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Namast' friends
As Global Intenders’ we have started our Circle and would be lovely to be able to count u in and pl include ur own wishes and intentions to make this world a betterplace ..thank u ..

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Global Intenders'Circle

Our Intentions ... to make this world a better place

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Global Intender's Circle

Namaste' Everyone,
Before we introduce ourselves.. we would like to invite you to let us know your intentions to make this world a better place... and we will be adding all your intentions under your name in our circle....

The New Year 2009 is beginning and I do not think we can start anything new in the new year with old energy, old habits. We need to look deep inside and find what is sacred and what is important for us.

I have worked the past 12 months with different people, different cultures and different NGOs and as a result, I realize that the world needs a big change and we cannot change the world if we do not change ourselves and our daily lives.

With recent events in Mumbai, Pakistan and now Gaza, the reminders of what is so desperately needed could not be more in front of us. And we can add the disgraceful greed that has led to gross abuse and deflation of the value of so many people and nonprofits in the world - due to the economic downturn and abuses that are far beyond what could be in our imaginations.

The games of old no longer work, and quite frankly, the only reason worked in the first place, was because many of our societies and cultures have conditioned us to react and respond, rather than just be and be pure, transparent, and genuine with all of our intentions.

In the last few weeks, I have faced many things deeply and I also realized that there is a lot more to be done. My work is thanks to many, many friends who give me real LOVE and FRIENDSHIP. In these new relationships on earth, we can have more open telepathic communication, more of a "knowing" that does not need words to be expressed, and more of a spiritual relationship and partnership.

Typically, chaos and discord seem to precede new found clarity and resolution. Many of the relationships we may have had in the past seemed to require "vows" – forever. In this new view, the relationships will allow for personal freedom on all levels. Faithfulness will come from one's genuine heartfelt desire to be with us, rather than a legally imposed order. As you may surmise, this has not really worked in our societies anyway, but sadly it is still going on in many Cultures where people just exist in such relationships, yet are not happy internally.

I would say I am lucky to work with many who are awakened on all levels and I do not need to keep secrets or wishes from each other, because we literally are able to read the other person's mind. Thank You Guys! It is fun to work with you all as it is motivated by pure love.

Being that our essence is pure love, we are awakening to our highest expression of Self and are more consciously becoming one with Divine Source. Naturally as we become more conscious or awakened, our physical life and relationships are also going to follow suit and go new ways .This is a positive awakening as we chose to come into this world of form to awaken on all levels - to know that we are not, nor could we ever be separated from Divine Source. We will begin to experience more of a pure, unconditional love for all.
We are being seriously squeezed now from every direction. This can cause feelings of great apathy about our work, our futures, and even the effectiveness of what we believed we were here to do and create. As a part of our ego selves begin a rapid depart, we may feel that nothing much of us is in charge or really knows. But feeling momentarily apathetic and not caring anymore has always been a continual phase of the ascension process and it always passes.
With all this occurring at once, we are literally being pushed into connecting to one another. We know now more than ever before that we can no longer go it alone. We absolutely must come together.
As a highly sensitive person, I can easily feel another person's feelings as though I'm the one feeling the pain, the wound, or the joy. So I need to balance that by feeling my own intense joy in appreciating the simple things in life. Everyday things; the beauty of nature, music, the smile of another, all help to balance the cries I hear daily in this world. Sometimes I also need to retreat to a solitary and peaceful place to neutralize the noises of the world that often stress me out and exhaust the energy of my spirit.
Most of us are fortunate to be able to live a comfortable life. Such a life has never been so advanced. Technology today allows us to reach one another in a click of a button; yet with all of the good things we possess, still it does not seem possible to cast away all of the dark clouds that seem to hang everywhere; obscuring the azure sky, blocking the warmth of our bright and faithful sun. Is it simply because we have forgotten to communicate, collaborate with one another?
We walk the pavement each day, flaunting the calloused hearts that hold back our tears and wandering through the streets hurriedly. All the while, pretending we are strong, numbing our hearts and killing our souls, just so we can get by, just so we can be the people our society wants us to transform into. For what, just to be accepted? Rich and poor alike are dying within, the humanity of their souls is being taken away either by the necessity of their demise or by their meaningless ambitions.
No! It should not be like this. We can change. We can find that peace like in heaven, a small hope that would keep us from stumbling in the dark. By changing our attitudes, we can change and heal the world.
Finally, I would like to say that I have never seen the ones I work together with on these projects and still we can work with each other without saying many words. I am thankful for these relationships as most of them have reached the highest level of consciousness and are already connecting with to each other without forced relationships or vows. I am thankful to have such friends and such connections. It has been an honor to work with you all and I hope this goes on for next 100 years :) Thank You Guys!

I just joined the Intenders and will start my circle as one of the Global Intenders. I would love you all to join me in your hearts to make a change one by one, day by day. I have made a video about the CODE (10 intents to make this world a better place).

These are the codes from and as I am promoting their vision, we can include our vision inside. Here are my thoughts from past few weeks attached
Thank you for taking time. Love and blessings to each and every one of you.
May you all have a wonderful New Year.

The intents to make this world a better place for all of us in oneness...(examples here)
support life
I refrain from opposing or harming anyone. I allow others to have their own experiences. I see life in all things and honor as if it were my own. I support life

seek truth
I follow my inner compass and discard any beliefs that are no longer serving me
I go to the source, I seek truth

set your course
I begin the creative process, I give direction to my life. I set my course.

I let go so there is room for something better to come in, I intend that I am guided, guarded and protected and lined up with the Highest Good at all times. I trust and remain open to received from both expected and unexpected sources , I simplify

Stay positive
I see good, say good and do good. I accept the gift from all of my experiences.
I am living in grace and gratitude. I stay positive

After intending and surrendering, I take action by following the opportunities that are presented to me. I am in the flow where the Great Mystery and Miracles abide, fulfilling my desires and doing what I came here to do. I synchronize.

Serve Others
I practice love in action. I always have enough to spare and enough to share.
I am available to those who need it. I serve others.

Shine your Light
I am a magnificent being, awakening to my highest potential.
I express myself with Joy, smiling easily and laughing often. I shine my light.

Share your vision
I create my ideal world by envisioning it and telling others about it. I share my vision.

I see Humanity as one. I enjoy gathering with light -hearted people regularly. When we come together, we set the stage for the Great Oneness to reveal itself

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