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Global Love Day May 01,2008 - Proclamation - Launching Cermony of ABC4All in Lahore Pakistan

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Dear Friends of abc4all,
Greeting of peace & love from the ABC4ALL &  "Peace Advocate"  Hear is below reminder call from The Love Foundation. Please go through and observed this day in your family, work place and organizations and spread the message of Global Love Day and filled and circulate the Proclmation for I did below: 
On 29th March 2008 Saturday we celebrated the "Season for NonViolence" introduced the YUBUPA Video production the partcipant extend the gratitude to Pat. & Burt who made possible specailly on "" Thanks Burt again.  
The member of Peace and Development Foundation decided that we will launch "A Better Community for ALL" Chapter in Pakistan to spread the message of ABC4ALL while celebrating Global Love Day on first May 2007 and will introduce the YUBUPA Production (A Better world4YouAndMe)  with special Videos & specail event will Universal Flage Cermony. The final agenda will be circulate before one week.
The Chief Guest will Mr. Burt & Pat. and member of mentoring team of ABC4ALL and YUBUPA will be Guest of Honor, beside our organization and the other organizations will be invited. It will great event.
Your prayers and blessings are requested to Launch ABC4ALL and your messages of Soldarity are welcome which will  read out in the Cermony.
Please be remember  this specail Day for Pakistan and All over the world  and also Light a Candle for  Solidarity.
Lets join hand to spread the message of Love and Peace by lighting your  vision/mission
to see the " A Better Community4all"  & a better co
Yuel Bhatti
ABC4ALL Mentor "Peace Adovate"
We are less than a month away from our fifth annual Global Love Day on Thursday, May 1, 2008.  
With so much change going on worldwide, we have an amazing opportunity to embrace love, unity, tolerance and diversity on a planetary scale as we gather together and unite as a collective humanity through unconditional love.
Some of the latest updates:
We have connected with individuals and organizations from over 114 countries, presently have 36 volunteer country, regional and field coordinators, our flyers are in 29 languages (and available on our site) along with 28 new proclamations already this year for a record 158 combined from governors, mayors, city councils and other officials - and more are coming in every day.  
In a beautiful and kind offer, Erin with Simple Bangles in Pennsylvania, has created a special key chain in honor of Global Love Day this year and is generously donating half of the profits directly to The Love Foundation. 
Whirling Rainbow Foundation is premiering their documentary GrandMother Drum: Awakening the Global Heart on Global Love Day along with a unified one hour drumming vigil. 
From gatherings in Florida to California, South Africa to Bangladesh, Australia to the UK, each day we are hearing about more events, activities and unique ways you are sharing the love around the globe. Some examples include a week long music fest in Ghana that will begin on Global Love Day, group discussions and meditations, feeding the homeless, visiting the elderly and hospitalized, festive celebrations, enjoying family and friends and even passing out flowers and hugs to the public.  Plus, our dear new friend in Canada, continues to magically manifest more YouTube videos honoring Global Love Day and our vision with TLF.  We are honored and grateful for all the inspiration and effort from each of you! 
Links and daily updates are easily found on our home page at  Please also take a moment to see the Global Love Day pages for our simple vision of the day.  Be a part of it - spread the word.  You can forward this email, call or write to your friends, family, community, corporations, governments and media to announce this event.  
Keep emailing us your ideas and let us know how you plan to share the love.  Remember to send us your pictures afterwards too!
Love, light and peace,
The Board - Harold, John, Tam, Lanis, and Erik
Our Country and Regional Coordinators - Lydiah, Raphael, Magda, Martin, Emmanuel, Peris, Wendi, Keyvan, Julie, Shiva, Shed, Sahro, Zuberi, Melissa, Karim, Falguni, Matthew, Kimiko, Ebrima, Norah, D. Amalraj, Wojciech, Melony, Roger, Sumari, Lee, Deby, Mitzi, Darlene, Heather, Jana, Kaleemullah, Javier, Bishwanath, Teri and Zeina
The Love Foundation, Inc.
Think: Global Love Day
Feel: Love Begins With Me
Remember: May 1, 2008
Whereas,  The Love Foundation, Inc., a non-profit organization, has announced GLOBAL LOVE DAY to facilitate in establishing LOVE & PEACE on our planet;

will establish a worldwide focus towards "unconditionally loving each other as we love ourselves";

Whereas, We are One Humanity on this planet;
Whereas, All life is interconnected and interdependent;
Whereas, All share in the Universal bond of love;
Whereas, Love begins with self acceptance and forgiveness;
Whereas, With tolerance and compassion we embrace diversity;
Whereas, Together we make a difference through love;
Whereas, The Love Foundation, Inc. invites mankind to declare May 1, 2008 as GLOBAL LOVE DAY, a day of forgiveness and unconditional love.  GLOBAL LOVE DAY will act as a model for all of us to follow, each and every day;

NOW, THEREFORE, I, Yuel Bhatti ,Chairman of Peace & Development Foundation-Pakistan  and ABC4All Mentor “Peace Advocate” , hereby dedicate and proclaim May 1st, 2008 as:
GLOBAL LOVE DAY in  Lahore Pakistan and invite all citizens to observe this day, which honors the public cause for Global Love, World Peace, and Universal Joy.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand and caused the Great Seal of PDF /ABC4ALL to be affixed this 5th day of  April , 2008.


                                                                                                Signed: Yuel Bhatti
Affix Seal Here
                                                                                ATTEST:  Akhter Murad.
                                                                                                   Peace & Development Foundation                

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