A&E Special Presentation: Biography of the Year 2005
Friday, December 16 2005 at 8pm / 7c 

Biography of the Year 2005 In A&E Special Presentation: Biography of the Year 2005, we bring viewers a two-hour countdown of the people who have had the greatest impact on our lives over the last year. The year 2005 was filled with news that was difficult to watch. A tsunami devastated Southeast Asia while hurricane Katrina left hundreds of thousands homeless. Casualties from the war in Iraq continued to mount and people were killed in London by terrorist attacks. Starvation and disease raged in Darfur and an AIDS epidemic ravaged Africa. Meet the most charitable celebrities, politicians who have made a lasting impact, and ordinary people who have done extraordinary things, culminating with our choice to be number one for 2005. 

Included: Biography of David Perez, First Responder, 2Life18 Foundation www.2Life18Foundation

A "Good Gardener" for the World:

Global Humanitarian Relief via the ABC4All Bridge of Relief


"First Responder," David Perez, and his organization, the 2 Life 18 Foundation, http://2Life18.org together with the support of A Better Community For All (ABC4All) http://ABC4All.net embark on global humanitarian relief. Improved water and alternative energy technologies are being harnessed to effect solutions throughout the world.

David Perez' 2 Life 18 Foundation Mission as First Responder has not rested on the laurels of the dramatic, important and dynamic achievements to date following the Hurricanes. The needs of evacuees being evicted will be addressed.  Further, the looming threat of Avian Flu dictates that the 2 Life18 Foundation seek cooperative support worldwide.

To this end, A Better Community For All (ABC4All) has pledged combined, maximized, support for the 2 Life 18 Foundation via the ABC4All Bridge of Relief (ABC4AllBOR)™ Global Humanitarian Relief Task Force: http://ABC4All.net/why.htm With proper cooperation on a global scale, the possibility exists for a monumental contribution to societies across the world by the ABC4AllBOR participants, including the 2 Life 18 Foundation.

We do not have to wait for natural disasters to occur to know that there are constant crises that need to be addressed on a global scale, as referenced by the Population Reference Bureau: http://www.prb.org/. The following are examples of major issues plaguing our planet which mandate immediate action:


More than one-half of the world's people live below the internationally defined poverty line of less than U.S. $2 a day-including 97 percent in Uganda, 80 percent in Nicaragua, 66 percent in Pakistan, and 47 percent in China, according to data from the World Bank.  Solution: By diverting monies NOT needed for chemicals for disinfection/sterilization purposes (and other applications) with 2.5 pH Plasma Activated Water (PAW) http://hydroent.com, including chlorine for swimming pools, these untold millions/billions of dollars can be diverted to humanitarian relief by the combined effort of the 2 Life 18 Foundation http://2Life18.org and the Foundation of A Better Community For All (FABC), a National Heritage Foundation http://ABC4All.org


The proportion of people without safe drinking water could be halved by 2015.”

Nearly one-third of rural residents worldwide lack access to safe drinking water. Solution: By making 9.5 pH Plasma Activated Water (PAW) available, not only is bottled water possible, but plasma reactors can be created/delivered to turn any source of polluted water into potable, drinking water that helps Improve Health Maintenance (IHM) in situ (100,000 gals/hr). http://hydroent.com; http://ABC4All.net/paw.htm and http://ABC4All.net/8petals.htm.


Africa's infant mortality rate is nearly 15 times that of the developed world. Solution: With Improving Health Maintenance (IHM) via ABC4All Partici-Care™ http://ABC4All.net/8petals.htm, hopefully a significant dent can be made in the problem of high infant mortality rates. 11.0 pH water can be used in small quantities (by the drop) by health professionals with their clients/patients, enhancing the 9.5 pH drinking water: http://ABC4All.net/paw.htm Such a higher pH level water in the body is consonant with providing and ensuring the physical body is placed into balance, thereby creating conditions at the cellular level for improved health maintenance: http://ABC4All.net/balance.htm Clinical studies are in development to document the benefits of alternative healthy waters available.

TO START: Better Water, Better World (BW2)™  For some time now, waters have been available that Improve Health Maintenance (IHM). The validity data demonstrate that certain of these healthy waters eliminate bacteria and viruses and thus hold great potential for assisting with improving living conditions for humans, plants and animals. With such scientific proof already documented, a research protocol is being developed to study the clinical benefits of these waters when consumed by humans.

SUMMARY In good conscience, those aware of this unique, unheard of possibility for global humanitarian relief can act expeditiously to facilitate What The World Needs Now: Here is a chance for a small group of people to enlist the cooperation of supporters all over the globe who can help make the world, truly, a better place for all.

MORE DETAILED INFORMATION: 2 Life 18 Foundation: http://2Life18.org ABC4All http://ABC4All.net

ACTION OPTIONS Support any or all of the following via tax-deductible donations or by attending a FUNdraising™ Event:

The 2 Life 18 Foundation First Responder Effort to combat global threats including the Avian Flu: http://2Life18.org

The Riders For The Storm: Raising $60 million over a two year span; a 19-year-old graduate of Huck-Fin Environmental Education (HFEE), Jeromey Schmidt, rides his horse across USA and back to keep the needs of storm victims alive in the eyes and hearts of the nation. http://ABC4All.net/riders.htm

Community Health, Exercise and Nutrition for All (CHEN4All): Restore healthful habits in everyday lives: http://ABC4All.net/chen4all.htm

A Better Community For All (ABC4All) via the Foundation of A Better Community For All (FABC), a National Heritage Foundation: http://ABC4All.org

ABC4All FUNdraising™ Concert Series: To include the healing music of Robert Anthony Aviles and his Band, Insight http://ABC4All.net/fundraising.htm and http://raamusic.com

Support the development of TEAM: To Educate All: Millennium Endowment Fund (MEF) to create a permanent matching/doubling of ALL charitable contributions: http://ABC4All.net/mef.htm


David Perez, First Responder, 2 Life 18 Foundation www.2Life18.org info@2Life18.org

Burton Danet, Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist (retired), Co-Founder, A Better Community For All (ABC4All), http://ABC4All.net Foundation of A Better Community For All (FABC), a National Heritage Foundation http://ABC4All.org abc4all@gmail.com