by C. Bailey-Lloyd

Through the eyes of a child, the whole world is waiting there
In the core of his soul, happiness is everywhere

Through the eyes of a child, a blade of grass is simply green
In his heart, warm and tender, time is endless - unforseen

Through the eyes of a child, his friendly spirit sees no wrong
In his laughter and his smile, there is joy in every song

Through the eyes of a child - running, jumping, wild and free
In his mind, the world’s a playground - there are no boundaries

Through the eyes of a child, a grownup’s hand is always strong
In his senses he can feel life’s breath in morning’s sun

Through the eyes of a child, mankind is all the same
In his eyes, he cannot see the differences we make

Through the eyes of a child, rivers flow like an ocean
In his small hands, he holds the key to resolution

For you see -
through the eyes of a child -
wars are obsolete
time is always ageless
and the world revolves in peace…

“…we could learn a lot from a child.”

Copyright 2003

Though the Eyes of a Child
by C. Bailey-Lloyd
Excerpt from “Somewhere Along the Beaten Path”


Is there a story behind this poem?

Actually, there is. I remember thinking back to a time when I was a young child myself and how things were so “simple” back then. When I worked as a volunteer in the Pre-K program for a couple of years, I recall how children interacted with one another. There were no “differences.” They didn’t make differences among each other. They just played, laughed and enjoyed each other. And truly, children are one of the greatest resources we have on earth - if we can learn how to see things through their eyes - their perspectives - then life wouldn’t be so difficult at all. We just have to recapture our youth to apply peace.

Why are you passionate about creating peace?

Peace is a state of mind that all humanity can achieve if only we set the invisible chains that bind it free. When one hears the troubling news around the world, and how innocent lives are being destroyed at the hands of our leaders’ reckless decisions, it makes one wonder how we, as the human race, can idly stand by and do nothing. So what makes me passionate about creating peace? It’s not what we create; it’s what we apply. There are two paths we can choose to take in life - living alone or living as one. The difference is that when we, as a people, live as “one,” we work together for a common good. When we live “alone,” we isolate ourselves from the rest of the world, and nothing good can come of that. I choose to live as “one” so peace can prevail.

How long have you been working for peace?

I have always written about peace since I was a young girl. It’s been a passion of mine as long as I can remember. I guess part of that stems from deep family roots, and overwhelming love for animals and the underdog.

What motivates you to work for peace and the environment?

When I look at my kids, and my many “surrogate kids” (the four-legged kind) and realize that we only have one life to live. What we do with that life is just as important with what we do in our lives. Every action creates a reaction. It’s the oldest principle known to mankind; and when we strive to create a cleaner, healthier and peaceful environment, we are creating the best legacy that we can leave for our children, grandchildren and generations beyond.

Why have you chosen the path of Art for Peace?

To play a small role in being part of something positive that can create the change that we would like to become.

What are your ideas for peaceful solutions?

While communication is always key, it must start with one love, one heart, one mind and one soul. If we can set aside religious and racial indifferences, learn tolerance and acceptance, find hope in the hopeless, and humble ourselves to truly understand others — then maybe, we can create resolutions for a more peaceful world.

CarolAnn Bailey-Lloyd is the author of “Somewhere Along the Beaten Path,” an artist, freelance writer and web consultant. She is the SC State Representative for the International Disability Coalition, and a volunteer dog rescue worker.

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