, the building blocks to facilitate “MAXIMIZE Giving” will be added. 


With the creation of sustainable opportunities, as referenced by ABC4All Mentor / Volunteer / ABC4All eCommerce Consultant (ABC4AlleCC), Steve Mistretta, a unique opportunity is being offered to Make A Difference for ourselves, our families, our businesses and our communities. Any ABC4All participants in this plan to be facilitated by the ABC4All Team of TEAMS and ABC4All Mentors from across the world will benefit from ALL the future activity via a built-in rewards system.




Burton Danet, Ph.D./Robert Chew,

Co-Founders, A Better Community For All (ABC4All)


“The talk is over.  It is time to go forward.”

The significance of what is being launched cannot be stressed more than what is reflected in the Subtitle of the Global Outreach Project: 



Global Outreach! (GO!):  One Page Business Plan (OPBB)

 Cultural, Economic, Technological and 

Providing Employment Opportunities Where None Existed Before.

An ABC4All Global T.E.A.M.

 To Educate All:  Millennium Endowment Fund (MEF) (Proposed)

I.  Vision:  All participating individuals, groups and NGO and 501(c)3 nonprofit organizations will  become self-funded, an objective being implemented by ABC4All with the consultations of Steve Mistretta!

II. Mission: To provide technologically advanced products to the masses enabling them individually to boostrap their own economic picture, to include an emphasis on anyone excluded from mainstream employment and/or economic opportunity.  Those without such a challenge will be even more economically successful than already is the case.  Global Outreach! (GO!), an ABC4All TEAM, supports the mission of ABC4ll: “Maximizing Charitable Contributions on and off the Internet”™

III. Objectives:

1.      Erase barriers brought upon by preconceived idealogs and economic systems, eliminating existing Cultural, Economic and Technological Divides.

2.      Empower local organizations to assemble their own technology support systems and to take advantage of local high speed internet resources, when possible.

3.      Establish support networks that are remote to you, when other support services are not in your neighborhoods.

4.      Motivate community sponsors who can provide local endorsements.

5.      Build team approaches to address local concerns.

IV. Strategies:

1.  Use Viral Marketing techniques and word of mouth recommendations along with advanced computer technology to promote the products and services in the package.

2. Provide Training and Coaching from a new support network, no matter how extensive and how far away we are from each other.

3. Encourage and Obtain local support, where there may be very limited resources.

4. Analyze and Recommend a series of next steps for all social entrepreneurs that have a new or proven track record.

5. Build into a masterplan a local mastermind group or support network.

V. Plans

1.   Utilize advanced Health, Environmental and Application Technologies to enable individuals and groups to communicate the benefits, thereby assisting themselves and others to earn self-generated income.

2.   Enable anyone capable of communication (eliminating accessibility barriers) to earn a living and become economically self-sufficient.

3.   Create a Viral Marketing program with proven successful existing technologies offering consumer products/services available globally that create residual income to help individuals and charities, simultaneously, become self-funded.

4.   Use combined technological resources featuring a payment processor saving consumers and businesses fees and offer other advanced technologies for marketing purposes.

5.   Use the Internet as a platform of communication with FREE training for ALL as part of the offerings of ABC4All GlobiVersity!